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Jun 8

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Jun 14


IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: ALL bidding starts at $1.00! Pick-up: Saturday June 15th 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm in Westminster, CA 92683. Happy Bidding!
Registration: Welcome to CTBids! If you are new to our site, you will need to register to place a bid. To register, click the Registration button in the menu bar at the top and type in all required information. Then you may sign in and bid. If you have any difficulty registering, please contact the site administrator at auctionadmin@ctbids.com. For all other questions feel free to contact us at 411@ctlaoc.com.
Bidding: You must be signed in to your account to place a bid. Our auction site is designed to replicate a live auction. When bids are placed near the close of an item, extra time is added to allow all bidders a chance to win the item. If identical bids are placed on an item, the first person to place their bid will be awarded the item if it is the high bid.
Payment: Payment is due upon receipt of invoice and must be paid by Friday after the auction closes by 11:00 pm PST. To pay your invoice, click on MY ACCOUNT and log in. Once viewing your account, click the button at the top to pay via PayPal. You may pay with a PayPal account or with a debit/credit card as a PayPal guest. Please do NOT pay with an “eCheck”/checking account, as that method of payment can delay the processing of funds past our payment deadline.
Pick-up: Saturday June 15 from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm in Westminster, CA 92683. The full address for pick-up will be on winning bidders' invoices. You MUST bring all necessary help, vehicles, materials, etc. for lifting and loading won items. Staff is not authorized to assist at pick-ups.
Shipping: Shipping is available on select items only (no furniture or large items) at buyer's request and expense. Please see our Terms & Conditions on the listing below.
Terms: All items are sold AS IS WHERE IS. No refunds or returns. All sales are final. Placing a bid is an agreement to purchase and a winning bid is a contract between you and the seller. All items not picked up during the scheduled pick-up time will be considered abandoned and will be donated or resold with no refund. Non-payment of your invoice by the payment deadline or non-attendance at the pick-up may result in bidder account suspension. For full Terms & Conditions, please see the listing below.
Sales tax will be collected. Resellers must email permits prior to sale day or will pay taxes. We do not have access to permits filed with other Caring Transitions locations. Bring bags, totes, boxes and help to pick-up and load large items, All sold items must be cleared by end of pick up date or they will be made available for donation or reselling. Not Responsible for Accidents or Damages. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

New Sale Online Now - Art, Decor, and More!
Online Auction on CTBids.com!
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Caring Transitions of Beach Cities is delighted to invite you to place bids on this amazing assortment of items in our new Online Sale.

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Please take the time to enjoy this unique collection of refined and inviting home decor items. Art selection from Impressionist to Abstract to Modern to adorne any wall in your home. There is even a signed Erte print from his well known Alphabet Collection. There is sterling and silverplate collectibles as well as some brilliant vintage jewelry. For the collector bid on glassware, china, porcelain and statues.   These pieces are sure to inspire your imagination and add beauty to your home.  
*Please note that there are NO reserves!

You never know what you're going to find. Visit our site to start exploring and discover these great deals for yourself.
**All bidding starts at $1.00!**


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Sale PictureElegant knitting woman print      https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171893Signed Erte Print   https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171957Vintage Old Fashioned Glasses with Gold Design https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/17185514 karat gold bracelet https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/17185614k gold and red bracelet https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/17185714k gold ring https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/17185814k men's cuff links https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/17185914k white gold ring setting only https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/17186018k white gold heart necklace.   https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171861222 Fifth - Cachepot Pattern China https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171862A passage to china collector's plate, statues and plates. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171863A Stroll in the City https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171864Albert Coll "Composition" 1966 https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171865Antique Celestial Stahl forks https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171866Antique Goldfeder Candelabra lot https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171867Antique spoons https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171868Archway in Jerusalem https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171869Assorted China from Bavaria/Austria  https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171870Assorted costume jewelry https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171871Assorted glassware collection https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171872Axiom I by Jimmy Lee Brown https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171874Axiom II By Jimmy Lee Brown https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171875Bangles and necklaces https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171876Beautiful beaded necklaces and accessories https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171877Beautiful Belgian Frame. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171878Blue and gold geometric shape with gold frame. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171879Bronze Boy Statue Auguste Moreau https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171880Cameo brooches and vintage locket necklace. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171881Roberto Lupretti Charcoal Portrait https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171882Christian Bjorn Larsen's Kristina, 1963 https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171883City At Dusk https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171884City Walk https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171885Coral colored bracelets and necklaces https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171886Costume jewelry   https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171887Costume Jewelry - Brown and Goldtone https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171888Costume Jewelry - Cream and Other Colors       https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171889Costume Jewelry - Vintage Colors https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171890Dancer https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171891Dressed Up Young Boy https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171892Entertaining Pieces  https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171894Epiag Royal, Bridal Rose pattern https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171895Eton Silver hot plate https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171896F.B.Rogers Silver Footed Butler's Tray https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171898Far East Inspired fashion jewelry lot https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171899Fashionable keychains brooches and earrings https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171900French decorative accessories https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171901French victorian framed art https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171902Fruit https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171903Garden Roses https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171904Gateway Arch https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171905Girl holding flowers Jay Thomas https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171906Glass Punch Bowl with Stand and R Wallace Ladle https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171907Gold Trim China from Germany https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171908Golden Geometric Print https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171909Goldtone fashion accessories https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171910Goldtone necklaces https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171911Hand Carved Chest of Wealth https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171913Handblown Vase and Oversized Bowl https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171914Italian seaside landscape https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171915J.McCall Pig & Bluebird Jam Jar. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171916Jacob's Dream Print by David Sharir https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171917Japanese beaded glass necklaces https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171918Japanese Bunka of Crane Family https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171919Japanese candy dish. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171920Jewelry Multi color stones with holder https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171921Kerry Hallam Nantucket Island https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171922Kew Garden (London)      https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171923Lady in Library https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171924Large Vintage Silver Serving Pieces https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171925Lawrence C. Goldsmith water color print.     https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171926Loose gems https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171927Loose Gems https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171928Lucky Green Frog https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171929Lucky Tortoise figuirine https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171930Market Day https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171931Men's cuffLinks https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171932Metal serving tray with handles. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171933Metallic framed art https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171935Metallic illuminati-like art piece.     https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171936Miniature dragons with display stand   https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171938Mirrored Vanity Tray with Assorted Silver Pieces https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171939Motion fashion earrings https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171940Multi color strands for jewelry making https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171941Oil painting with tree signed Domeinco Fallucci https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171942Oversized Antique Ornate Candlelabra https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171943Patrick Nagel Prints https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171944Pearls and beads for jewelry making https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171945Peonies https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171946Pitcher and fruit https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171947Plate and charm from Jerusalem  https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171948Pyramid https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171949Red Roses https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171950Set of 4 M.Dupont Bright Youth Vintage Prints https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171951Set of Two Berry Spoons https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171952Set of two Italian serving pieces https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171953Shabby chic framed art https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171954Sheffield Butler's Crumb Catcher https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171955Shmuel Katz lithograph https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171956Signed Star Wars Print https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171958Silver goldfish tray and silverplated serving accessories. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171959Silverplate Serving Pieces https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171960Soup or salad tureen, 7" japanese santoku knife and electric pot. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171961Southwestern Bracelets https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171962Stainless Steel portable heating pot https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171963Still Life https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171964Three decorative frames https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171966Unstrung beads for jewelry making https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171968Vintage Chandelier lamp https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171969Vintage Egg Serving Platter https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171970Vintage Italian Alabaster jewelry box https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171971Vintage jewelry box lot https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171972Vintage mugs https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171973Vintage ornate chaffing dish https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171974Vintage Porcelain Candelabra by Sadeak with floral accents https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171975Vintage silver assortment https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171976Washington Square Bar & Grill by Guy Buffet. https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171977Yaacov Heller Jewelry Silver 925 https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171978Yellow and Blue Multi Purpose Dishes https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171979Young Girl With Flowers by Caro https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171980Metallic Framed Abstract Art https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171934Metallic Matted Framed Abtract Art https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171937The Butterfly Collection with Jade Napkin Rings             https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171965F.B. Rogers Silver Company Coffee set https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171897Hailey Heritage Signature Porcelain Doll https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171912Touch me for luck green lot https://ctbids.com/#!/description/share/171967

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