South Tampa Treasures (33629)- Ends 11/14

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  • Location Tampa, FL 33629

Sale Starts

Nov 5

Sale Ends

Nov 14


Cash and credit only. 8.5% sales tax will be collected.
No large coats, purses or bags. No strollers.
No food or drinks.
All items are sold AS IS.
Bring help, tools, trucks, etc., to remove all items at the end of the sale on October 12 at 3:00 pm. No pick ups will be allowed afterwards.
Bring bags, boxes, packing material to transport fragile items.
Caring Transitions staff are on site to manage the sale. Due to insurance reasons, we cannot help you move or load items.
Not responsible for any accidents.
Pricing and item details will not be given out prior to the day of the sale.

**Homeowner has the right to remove any times prior to the day of the sale**

Welcome to our online auction!  We have put together an excellent selection of items for you!  Bidding starts NOW! Bidding on ALL items starts at $1!

You can find these items and more HERE!

  • Washington head quarter collection starting 1946
  • Washington head quarter collection 1932 to 1945
  • Jefferson nickel collection 1938 to 1961
  • Uncirculated Bicentennial Coin Set #1
  • Side Table
  • Assorted Jars and Bowls
  • Brass Pots and Brass Footed Vase
  • Two Prayer Rugs
  • Vintage Oval Oil Paintings
  • 3 Lenox Candleholders
  • Binoculars
  • Billy Pate Bonefish Fly Reel
  • Vintage Watercolors
  • Ladder Back Maple Chair
  • Vintage Postcards
  • Vintage Quilt Rack
  • Greek Harpist
  • Jade Snuff Bottle and Vintage Mickey
  • Two Antique Dressers/Bureaus
  • Cows by the River
  • Nippon Jar
  • Cut Glass

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Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureUncirculated Bicentennial Coin Set #2!/description/share/273072Mercury Head Dime Collection 1916 to 1945!/description/share/273073Lincoln Head Cent collection 1909 to 1940!/description/share/273074Roosevelt dime collection starting 1946!/description/share/273076Washington head quarter collection 1932 to 1945!/description/share/273077Washington head quarter collection starting 1946!/description/share/273078Jefferson nickel collection 1938 to 1961!/description/share/2730757 Racers!/description/share/2730009 Metal cars!/description/share/273001Set of 13 cars and trucks!/description/share/273002Assorted train cars plus tractor!/description/share/27300311 cars and buses!/description/share/273004Assorted Cars and Trains!/description/share/273005Assorted Cars and Trains!/description/share/273005Firetrucks!/description/share/2730067 Antique Cars and Trucks!/description/share/272997Miami Vice Die Cast Car and More Vintage Toys!/description/share/272998Malcolm Moran Pelican with Fish!/description/share/273049Malcolm Moran Grouper Chasing Dinner!/description/share/273050Cows by the River!/description/share/273051Greek Harpist!/description/share/273056Side Table!/description/share/273052Vintage Quilt Rack!/description/share/273057Jade Snuff Bottle and Vintage Mickey!/description/share/273055Vintage Postcards!/description/share/273058Vintage Watercolors!/description/share/273060Binoculars!/description/share/273063Billy Pate Bonefish Fly Reel!/description/share/273062Sale PictureTwo Antique Dressers/Bureaus!/description/share/273054Headboard!/description/share/273035Vintage Sewing Box!/description/share/273038Vintage Chair!/description/share/273040Brass and Wood Lamp!/description/share/273042Side Table with Metal Trim!/description/share/273043Brass Palm Tree Candleholders!/description/share/273044Low Table with Vintage Sewing Machine Stand Legs!/description/share/273045Set of Three Cut Glass Pieces!/description/share/273046Nippon Jar!/description/share/273047Pejar Vase!/description/share/273036Bombay Company Coffee Table!/description/share/273037Lady by Stream Oil Painting!/description/share/273048Ladder Back Maple Chair!/description/share/273059Vintage Oval Oil Paintings!/description/share/273066Side Table!/description/share/273070Lamp and Small Table!/description/share/273079Literature of All Nations Set!/description/share/273080Baby, Lady and Readers !/description/share/273081Plate and Pitcher!/description/share/273082Prayer Rug!/description/share/273039Prayer Rug!/description/share/273039Two Prayer Rugs!/description/share/273067Brass Pots and Brass Footed Vase!/description/share/273068Davis High Boy Dresser!/description/share/273007Elfin Ware!/description/share/273014Elfin Ware!/description/share/273014Pair of Orange Cut Glass Candleholders!/description/share/273018Set of 4 Gorham Sterling Dishes!/description/share/272992D.B. & Co. Tobacco Jars and Vase!/description/share/273015Assorted Sterling Items!/description/share/272986Lladro and Hummel Religious Figurines!/description/share/273019Blue and White Collection!/description/share/273010Sale PictureSet of Boker Steak Knives!/description/share/273020Assorted Vintage Perfume Bottles!/description/share/273028Brass Candlesticks!/description/share/273011Sale PictureAssorted Glassware!/description/share/273034Cut Glass Bowls and Small Dishes!/description/share/273008More Cut Glass!/description/share/273013Table and Chairs!/description/share/2730252 Woven Seat Armchairs!/description/share/273041StarTrek Voyager and First Contact Manuscripts!/description/share/273022Concept 2 Indoor Rower!/description/share/273032Pitcher and Glasses!/description/share/273012China Hutch!/description/share/273033Pewter Place Setting for 8!/description/share/273027W Austria Fowl Plates!/description/share/273030Royal Copenhagen Plates!/description/share/273031Gold Framed Mirror!/description/share/273029Two Lamps!/description/share/273023Sideboard!/description/share/273017Vintage Converted Oil Lamp!/description/share/273026Sale PictureVintage Tintype Photos!/description/share/273061

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