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Jun 28
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Jun 29
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Jun 30
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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ALL SALES ARE FINAL – It is the customer’s responsibility to test any and all items they are buying. SALES TAX & CARD FEES: We charge the standard sales tax of whatever the county the sale is held — as well as a 3% credit-card fee . In short, we accept CASH and CARDS — no checks. MOVING FURNITURE: Bring your own muscle. We are unable to assist in the moving/loading of furniture. For smaller loads, consider the apps TOTE or ROADIE. We urge you to be VERY CAREFUL in moving your items — if you damage the home while doing this for whatever reason, you’re responsible for repairs BEE'S KNEES OR OWNERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES/ACCIDENTS WHILE ON THE PREMISES. Please be mindful of quirky stairs and uneven pavements. WHEN BUYING LARGE ITEMS — make sure you alert a sales representative to place a SOLD sign on the item you wish to purchase, with your name and cell number, along with the time you’ll pick the item up. You are welcome to continue to shop while your large item is on hold. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL of sale area — remember this was someone’s home or childhood home or place of business that is being liquidated. Please put things back if you decide against them, tidy the area if you messed it up in your rummaging (and we welcome rummaging) — but please don’t make it harder on us or the property owner/executor by being disrespectful of the property. We thank you for this. KIDS – Unattended children will be given drum sets and free puppies. RESPECT ANY TAPED -OFF AREAS/OBJECTS: Certain areas will be designated by tape as OFF LIMITS. Do not violate the OFF LIMIT areas. Sold items are indicated by strips of blue or orange tape. Those caught removing tape, or going into a taped off area, will be banned from this and future sales. THEFT: We will prosecute thieves. PARKING — Please obey parking regulations of the neighborhood where the sale is being held. Do not block driveways or mailboxes. Understand that you will be ticketed if your vehicle obstructs the passage of emergency vehicles along the street. So please even if you have to walk — don’t get a ticket. LOADING –The driveway will be for LOADING ONLY. Do not BLOCK driveway where the estate sale is taking place. HAVE A GOOD TIME! Our sales provide a gathering place for retro collectors, vintage mavens, hipster pickers, antique seekers and the all-around appreciators of all things thrift and amazing! Have a wonderful time!

75% OFF TODAY!! Proceeds Go to Lifeline Animal Shelter!

We have sofas, coffee tables, dining sets, chairs, bedroom suites, lots of framed art, lots of knicky knackies, and I can't stress enough about the amount of stuff in the basement. Come take what you want -- you tell us what you want to pay. All are donations and all are proceeds that go to Lifeline Animal Shelter! Here's your chance to furnish your place and save some lovely dogs and cats who are longing for a home. Come on by and show your support for some sweet, sweet angel babies who need homes!! Scroll to the end to see some lovable darlings waiting to be adopted!




Sale Picturedresser!White Fine Furniture! (comes with free random light bulb)Grandmother clock, her name is Berthacreepy moon face peeking at you from inside your dreamsokay, I'm in Milan right now, it's 4:30 a.m., and I'm irritating my daughter with my typing. I promise to pick this back up tomorrow after two glasses of wine imbibed on the train at an unseemly early hour.I'm back! SCARLET Letter red sofadiminutive upholstered arm chairalien overlorda baby's arm holding an applewatercolor golf guyknicky knackiesCabinet for displaying scientific odditieschina cabinet/display casethere are lots of display cabinets Tribbles from the Starshiplookit all these porcelain flowers!they've multiplied and are plotting to overthrow youthe small one has passed out all the pamphlets on the revolutionbig round oak dining tablemy favorite is that linoleum floorhen and hammer (hammer not for sale)dual leafy bird printsvintage dresser reflecting bright ghost of previous tenantmorganton furniture you need this!check out that 70s paneling. throw your keys in a bowl!brass nipple dresserMCM dresserThat says American of KHSHGKHKGHKHWhat happened to the mattress??religious knicky knackiesa large mirror that is definitely not reflecting a ghostcool kinda minimalist dresserAH! American of MARTINSVILLE! (thanks, Cher, for the improved pic)Is this a dresser? Or is it 6 stackable coffins for vampire cats? You decideIt's a dresser! Bassettchair was raised in a conventroompanda beartwo bunnies and a bunch of stuffchair used to interrogate prisoners under a harsh light in the 40sbroomCarmen Miranda this looks fungorgeous framed needlepoint!too many purses!enamel artIf you see more than one bunny you need to cut back on the boozethe kitchen cabinets expelled all its contents onto the countertops.Kitchenaide mixerOops, not Kitchenaide, but Sunbeamvintage blendermore corningwareSale PicturechinaInternational table works Terrace Blossomsyou need thisRoyal China, Tumbling Leavescolorful glass sherbet bowlschina cabinet full of crystalcrystal candle holderspretty dutch enamel ceramicsterribly cool stereo equipmentPanasonic stereo equipmentframed needlepoint!!!!! I love vintage needlepointvintage spywaresewing stuff!!!!Blue Goose sewing basket. I have a friend named Grant who, if you branded this before him, he will melt into a pool of steaming goo, screaming.dapper clothingCalling all wardrobe designers for TV shows set in the 80s, early 90sout-of-the-closetBooksboard games and puzzles! Dazzle your house guestsWow this is a basement full o' stuff!Lookit these chairs you need these chairsCane back rocking chairI'm telling you, I'm in Nice, France, right now, and I saw this fold-leaf table at a flea market for 250 Euro! Puzzles! Hours of enjoyment for when you're in a cabin trapped under an avalanche. Holy WOW! That work table is awesome.I saw that sewing machine at the flea market, too, for like a million euros, and my daughter really got sick of me constantly saying, "We sell that for next-to-nothing at our estate sales!"Dorien Gray vanity in the basement. It's been under a blanket until yesterdayCHRISTMAS stuff! Oooh, I love that blue metal cabinet on the right. Fight me for it!A bag of chew toys (which is also my nickname for Cher)Radio Flyer wagon, school chair and swamp monsterapple baskets and vintage heater. (disaster waiting to happen)THERE's the mattress!3-panel screen, things on wheelsstuff for your bundleperhaps it would make a better puppet theater. I can see it.Three minor stools on each others' shoulders trying to sneak into a bar with a fake I.D. minus the large trench coat. Oh, and chairOkay, we're lookin' at books, a pegboard (I want that pegboard), hoses and straps. In other words, a young-parent beginner kit.Lunar launch pad (i'm only one glass of wine in) (maybe the jet lag is a factor) (I wish I could send you a pic of my girl here at the sidewalk cafe in Nice where I have to tend to internet business because I let her book the AirBnB and she chose one with no internet.) (It could have been on purpose)Here she is! Waiting patiently for me to finish photo descriptions.More pegboards! Hanging from it are implements of everyday craft you need this!I'd make a snarky comment but I'n not sure what this isIf you see anything more than a single ceramic llama you are drunk. Get helpBug out shelter suppliesOkay, I asked Cheryl why there was a vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy book in the box with this quilt, and she said, "I just thought it made for a good picture." So there you have it.It says HOOVER, other than that I don't know what this isLots of vacuum cleaners! Good for pet hair removal, as Cheryl and I are both experts because we both have dog and cat farmsHoly Cow! LOOKIT this basement! There's MACHINERY in here! You need this!laddergrave digger equipment (sorry, my girl is rushing me. She thinks there's more to experience in NIce than sitting at a sidewalk cafe. While I think writing at a sidewalk cafe in France is the ULTIMATE!)Yard equipment, supplies, Game of Thrones weaponry (shut UP, the series finale was FINE!)Total toolsAre those CLAMPS in the left corner? Whatever this is YOU NEED ITGolf clubs. Use these to sneak into Mar-A-Lago, I hear it's easyThis table has hairpin legs, that's all you need to knowchemicalsHoly cow is that a sliding CHOP SAW?Craftsman -- what does it mean, "Do not rip or plough?" I didn't know saws could "plough." Now I want to plough with a saw. I'm sure what this big tool is, but I think I want it, so get here early Friday to beat me out of it.tiller?pegboard tools!interesting light fixturefowl on stickscraftsman table saw9" direct driveyard tools and paint JARS! this is you put your scientific oddities2 year old hide a bed went side ways!out doorsywheel barrow!i like that metal chairwheelsBUNDLE BEESBe BEEDazzledBeesKneesThis is Huckleberry. He's a large male adult and he needs a home! Click here to see more angel babies in need of homes https://www.lifelineanimal.org/adopt-a-pet?species=dogThis is Lucky! He's a young male adult and he needs a home! Look at the smile! Click here to see more angel babies in need of homes https://www.lifelineanimal.org/adopt-a-pet?species=dogThis is Jimmy Buffet. He's a young male adult and he needs a home! Click here to see more angel babies in need of homes https://www.lifelineanimal.org/adopt-a-pet?species=dogThis is Boston! She need as home! Click here to see more angel babies in need of homes https://www.lifelineanimal.org/adopt-a-pet?species=dogThis is Petey, he needs a home! Click here to see more angel babies in need of homes https://www.lifelineanimal.org/adopt-a-pet?species=dogThis is Waikiki. He needs a home! Click here to see more angel babies in need of homes https://www.lifelineanimal.org/adopt-a-pet?species=dog

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