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Feb 13
10am to 3pm
Feb 14
10am to 3pm
Feb 15
10am to 3pm
Feb 16
12pm to 4pm


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ALL SALES ARE FINAL – It is the customer’s responsibility to test any and all items they are buying. SALES TAX & CARD FEES: We charge the standard sales tax of whatever the county the sale is held — as well as a 3% credit-card fee . In short, we accept CASH and CARDS — no checks. MOVING FURNITURE: Bring your own muscle. We are unable to assist in the moving/loading of furniture. For smaller loads, consider the apps TOTE or ROADIE. We urge you to be VERY CAREFUL in moving your items — if you damage the home while doing this for whatever reason, you’re responsible for repairs BEE'S KNEES OR OWNERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES/ACCIDENTS WHILE ON THE PREMISES. Please be mindful of quirky stairs and uneven pavements. WHEN BUYING LARGE ITEMS — make sure you alert a sales representative to place a SOLD sign on the item you wish to purchase, with your name and cell number, along with the time you’ll pick the item up. You are welcome to continue to shop while your large item is on hold. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL of sale area — remember this was someone’s home or childhood home or place of business that is being liquidated. Please put things back if you decide against them, tidy the area if you messed it up in your rummaging (and we welcome rummaging) — but please don’t make it harder on us or the property owner/executor by being disrespectful of the property. We thank you for this. KIDS – Unattended children will be given drum sets and free puppies. RESPECT ANY TAPED -OFF AREAS/OBJECTS: Certain areas will be designated by tape as OFF LIMITS. Do not violate the OFF LIMIT areas. Sold items are indicated by strips of blue or orange tape. Those caught removing tape, or going into a taped off area, will be banned from this and future sales. THEFT: We will prosecute thieves. PARKING — Please obey parking regulations of the neighborhood where the sale is being held. Do not block driveways or mailboxes. Understand that you will be ticketed if your vehicle obstructs the passage of emergency vehicles along the street. So please even if you have to walk — don’t get a ticket. LOADING –The driveway will be for LOADING ONLY. Do not BLOCK driveway where the estate sale is taking place. HAVE A GOOD TIME! Our sales provide a gathering place for retro collectors, vintage mavens, hipster pickers, antique seekers and the all-around appreciators of all things thrift and amazing! Have a wonderful time!


It's BUNDLE SUNDAY in Decatur! Grab a bag, fill it up! 20 BUCKS! Plus all furniture is 50% OFF! This sale is like if Tab Hunter had a Hollywood marriage with his talent agent's press secretary! We've got vintage cocktail dresses and fancy fur-trimmed waist coats, a plethora of 60's sewing patterns, furniture galore, LG stackable washer dryer set, TWO refrigerators (one an LG side-by-side), GE gas oven, a KitchenAide dishwasher, kitchenware like CRAY (Cuisinart, Corningware etc)! A big 70's stereo console, lots of lead crystal, Renwiok Japanese china set, and entirely wicker bedroom set from the 70's! We have an authentic mid century Franco Albini rattan ottoman. Plus we have antique children's books, dolls and toys! Lots of area rugs!

Leather loveseat and ottoman -- Holly had a bad bout of food poisoning this week so wine-induced captions are going to be mewling and self-pitying and they will lack wine, which is the worst part.Middle sister lamp plots her revenge from the far corner"I'm innocent," bats lamp eyelashesLovely dining set with china cabinet and dining table where people presumably eat hearty meals but not me because all I can have it clear broth and Pedialite.Rebellious teenage daughter dyed her bangs blue. Wicker bedroom set.Vintage dresses! Love this!Wicker queen sized bed wearing gold ascot and raspberry barrettEscaped after years in the closet to confront their surprisingly small captorsrecord-breakingly big TriscuitWhat a cute galley kitchen. I wonder if there is any clear broth in there. Never mind, I have some here instead of wine. How I suffer for you.This kitchen mocks meCamel-back sofa and Maleficant's spindle."I proudly present this egg I recently laid." large area rug with lots of interesting things swept under ityou'll just feel a little prick, then pass out for eternity unless a strange man wanders by and kisses youCome-to-mama couch"If you think it's easy balancing two crystal blobs and a German dome clock with these bow legs you got another thing coming."Evil-Queen mirror plots with middle sister lamp to exact revenge.Framed image of happy cloudsPorcelain figurines climbed to a high point to assess possible path of escape deja vubig-boned octopus"Stop following me."napkins, prettymagazinesdome clock has not been neuteredlarge 70s stereo consoleOh, wow, that image was kinda confusing at first glance. New Vista VictrolaJunior Liberace chandlier!"Today we are serving seaweed broth, which in Vietnam they call Pho, yum yum.""Just where do you think you're going, young lady?"Recently pillaged liquor cabinet (not by me) (I can only drink broth)Mirror reflecting dystopian future -- oh, wait, the future has caught up with usLovely vessels from which to drink anything but brothThis dinner set is mocking meIs that a shadow of Cher wielding a knife? I'll take it as a subtle warning to lay off the broth references.Genies who live in glass houses . . . Durand lead crystalIn the library with a candlestickWATERFORD Crystal!do you drink from these?Mark of the Durandjellyfishdracula chalisesbaby poinsettias want to say HiI'm gonna take a break and drink more broth. Maybe I'll add some celery salt, tomato juice and vodka to it.I'm back! I tried eating some cauliflower and that was a monstrous mistake! This is a big planter according to Cher. It will look good outside, I think.The family is having a meeting regarding your recent troubling behaviorLovable aunt Madge is on YOUR side!Hide a bed -- I saw a movie starring Margot Kidder once and this is where they hid the body for, like, EVER. But this one is body-free, we guaranteeSee?coffee table protecting her baby cygnetsEntertainment center or large coffin. And why is it squishing that poor folding chair?The creatures of the Moor have gathered to warn of an imminent attackOld wise robot squid cautions restraint -- or maybe this is an antique microscopeCuckoo clock or wooden Man-o-war with long metal tenticlesVintage train set and super cool mid-century modern round rattan ottoman by a famous designer that I will google and get back to you aboutPicture of sisters fighting about being on-time and about maybe HOLLERING less at the other during sale hours and can the one PLEASE bring the other more BBQ shrimp on sale days?We're hear to appeal Junior's suspension from fifth grade, he only acts up because he's specialLuggage lamp. This should be kept as a warning at the bedside of anyone attempting a relationship -- okay I'm jaded. Cher has been happily married for a million years. Me? I am "self-partnered."What the . . . ?Guttenberg bibleKama SutraCats the MovieFramed image of devastating war-time battlegroundSkylar dyed his beard blue to trigger youMy sister Cher is amazing. You won't hear me say this often. But she really is. (Don't tell her I said so.) (She's my hero.) (NEVER let her know I said this!)Really interesting dresser with super slim drawers for what I wonder? Could they be storing original drafts of the American Constitution?Aw, this is a perfect montage of the life of a teenager in the 60s. It wasn't innocent, by any meansAm I the only one who sees a totally AWESOME midcentury modern office chair in this pic? Also, antique ice skates.The instrument of angelsIf only (See? Jaded.)Proof women have more sacks than menClay FeetTaika Waititi won an Oscar! I love him. Sushi roll unrolledWicker dresser with downcast eyes"I am your FATHER!"Basket of big-eared tribblesWicker desk with diaper-clad chairOld scrap book full of Georgia originsAtlanta Journal Newspaper Delivery Bags. Remember those days?!Amazing breakthroughs are happening on the regular with magic-mushroom therapyI had to come back and rewrite some of the captions because I was up super late last night and evidently captioning in my sleep because some of these make no sense. Like this one. I mean, normally they don't make sense, but these REALLY made no sense. Like here is the caption I wrote for this last night: "I look at this and I see a lovable cowardly lion. You?" See? No sense. NONEOpen this box at your perilLots of antique children's booksSO MANY 60s sewing patterns!!This looks like a sad dresser with downcast eyes to me.Barbie living in her own bubble."All I did was suggest a bit of oversight on equality, and here I am banished to Stepford-Wife limbo. Please free me!"Wait, what is this?Oh, you can't just take that away from us, Cher! What was that?Vintage train cases! These are really collectible. I know, because I TOTALLY collected them in the 90's and early aughts!Ikea dresser. YawnAntique books! Including a slew of vintage NANCY DREW novels!Early onset zombie teethvintage table top loomportable papasan chair wonders why you don't appreciate his hippy-days contribution to your present freedom of expressionWe are so not ever gonna kill you!Butterflies

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