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Aug 14
10am to 3pm
Aug 15
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Aug 16
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Aug 17
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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ALL SALES ARE FINAL – It is the customer’s responsibility to test any and all items they are buying. SALES TAX & CARD FEES: We charge the standard sales tax of whatever the county the sale is held — as well as a 3% credit-card fee . In short, we accept CASH and CARDS — no checks. MOVING FURNITURE: Bring your own muscle. We are unable to assist in the moving/loading of furniture. For smaller loads, consider the apps TOTE or ROADIE. We urge you to be VERY CAREFUL in moving your items — if you damage the home while doing this for whatever reason, you’re responsible for repairs BEE'S KNEES OR OWNERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES/ACCIDENTS WHILE ON THE PREMISES. Please be mindful of quirky stairs and uneven pavements. WHEN BUYING LARGE ITEMS — make sure you alert a sales representative to place a SOLD sign on the item you wish to purchase, with your name and cell number, along with the time you’ll pick the item up. You are welcome to continue to shop while your large item is on hold. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL of sale area — remember this was someone’s home or childhood home or place of business that is being liquidated. Please put things back if you decide against them, tidy the area if you messed it up in your rummaging (and we welcome rummaging) — but please don’t make it harder on us or the property owner/executor by being disrespectful of the property. We thank you for this. KIDS – Unattended children will be given drum sets and free puppies. RESPECT ANY TAPED -OFF AREAS/OBJECTS: Certain areas will be designated by tape as OFF LIMITS. Do not violate the OFF LIMIT areas. Sold items are indicated by strips of blue or orange tape. Those caught removing tape, or going into a taped off area, will be banned from this and future sales. THEFT: We will prosecute thieves. PARKING — Please obey parking regulations of the neighborhood where the sale is being held. Do not block driveways or mailboxes. Understand that you will be ticketed if your vehicle obstructs the passage of emergency vehicles along the street. So please even if you have to walk — don’t get a ticket. LOADING –The driveway will be for LOADING ONLY. Do not BLOCK driveway where the estate sale is taking place. HAVE A GOOD TIME! Our sales provide a gathering place for retro collectors, vintage mavens, hipster pickers, antique seekers and the all-around appreciators of all things thrift and amazing! Have a wonderful time!


This is the MOTHER of all MAN-CAVE MONSTER sales!!! We've got three levels plus a garage packed with tools tools INDUSTRIAL tools, many still in boxes.There is a CRAY amount of electronics and computer equipment. Vintage standing arcade games! Donkey Kong Jr! There is even a 1996 Chevy Suburban in perfectly good running order. We have flat-screen TVs of all sizes 65" and smaller. We have a JET SKI, and ENGINE LIFT, a Sun Seeker EZ-3 USX HD Recumbent Trike (that thing is fun!). There's professional color-photo printers, crossbows, arrows, BB guns and other weapons of medium destruction, model trains, planes and automobiles! An array of cameras and camera equipment, much of it vintage -- Canon EOS Rebel, Minolta, vintage magazine camera. LOTS of kitchenware, much of it brand NIB, sewing machines, a ton of clothing -- boy, girl, men's, women's -- a queen mattress set and a double mattress set, a KING SIZED WATERBED FRAME! Where can you find THAT these days?! We've got boxes and boxes of vintage comic books -- Archie, Ritchie Rich, Star Trek, Creepy, Men of War and more -- WASHER DRYER set, motor bike, motor scooter, outdoor grill OH MY GAWW! There is so much stuff! You Have to come in person to check this out. See you there!

Home is for Sale. Contact Realtor Michelle (601) 918-0702


Huge houseyou need this big ass car!you can haul all the stuff you're about to buy at this sale!jet ski!! Wave RunnerSun Seeker EZ-3 USX HD Recumbent Trike!This thing is FUN!I was tooling around on this today. It's a blastIt's a racing bike, but I was definitely not racing anywhere in 95-degree heat -- but it was fun!wheels65 inch LGmore wheels -- vintage roller skates!what is that, like a boxing punching bag thing?leather jacket with tropical interiorskateboard to make you feel young againmore unreal gunslooks too real. Don't brandish this at a picnicI dunnoLucas McCain raises a son while battling desperados in New Mexico.
Daryl Dixon starter kitYou'll put your eye out!me, not a gun personmore weapons of moderate destruction. Target practice!helmets and man-cave stuffa bookcase full of things you need. Those are skeet targets?Santa Fe model train Thing that is probably dangerous you need this! Skeet shooting!I see the word "eggs"50" SamsungSamsung65" LG TVSee55" PanasonicSee35" ToshibaWhat did I tell youhighboy dresser and large flat screen TVSHARPanother huge flatscreen TV 55in. Dresser with brass nipplesDisplay cabinet displaying thingsnice daybed, perfect for when you don't want relatives to stay too longlarge asian ceramic potsFor me? Why THANK YOU!barstools for sipping martinis and tossing back your head in laughter at clever conversationbig loveseat wants to mother youantique chair for sitting in with perfect postureOkay, this is a 70s waterbed frame! Cher filled it with stuff! I haven't seen one of these since our mother bought one after she divorced our dad in 1977!highboy dresser with brass nipples. Could be flat storage for ancient scrolls you need to come and see for yourself!okay this is an expandable thing that is AWESOME and if you don't buy it I WILLcamera equipment, camera lenses, camera straps, Bob Crane was hereMinoltaTwo vintage magazine cameras Bell & Howell vintage camera Canon rebel with tamron lensebig fancy camera lensesmore of sameFlamenco dancer doll demands to know why you ghosted hertwo totally unrelated thingsPainting of the apocalypse The Road by Cormac McCarthylots of lovely holiday serving ware you need this! Impress your family and friends!!LENOX porcelain! I'm so proud I could read that without my glasses!Cobalt blue glassware hanging by its feet as punishment for disappointing the kingthat is definitely a thingWhat is that? Is that like a crystal slipper filled with a liquid of some kind? I don't know how I feel about thatPicturesque bottles depicting faraway landsbookshelf full of kitchenware.POPCORN machine!! Entertain the neighborhood with movie nights and okay no need for excuses just buy this to eat movie popcorn by yourself every nightairplane mugsairplane glassesairplane airplanesrestaurant coffee makercurly cupsSunflower plates and cups for serving petit fours to woodland fairies.Fancy coffee maker you need thisI see the phrase "EZ Pockets"Lots of coffee cups and coffee makers!pure cream colored dinnerware setrice cookers and beer steins -- bachelor starter kit (turns out those are not beer steins but canisters for storing pasta)New things still in boxesside by side refrigeratorevil twin of earlier refrigerator -- not! This is a different one in the garage!dorm fridge you need thispuppy chess set! Drunk uncle Christmas gift DONE!lots of chess stuff! "Can you please teach me to play chess?" is something I never said to anyone. Why? Because I can just BUY THESE BOOKS!hot pink futon! Perfect to give your daughter who is off to college and you want to repel her possible beaus.these vintage ceramic poodles win the estate sale "coolest things" contestcabaret dancer starter kitPOODLE!pillow and NIB sheet setstuff. Plus roller those skates again (I wanna put them on so bad)Lookit all that stuff! Sparkly spangly girly things! (To balance out the heavy man-cave element)Whaaaa?? What is THAT?? That's DISTURBING! You need thisfrat-boy bed. Wedding veil (probably) or mosquito net. You choose.sewing machine for when civil order collapses and you need to prove your worth to a protective  colony by having a real craftSearsiconic Marylin Monroe SPORTS thingsLadies Stetson cowboy hatsee?BASEMENT STUFF!!So much basement stuff!Like LOOK at this basement stuff! Anything you would want for your dog! there is even a dog grooming table in there somewhere!TOO MUCH basement stuff!It just goes on and ON!When does it STOP?MORE? It can't beEven MORE! I can't believe it! Can you believe it?It's a COMMERCIAL ICE MAKER MACHINE! You need this for those Mai Tai parties you're planning to invite me toVintage arcade game. Donkey Kong Jr Juniordonkey kong!!Another one!it's extreme of courseknobsAtariFoosball table with supply of ballsHarvard educated foosball table curious thingsoffice thingsSKATES OF ALL KINDS!3 of the 101 dalmatiansso much STUFF you have got to come here and rifle through all this STUFF!!boxes of electronics, exercise equipment, man-cave STUFF!!Wii, remember Wii you need thisOMG, lookit all this.It's like dude heaven up in hereso much electronics, so many gadgets, you're gonna wanna bring provisions because you're gonna be her for HOURSNew things in boxes HOW CAN YOU RESIST?Just, like, lookit all this new stuff still in boxes. I think these are gaming consoles I don't know I spent the nineties and early aughts actually dealing with people face-to-face BUT YOU DO YOUWOW! More unopened boxes of electronic things!This is a thing from JC Penney and it is still in the box so I bet it's valuable and important! Update: It's a train set!vintage comic booksMen of War comic books (predictable)lots of vintage comic booksEVEN MORE comic booksArchie comicsOh my God, it's like they emptied my third grade life onto the carpetOld untouched digital cameras, flip cameras, vintage digital from back before everything was infected with backdoor surveillance you need this!bookshelves containing recipes and things!rackets! Good for self defense if nothing elseLookit that! Those are electronic GAMES (right?)! Electronic drum machineMORE games of the electronic variety!That is a big KITE (I'm thinking)!I need a break. It's one million o'clock in the morning and I'm only up because I can't sleep because I'm selling my house and I'll tell you all about it when I see you.I'm BACK! This is a lunch boxbox of ballsremote control 4-wheel truckguy stuffHydrodynamic deluxe building set. (Wow, when I was a kid I made flowers out of toilet paper)Bridge and Turnpike building set (this is for GIRLS TOO)Games7-eyed robot overlord or Casio drum machine, you decideplastic autopsy learner setyou gotta be a special kidbaseball cardsmagnetic genius kit seriously where did all this come from?Incredible bubble wand. I may just set this up and play with it DURING the salemodel trainslarge lego (at this point I'm just writing what I see, I have "caption fatigue." Tell Cher I need medical insurance to address this very serious condition)plastic things that connect and make small societies that a small Godzilla will then destroywhat is that you need thatAussie hattelescope not for looking into windows far awayforensic magnifying glassmodel airplanesbasket of snakesgun of some kind -- oh, wait, it's a HAIR DRYERchild's pope outfitan entire section of pet productslookit all these pet productsPOODLESDogloo you need thisWhat the hell?make your dog super floofydog grooming hook stand thingdalmatian is shocked at the carrying-on of his siblingsDalmatian biting Santa's buttdude muscle testostero chest thump YEAH!buy thisThe Man from UncleLOTS of electronicsbox of electronicsI confess, I have no idea what all this stuff is. It's new, it's in boxes, it's electronic, probably games of some kind, you need this.wires with plugs connected to things that turn on, you need thisMonorail model kitThree Stooges -- first-date homework for girlswires and plugs and buttons oh my!a bunch of battery testersCanon Prixma Pro-100 professional inkjet photo printerKonica Minolta Magicolor 1600W and 2430 DL professional photo printers.  more printers you need this!florescent light bulbs for when you want to look terrible to your co-cubicle workersELECTRONICS!You just gotta come in person to see this stuff (and also to tell me what it is)Security cameras! Catch neighbors stealing your Amazon packages!What's with all these remotes? Tivo Slide Pro remotesLots of speakers Logitech X-530 speaker systemLG Dryer front load (this + toddler + cat is a dangerous combo, I know from experience) (Cat's name is Fluffy, but it didn't used to be)LG washing machine, located in garage and its in working order.  The matching Dryer is upstairs in home. We don't ask whyLearn all the languagesboxes of textilesBOOTS and SHOESElna sewing machine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     MILK MAID dressesvintage dressesHeidi dressEighties dress needs a hemFifties Laura Petrie dress (this instigated a youtube down spiral into old Dick Van Dyke episodes)Laura Petrie looked gorgeous in thisHmm, this is more into the Mary Tyler Moore Show fashion eraskimpy dresses you need thisAll I see are POODLES!!closet of clothingClothing! Sportswear, casual wear, athlesiure (which I hear is a thing)more clothes!little plastic play bombs? NO! diving propulsion vehicles! Or underwater sea scooters! Out swim the sharks with thesenot a kayak but something like itLifetime TV series leading man kayak -- OR! A Lifetime Daylite sit-on-top kayakHaul Master tow hook car rack cargo carrier!okay this is one of those things like a scientific incubator where the specimen is in the box and you can stick your hands in those holes where there's rubber gloves attached I have no idea why you'd want this but here it isblast cabinet? Central Pneumatic -- comes with a warning if you can read itSee? Rubber glovesI have to take another break. So many pictures! This is a monster SAAAAALE! G'night.I'm back! But not for long. Gotta go again. (This is a vintage Bell & Howell projector you need this) I prolly won't be done captioning these photos before the newsletter drops -- don't tell Cher! But I will finish! Check back. (This is a monster sale)I'm back! Again! Seriously, I think Cheryl by this time is just taking atmosphere picsYes! Craftsman tool storage cabinet! Full of TOOLS! (I'm a tool junkie)Another one! Plus license plate in case you need to switch yours out after committing a crime. I'm not saying, I'm just sayingCraftsman tool cabinet wants you to meet his little brotherTOOLS (big surprise)Lookit all these tools and things, please come and mansplain what all these things are to me or don't because I'm kidding I don't want to hear it just buy it.Garage door insulation kit. I hear these are the RAGECoils for your compressor probably!It beckons you, admit it. You wanna come here and rummage through all this stuff!Gauges and ear protection for when you start up all these loud gasoline powered chainsaws and stuff!Saw -- the thing, not the movie. BTW did I ever tell you I was at Sundance when the first Saw movie came out and if this isn't a detailed description of that experience then Cher has censored me.Dyna-Glo radiant Tank Top Heater -- I think you could hold up a liquor store with this thingCAMBELL HAUSFELD 7 GAL. AIR CARRY TANK (Caps compliments of Cher)Porter Cable Pancake compressor -- my favorite kind!Craftsman 25gal. air compressor -- get this one too you need a backupgenerator Vantage 3500 you need this for when civil order collapses and . . . okay you get itANOTHER generator! Duromax Dual Fuel Hybrid! Yet ANOTHER generator! You'll be the king of the block after the black out!That is a thing that looks very useful if you know what it is and how to use itWait, WHAT? There are vintage PLAYBOY MAGAZINES and Cher did not TELL ME??? Who is Linda Brava and why is she a "violin goddess"? Pensky DC Inductive Timing Light you need this Very complicated, very involved margarita making machine OR a Smoke-Tek EVAP Smoke Machine Diagnostic Emissions Vacuum Leak DetectorTester Lights and drill bits and tools you can literally build a library with things strictly bought from this estate salegarage shot. This sale is CRAY! So much stuff. I think it broke Cheryl. She's inside under a table with snarly hair swatting at imaginary insects right now.Miter saw! (I add the exclamation point because I love power saws of all kinds)SuperFlow, by the time this sale starts on Wednesday I will know what that is and have priced it appropriately -- it's a SuperFlow portable air pump!! See! Told ya!Porter Cable nail gun!Another Craftsman tool cabinetTool box full of toolsTOOOOOOLSLots of window unit air conditioners -- not to say that climate change is a thing but it was a zillion degrees out today you need thiscondomsScan&Save film saver device thing you need this scan and save old 35mm film Jet Performance Products Powr-Flo Throttle Body!!!! (Sounds like the name of a professional wrestler)Farm & Ranch Battery Charger (as opposed to the inner-city battery charger, which just wants to find a nice place to eat brunch)SkipDR, fix your scratched Discs!!! Or you could just grab what you need online but you do youEngine Hoist -- I am told this is a BIG DEAL! It weighs a ton and can (literally) lift a tonis that another engine hoist?Ladders!gasoline powered yard equipmentthe baby got thrown out with the bathwatersquidAC window unitsLots of BikesArtistic conceptual pic very creative, CherylscooterCHAIN SAW!! Buy this before I do and seriously scar myselfMichelin Man lost an important appendageriding mowerThis is anti-freeze. This is a curiously large supply of this. I've seen Forensic Files. I know what happens here.Razor MX350, very dusty!Tackle BoxThese are -- what're these? -- I've had these before, they are . . . okay I'll get back to thisBench Grinder (Flashback to highschool)Yard implementsYou will never want for gas cans after this sale. There will never be a day when you say to yourself, "I wish I had a gas can!" because, lo, you have been to a Bees Knees Estate SaleLots of aerosol happening here.That is like the tank that was in the mouth of the JAWS shark when Richard Dryfuss shot it and the whole front half of the shark got obliterated into bloody chum! Or maybe it's something elseTire chains--many tire chains (this is Georgia, right?)Poultry processing equipment (or probably not) (definitely not) you need this!an angry circus elephantGolf clubs! Or self defense for the resourceful person!weatherproof patio barstools for when you want to finish your mai tai during the monsoon (don't rush me!)Car PartsunicornI see "Spyder Define Your Style" and I'm thinking hot hair rollers, yes?Trail Ridge Truck Mirrors, because even truckers need to make sure their lipstick is straight!07   GM Pickup window regulators w/motor Kit you need thisanother atmosphere shot by Cheryl. I think we should encourage her artistic development.Leather suitcase for when the Wells Fargo Wagon is a coming down the streetGrill! You can cook up all that squirrel you shot with the crossbow you bought earlier!Scrambler thing\Scrambler Jeep Hard top Macho Testostero Muscle StuffThis is a wide shot of stuff you cannot live withoutdittoSwitchBlade Ladder SystemLadder, you need this for when you're proposing marriage to your sweetheart from below her window.a small army of plush assassins -- don't make eye contactnot pornAftermath of out-of-control partyChristmas stuffChristmas tree!! That's a nice one!Really nice Christmas decorationsLookit all this Christmas stuff!These decorations are awesome!Poiknsettias! (Which is how you spell "poinsettias" after 2 glasses of wine!)This 1996 Chevy Suburban is in great shape.It starts right up! You can haul whole households with this! Start with THIS household!See that mileage? Good, because I can't.Lots of letters and numbersSuburban comes with free blue jellyfish that escaped the Atlantic and has been living in there ever sincehauling space!Needs new ceiling lining -- who needs ceiling lining?? OMG I just realized this is the LAST PIC!! I'm gonna go look up hotels in Hawaii right now because the sale hasn't even started and I already need a vacation!! See you Wednesday!!!Be BEEDazzledBUNDLE BEESBeesKnees

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