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Oct 18
10am to 3pm
Oct 19
10am to 3pm


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ALL SALES ARE FINAL – It is the customer’s responsibility to test any and all items they are buying. SALES TAX & CARD FEES: We charge the standard sales tax of whatever the county the sale is held — as well as a 3% credit-card fee . In short, we accept CASH and CARDS — no checks. MOVING FURNITURE: Bring your own muscle. We are unable to assist in the moving/loading of furniture. For smaller loads, consider the apps TOTE or ROADIE. We urge you to be VERY CAREFUL in moving your items — if you damage the home while doing this for whatever reason, you’re responsible for repairs BEE'S KNEES OR OWNERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES/ACCIDENTS WHILE ON THE PREMISES. Please be mindful of quirky stairs and uneven pavements. WHEN BUYING LARGE ITEMS — make sure you alert a sales representative to place a SOLD sign on the item you wish to purchase, with your name and cell number, along with the time you’ll pick the item up. You are welcome to continue to shop while your large item is on hold. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL of sale area — remember this was someone’s home or childhood home or place of business that is being liquidated. Please put things back if you decide against them, tidy the area if you messed it up in your rummaging (and we welcome rummaging) — but please don’t make it harder on us or the property owner/executor by being disrespectful of the property. We thank you for this. KIDS – Unattended children will be given drum sets and free puppies. RESPECT ANY TAPED -OFF AREAS/OBJECTS: Certain areas will be designated by tape as OFF LIMITS. Do not violate the OFF LIMIT areas. Sold items are indicated by strips of blue or orange tape. Those caught removing tape, or going into a taped off area, will be banned from this and future sales. THEFT: We will prosecute thieves. PARKING — Please obey parking regulations of the neighborhood where the sale is being held. Do not block driveways or mailboxes. Understand that you will be ticketed if your vehicle obstructs the passage of emergency vehicles along the street. So please even if you have to walk — don’t get a ticket. LOADING –The driveway will be for LOADING ONLY. Do not BLOCK driveway where the estate sale is taking place. HAVE A GOOD TIME! Our sales provide a gathering place for retro collectors, vintage mavens, hipster pickers, antique seekers and the all-around appreciators of all things thrift and amazing! Have a wonderful time!


Wow what a sale! We've got tons of TOOLS, airsoft rifles, pistols! We've got a house full of furniture, bedroom sets, dining room and dinette sets! There's a large collection of antique, vintage and porcelain dolls from across the globe! And a 2003 Chevrolet Trail Blazer! Two fish tanks, a sewing machine, and Kenmore WASHER DRYER set! Lots of Christmas inflatables! And again, a garage full of power tools! Table saws, Yong Heng air pump, Central Machinery router! And MUCH MORE!!


Home is for sale. Contact Realtor Maxillian Corwell (404) 216-4816

Home is for sale buy it2003 Chevrolet Trail Blazer TLZ.  298,400 miles, runs great and has been very well taken care of considering the mileage! Use this to abscond to Mexicocaption explainerI will drink 2 glasses of wine and be right backI'm back! I had two glasses of wine, immediately fell asleep and it's the next morning. Flat Screen TV Stand/ Fireplace of the nice fake varietymodel space shuttlenice round coffee table with inlayed wood and an aura of accomplishmentFrank Lloyd Wright type floor lamphookah pipe better than e-cigarettes!corner of amazementmysterious looking wooden chest don't look insideWhat did I tell you! Now all the hellions have escapedNice rocker for sitting in the corner and thinking about what you have doneGravy boat doesn't want to be put on a pedestal, gravy boat just wants to be thought of as a normal gravy boatgorgeous dining room with four chair and bench Saki shot glassesChristmasy looking china you need thisTienshan fine china made in China who would have thought.Bed of nails minus the nailsbox of tissuedapper highboy dresserNicely aged leather armchair has had some work done on its foreheadburly dinette setsmall teapot familydecanter and small goblets for sipping magical elixirsIs that a TV under a mantle reflecting a horrible crime being committed? (I watched Forensic Files last night)PanasonicThis is a murphy bed!! This is what it looks like folded up! I saw a movie once where the body was hidden in one of these. This one is body free today.What is THAT?Kitchen of amazementNice pots and pans for for batting away things thrown at you.Can you read that? Good, because I can't.                       Cher: Calphalon pots and pans!Counter covered in pretty barnacles Heavy chef has a secretincubator for cloned pterodactyl eggsfancy dishes for entertaining ambassadorsgourmet basics (an oxymoron)Bakeware by HeisenbergNot enough wine glasses. Also, not any wine. Medusa's headThere's the wine! IT'S EMPTY!I'm told these are not condoms.CDs!!Sale PictureElectric guitar being followed by dark shadowEpiphone SpecialAmplifier?Important knobsStereoticker tapeSale Picturebinoculars for policing your neighborhood and reporting suspicious activitymarital aidBob Crane era video cameraRemember Wii?MANY air guns and rifles! Frighten your friends and enemies alike!Texan SS AirForce  Mod. R0001 with scope and bipod air gun this looks gnarly I bet you could scare a bear with this thing.evil twin of earlier air gunAIRforce, get it?Benjamin Wildfire with scope air gun didn't that guy on No Place for Old Men have an air gun?money shotI would love for a guy to come and explain in detail what this is no I don't I'm kidding just buy it.Hatsan Flash Pup QE with scope and grip  air rifle this looks very involvedIt has a dial and a Flash Pup you obviously need thisBenjamin Marauder Woods Walker air pistol with scope and stock this is weird looking so it's probably sought afterMy dog just killed a possum in my backyard, or maybe it's just playing dead I'm gonna go poke it with a stick or something poor thing be right backPossum is GONE! So it was playing dead thank God. And here's another air gun that looks very official.Sale Pictureair gun went on a diet and looks amazingCrosmanmoney shotKral Arms Puncher Amour with scope and grip you can really shoot some air with thisvery important wording thereHatsan Quattro Trigger SAS with scope air rifle I am running out of snarky comments on theseQUATTRO Trigger!These look realYou don't tug on superman's capeYou don't spit into the windYou don't pull the mask off that old lone rangerAnd you don't mess around with JimA doo doo doo dee dee doo doo dah!you need this Legends MPtorture deviceI'm sure this is importantbag of hammersAh! I think that says Freed Pants TargetRazors for hipster barberingSmoke these!Some leprechauns lost their pipesAquarium you need some goldfish in your life, they're colorful and hardly need any keeping. Perfect starter pet.Here's a smaller aquarium you can raise sea monkeys in this perfect for the commitment phobicsmall regiment of gnome assassins.dragon's nose is on fire and he doesn't know how to blow it out.nopeWinnie the Pooh tea set, awwww.Tea sets for grown ups.Geishas having second thoughtsTabitha has seen some thingsLittle Ethyl wonders why you won't front her the money to open a nightclubMary Jane sees something stuck in your teethBrittney bravely bears the weight of everyone's expectationsSally seriously just can't even anymoreBarbie begs to be flattenedRebecca can't believe she didn't get that shampoo commercialTiffany got drunk and now needs help getting up off the floorLook, books. I read one once. Don't call me a hero. Anyone can do it.Melee of Christmas decor! The season is almost upon us! Don't get caught decor-less!demon overlord on the top thereUninspiring fireworks displayStatue of Stalinblock of cheesefashion industry ideal womansewing machine! Learn a craft, you never know when you'll have to convince a protective society that you're too useful to purgeKenmore made sewing machines? News to me. I bet this one is awesomeBlurry image of Cher's finger on the left therevery capable looking vacuum cleanerANOTHER KENMORE appliance! I heard this Kenmore outfit is the cats pajamas.WormholesSale PictureSale PictureNO! It's a KENMORE washer dryer set! And STACKABLE! I love anything I can stackLots of clothingSleep apnea machine thing? Not sure.I think I may have been right! If not, please come to the sale, take me aside, and spend an hour or two correcting me. My name is Cheryl. Ask for Cheryl.Outboard motor! (I think)what the hell is that?Those look like the ears on Shrek in the upper left there, right?Smoker? You need thisThat's a manly grillNow THIS is a smokerKiller air compressorLookit these TOOLS!! That's a JACK theredashboard of the space shuttleSNAP ON high-performance tools ("high-performance tool" is my nickname for Cher)   Cher: Holly that would be a Craftsman tool Chest-you BOZO!JACKSpirate treasuretoolpaint sprayer you need thisisn't this a duplicate of an earlier pic?Pegboard miasmaclown kitdental drillBENCH GRINDER I stand correctedair pump, I'm sure you'll inform me of the purpose of this thingDrill pressWHAT IS THAT? super industrial staplerunderwater reefmad laboratory supplieswide-eyed robottable saw! My favorite of sawsBig knob (my other nickname for Cher)art shotWhat is this?Admit that you cannot resist the call of the GARAGE OF TOOLS!9 person tent. (WHY would you want 9 people in a tent?) (Okay, maybe at Coachella)big daddy tillerHusqvarnaLittle daddy tillerTroy-biltgimp costumeladder scaffoldingWood chipper shredder!!! What did I tell you?blow hard (another of my nicknames for . . . okay it's overplayed)a collection of Faberge eggsThat's a tall @ss ladder!The Shed of Tool Heaven beckons you!Angry villager starter kitwedding gown (sometimes I just write down the opposite of what I see in the pic) (for kicks)You can gut some serious fish with thisTITLE TO CAR WONT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL NEXT WEEK. This car has almost 300K miles! So you know it's been babied its whole lifeMore dials than digital, just how I like itknobInterior looks niceway cleaner than my car. My car has dried dog vomit on the floorboard. You need this car.Look how many you can fit in this car.Wow, nice!This is important information I betGreek to meManly wheel, unlike the wheels on my car, which are pie platesYou can fit a family of bears in there!Impish rear shotselfie with duck lipsNice rear!you need thisAirblown Christmas!you will have to fight me for thisSnoopy!Shelves of holiday cheerSanta is festooned with woodland creaturesdeer made of spider websballsChristmas tree in a straight jacketPOTUSeye of newtyou want birds? Get these feedersAdirondack chairs!pretty house. BUNDLE BEESBe BEEDazzledBeesKnees

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