75% OFF BLOWOUT SUNDAY!! S|B Paisley is in Monroe for a tool, woodworking and antique sale!

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Apr 11
10am to 4pm
Apr 12
10am to 2pm
Apr 13
10am to 4pm
Apr 14
1pm to 4pm


RESPECT: Please remember you are in someone’s home. No smoking, no vaping, and no pets. Shirts and shoes are a must.
PARKING: Please, please, please DO NOT block any driveways, any mailboxes, and most of all fire hydrants. In most cases, there are signs as to which side of the street to park. Please be considerate of the homeowners in the neighborhood. Emergency vehicles must be able to navigate the street in case of a medical emergency or fire.
PRICING: We are NOT able to disclose prices or availability of an item via phone.
PAYMENT: Cash and all major credit cards. NO CHECKS. A 3% fee will be added on credit card purchases. Sales tax will be collected per the State of Georgia. Tax exempt certificates are needed if you do not want to be charged tax. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CERTIFICATE.
REFUNDS: No refunds, no returns. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Please double check your purchases. We do not check every item to make sure it works, so please double check your purchases.
HOLDING: We have a holding table, but please remember, you will be asked to pay for items you have held. You cannot gather things to decide whether you want them or not when you check out.
TAGS: Do not switch tags or remove stickers. We consider this stealing and the police WILL be called.
SAFETY: We are not liable for any accidents while you’re on the property. Be mindful of glass doors, stairs, rugs, fans, and low light fixtures. If you are wary or leary about going down 20 stairs into the basement – DON'T!
SECURITY: We have plain clothes security personnel at every sale.
MOVING: If you wouldn’t ask your mother – don’t ask us. We can not and will not be able to help move your items. Please bring bags, boxes and /or packing materials with you.

This family loved gardening, woodworking, books, antiques and everything beautiful! 

Lucky you - they left loads of treasures for you to add to your home!!! 

The house is for sale too !



Antique desk

Antique secretary

Vintage cedar chest 

Vintage headboard

Vintage oak desk

Antique sofa

Vintage rocker 

Vintage dresser

Vintage chest of drawers

Rocking chairs

Books, books, books, and books

Gardening equipment

Band saw



Antique typewriter

Antique wall telephone

Vintage Pyrex

Vintage Corningware

Vintage kitchenware

Cast iron cookware

Reed and Barton French Renaissance sterling silver

Assorted styles of Silverplate


Oxford Bone China by Lexington

Franciscan Hacienda dinnerware

Ungaro Paris Porcelain tea set

Herringone and Iris covered candy dish

Mid Century Modern items


Fenton Hobnail glass

USA Pottery

Vintage Mid-Century Moe Brothers Airplane Wing Style Desk Lamp 


Garden cart

Vintage Christmas items

Christmas blow molds

Tools, tools, tools, tools


Commercial flourescent lights


Toy car


Camping gear

Pool items

Gardening tools and pots

SBP FinalASELSale PictureLoom!Look at that yarn!Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureThis can rock many a grandbaby to sleep!Cozy - reminds me I need a nap...A spot for a suitcase and something to wear!Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureAnother rocker ready for a groovy spot.Books.....we have a bazillion....Still beautiful! Ready for another big day!More spots for grandbabies!Memories........misty water colored....you know you sang it. Linens.....and antique ones tooo!That typewriter wrote many an interesting line or two.They just don't make stuff like this anymore...but you can still enjoy them!Mr......... Vintage linens...now everyone can be trendy!If you can tell us what this is.....you get a high five!Perfect for any home.... and so much storage.Lighted too so you can see that beautiful china and tea set!Timeless!This will be passed down until the end of time! ClassicThis is a stunner.....wait til you see it in person!!! YOWZA!!!Sale PicturePerfect sized for any room.... !This table has TWO leaves to make it the perfect size!The chairs are perfect!Need that special table cloth for Easter and Spring....this is it!Art Deco and the World's Fair - the perfect combination!!!Asian tray...any vignette would be perfect with this in it!Egg rolls, pot stickers, noodles, those crispy things ....and more crispy things... I love those!Think outside the kitchen.....on a night stand, in the bathroom, on a window sill..... the colors!!! WOW!!!This is amazing ! Herringbone and Iris..... a collectible any day of the week.Perfect anywhere anytime.Mother's Day!!!Another choice for Mother's  Day!The good stuff that gets passed down a million times!Oooh la la!!!The particulars...Groovy meat cutters!Not sterling, but beautiful!Sweet and so delicate.Sale PictureYou need this for all your vintage linens and silver!So beautiful and the colors are fabuuuulous!So peaceful and soothing.....What a perfect spot for some alone time. That chest can go anywhere!It's the perfect size for a million places.Anyone can look like Cinderella or Prince Charming in this mirror!!!!Those legs.......wait til you see the top!Told you!!!!!Another piece to use a million ways!Waiting for some more treasures !How many grandbabies have rocked in this little guy??? Make it 50 more!!!!Blenko! and cobalt!!!These are perfect for that table in your living room or the mantle that needs that little bit of something.Even Aunt Mable's potato salad will taste sensational in one of these beautiful glass bowls...it's all in the delivery.Of couse, we have two and they would be perfect anywhere.A punch bowl - a million recipes for your next shindig!More sparklies...And...the other sparkly stuff....make that Hamburger Helper look extra fancy in one of these footed casserole dishes....Covered bridges....how romantic!Another piece to use a million ways!Hobnail....that curved bowl is really something!Hammered aluminum...let the party begin!How many cups of flour and sugar do you think these fabulous beauties have held in their life time???WOW!!!!! Hang it on the wall, put in on a night stand, use it as a tray for Easter.... keep thinking!That yellow!!!!!! WOW!!!!!Pyrex...and vintage... and some we've never seen.... and we're over 50 - we've seen a lot!Smoooooth........4 of these nesting angels..... !Keep stacking......we've never seen this pattern!!! WOW!!! Fancy!How many glasses of Kool Aid did these things serve???If you've ever had these in your cabinet and had to stack them and match up the lids.... you're old.These tooooo ! :) Many of 'too much to throw away' leftovers went in these gems at my Mom's house.If you don't need a sifter, your grandbabies can use it in the sand box! My grandson Miles Henry would love to use this as he's sifting the soil from my flower pots!More Franciscan Hacienda..... serving pieces that are so useful and hard to find!  Nab them early!The particulars....More treasures from the past for your present! Still the best in the kitchen.Ooooo.....deviled eggs....... I'll take a dozen!Check out that groovy ice bucket!  Think sushi....think celery and carrots and ranch dip, think fruit and yogurt dip. I'm thinking line up some cookies on this tray and don't be stingy.Think sushi!!!  A spot for wasabi and lots of rolls!Fajitas! Fish! Fabulous!Cookies and cheese straws are a breeze with this gem!If one doesn't tickle your fancy, we have this one too!Makes making that candy so easy and the memories are priceless! BBQs will be extra delicious with these fun trays!Cast iron and a cast iron dutch oven ....nab this one fast!More cast iron!This many pots and pans means one thing....take out! Baking  from the top!This chest of drawers is a beauty and it's Dixie!The proof!Blow molds - Christmas is coming again this year.Spring has sprung....be ready!Blue juice for your windshield - pollen..... :(This lathe helped build many a treasure.....make some more !Band saw......Sale PictureSale PictureThe heavy duty stuff.....Noah used this and it will be still going in 3018.Man's Paradise....In case you need to shine your shoes while you're woodworking.... we have all the bases covered!Spin some tunesThere are many tunes to be had in this collectionThe year was ???????Buy this and bring samples...These could cut the lock at Fort Knox.It's Hammer Time!Woodworking must haves...Books and UGA...all you need.Oh....and vinyl.That World's Fair Pennant is amazing...check it out!This would be so sweet in a bathroom, guest room, your room or your bathroom!!! A groovy sewing basket with lots of swag.Did I mention we have a few tools????I think Sherlock Holmes used this beauty.  A prop or decorating find for sure!Mr. Watson, I need you.  Name the inventor.....S&PThis guy has saved many a cook...give it a new home and let it save you!The sweetest lamp!Told you!This should be a must read for everyone....Peter Max....10 points if you know who he is.How many snuck in and checked this same clock after curfew???Do kids even know how to yo-yo anymore??? Oh....many of these adorned a bedroom with records on the bottom and a turntable on the top!Plants, tunes, bathroom supplies, etc....It's from Sears....it's a beast...USA Pottery and perfect for anything.An oldie but goodie...I wonder how many know what this is????Franciscian Hacienda - is that a gravy boat?????? YEP!WOW!!!A Kraft Christmas tree..... you'll never see another one.Vintage Christmas finds.... nab these jewels!More vintage gemsThese are fabuuuulous!MCM and space aged too!Kerry's drool is all over these....she is in love!It's from Hot Springs!!!!USA again....and so so sweet.....This beauty has a chest upstairs to go with it.  :)Quilts....hand made with so many memories...This metal stand needs a top and you can pick out what it is and make it beautiful again!Another blast from a professor's past!Did I mention we have a few books????In case you forgot!Thank goodness .... a great spot to sit, spin and read!Another spot with a throw in case you need a nap.MCM   Moe Brothers airplane lamp!  A cabinet filled with treasures..... and the cabinet is for sale too!Get your yard looking fine with these supplies!The middle part of the basement.....and you thought we were joking about packing a lunch....Chamber pots, cooking pots, flashlights, and tool boxes...your one stop shopping spot!More have to have things and a frog....Sprayers, camping lanterns, scissors, etc....Nails, nails, fasteners, nails, clamps, sprayers, nails..... and metal trashcans....Time and temp... and MCM wood art.  Sale PictureMore tools....and more tools, and more tools...More..More....The really good woodworking tools.....My dad would be proud - I know what these are AND how to use them!:)Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture

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