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Feb 28
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Credit Card, Debit Card , Approved Check,or Cash. Minimum $100.00 required for credit/debit cards. There will be 5% charged on credit card transactions.
ALL ITEMS PURCHASED TO Be Shipped At Buyers Expense.
Call Dick Reimer (303) 669 - 8660 Monday - Saturday between the hours of 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST.




20 Year Collection of Originals, Giclees, Limited Edition Signed and Numbered, Prints, Framed, Unframed, Photos, most with Certificates of Authenticity/Appraisals. Other Specialty Sculptures, and Native American Pottery. See Photo Descriptions for Certificates/Appraisals.


Internationally and Nationally Recognized Artists and Works

  • Peter Max
  • Wyland
  • Alfred Gockel
  • Simon Bull
  • Michael Goddard
  • Dominic Pangborn
  • Romero Britto
  • Chris DeRubeis
  • Bev Doolittle
  • Duaiv
  • Fanch (Francois Ledan)
  • Linda Kniff
  • David Najar
  • Anatole Krasnyansky
  • Milton Lewis
  • Thomas Mangelson
  • Norman Rockwell
  • Itzchak Tarkay
  • Warner Brothers
  • Others
Peter Max "Umbrella Man" Original Framed Acrylic On Canvas. 2008 Signed in Pigment Upper Right. 12" X 6"Sale PicturePeter Max "Umbrella Man" AppraisalPeter Max "Without Borders II" 2006 Mixed Media Acrylic Painting and Color Lithography On Paper. Signed in Acrylic Unique Variation. 36" X 24"Sale PicturePeter Max "Without Borders II" AppraisalPeter Max "Angel With Heart" 2017 Serigraph in Color On Woven Paper. Hand Signed by Peter Max in Ink and Numbered in Arabic. 10 1/8" X 8". Sale PicturePeter Max "Angel With Heart" Appraisal.Peter Max "Better World III" 1999. Mixed Media Painting with Acrylic and Color Lithography On Paper. Signed in Acrylic. Unique Variation. 24" X 18"Peter Max "Angel With Heart III" AppraisalWyland "Sea Turtles" 2002 Limited Edition Lucite Sculpture 323/350. 12" X 12"Sale PictureWyland "Sea Turtles" AppraisalWyland "SurWyland "Surf Riders" 2005 Limited Edition Lucite 362/1500. 11" X 9" X 13" Sale PictureSale PictureWyland "Surf Riders" CertificateWyland "Dolphin Seas" Limited Edition Lucite 11/1500. 16" X 10" X 22"Sale PictureSale Picture"Oscar" By Alfred Gockel, 2013 17 7/8" X 5 1/2" x 4 3/4".Inscribed Signature and Annotation On Base"Angel Of Love" By Alfred Gockel 2011, 26" X 21" Sculpture In Purple and Clear Crackle Acrylic.Inscribed Signature and Annotation on Base Lower RightSale PictureSale Picture" Carribean Love" By Alfred Gockel 2013, 69 3/8" X 40". Acrylic Paint On Canvas. A unique Work. Hand Signed In Pigment Lower Right. Sale Picture"Gone Fishin" By Norman Rockwell 2005 29 1/2" X 23" Seriolitograph in Color on Archival Paper. Norman Rockwell Authorized Estate Blind Stamp Gold Seal Lower Left and Numbered.Sale Picture"Eileen" Pewter On Bronze By Itzchak Tarkay 2001 9 1/4" X 7 1/4". Hand Hammered Relief Pewter On Bronze. Signed In The Plate Lower Right.Sale PictureSale Picture"Blissful Moments" By Itzchak Tarkay 2007 16 1/2" x 21" Seriolithograph In Color On Wove Paper. Signed Lower Right.Sale PictureSale Picture"Gimme Shelter" By Patrick Guyton 2016 12" X 12" Mixed Media On Aluminum With Sized Gold or Silver Leaf. Created Using Combination of Urethane, UV Curable Ink, Acrylic Paint, and a Chemical Cocktail Propriety To Artist.Sale Picture"Red Wine On Black" By Michael Godard 2015 24" X 18 1/4" Acrylic Paint On Canvas Original. Hand Signed in Pigment Lower Right.Sale PictureSale Picture"Rolling Meadows" By David Najar 2012 14 7/8" X 40 3/4" Oil On Canvas Original. Hand Signed in Pigment Lower Left.Sale PictureSale Picture"All I Hve To Give VII" By Simon Bull 2007 18" X 18"  Acrylic Paint On Museum Board Original Signed in Pigment Lower Left.Sale PictureSale Picture"The Lighthouse" By Chris Derubeis 2015 18" X 10" Mixed Media On Aluminum Air Brush Painting and Hand Ground Surfaces Original Hand Signed In Pigment Lower LeftSale PictureSale Picture"Tree" By Chris DeRubeis 2017 36" X 24" Mixed Media On Aluminum Air Brush Paint and Hand Ground Surfaces Original Hand Signed in Pigment Lower Right.Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Geometric - Art In Motion Series" 2010 12" X 24" Three D Construction Consisting of Giclee On Canvas Hand Assembled On Card Stock Elements Mounted On Three D Board Structure. Signed and Numbered.Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Purple Desire" By Dominic Pangborn 2010 30" X 24" Acrylic on Canvas Original Signed In Pigment Lower Center.Sale PictureSale Picture"Annabella" By Linda Le Kinff 2007 24" X 29" Seriolithograph In Color On Wove Paper Signed In The Plate.Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Interior With Max" By Fanch (francois Ledan) 2004 30 1/2" X 29 1/2" Giclee On Canvas with Hand Embellishment Signed in Pigment Lower Left. Sale PictureSale Picture"Nothing But Blue Skies" 2016 19" X 19" Digital Multiple On Aluminum Through Die Sublination Hand Signed in Ink Lower Left. Illustrated in the Simon Bull Book on Page 141.Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureTuxedo - Unique Original Floral On Tux In Red Velvet Frame Shadowbox "25" X 41" By Simon Bull Sale PictureSale Picture"Cockatiels" By Richard Williams 2003 Giclee On PaperSale PictureSale Picture"Surrender" By Simon Bull 2006 33" X 33" Giclee In Color On Canvas with Hand Embellishment Signed In Ink.Sale PictureSale Picture"Butterfly Wine" By Godard 28" X 37 1/2" GicleeSale PictureSale Picture"Grape Confusion - Missing Grape" By Godard 2015 30" X 19 3/4" Giclee In Color With Hand Embellishment Hand Signed In Pigment.Sale PictureSale Picture"Pool Shark II" By Godard Giclee 28" X 35"Sale PictureSale Picture"Champagne Kiss" By Godard Giclee 18" X 29"Sale PictureSale Picture"High Tea XVI" By Simon Bull 2013 15" X 7 1/2" Acrylic Paint On Paper Hand Signed.Sale Picture"Yes I Do" By Simon Bull 11 5/8" X 5 3/4" Aquatint, Hand Colored With Acrylic Inks Pastel and Hand Applied Gold Foil On Wove Paper Signed and Numbered In PencilSale Picture"Only You" By Simon Bull 2000 12" X 6" AquatintSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Lunchbreak" Warner Bros. "Taz Tee-Off" Warner Bros. SilkscreenSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Mini Burst Blue" By Chris Derubeis 2015 11" X 12" Mixed Media On AluminumSale Picture"Mini Burst Purple" By Chris Derubeis 2015 11" X 12" Sale Picture"Mini Burst Red" By Chris Derubeis 2015 11" X 12"Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureNative Indian Blankets in Wood Frame63/125Snug As A BugSale Picture"Prayer For The Wild Things" Bev Doolittle 28" X 22" Sale PictureSale PictureSteel Art Sculpture Elk By Bear Studios "Jacob's Memories" Signed and Numbered PrintSale PictureSale PictureIndian Storm Blanket By LopezSmall Pot By Sylvia Nahah "Feather Woman" Sale PictureSale PictureLarge Pot By Sylvia Nahah "Feather Woman"Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureBlackmore "Hummingbird" PotterySale PictureSale PictureSale PictureBlackmore Hummingbird Pottery SignatureSmall Native Pottery By Navsi (Tadpole)Sale PictureMedium Native Pottery By Navasi (Tadpole)Sale PictureLarge Native Pottery By Navsi (Tadpole)Sale Picture"Wedding Vase" Native American Pottery By Navasi (Tadpole)Sale PictureBlack Tafoya Vase Sale PictureKachina Doll HopiSale PictureAcoma Laguna Pueblo Native American PotterySale PictureNative American Pottery Vase Tan ColorSale PictureSand Wedding VaseSale PictureSale PictureLaguna Acoma Native American Vase With Elk Sale PictureAlabaster Native American Sculpture By WilsonSale PictureAlabaster Native American Sculpture Eagle Head By HowardAlabaster Native American Sculpture By WilsonSale PictureSale PictureIndian Loom With Storm Blanket Weave ProcessNative American Sand Painting By Silversmith Authentic Navajo Sand PaintingLittle Dreamer II Indian Boy Print 26" X 21" 472/950 Signed and Numbered By Miles BendixonLittle Dreamer Indian Girl 26" X 21" 472/950 By Miles BendixonSale Picture"Secret Admirer" By Jocelyn Lillpop Colorado Ducks Unlimited.Sale Picture"Devine Intervention White Buffalo" 20 X 28" By Bill Jaxon 331/1000Sale PictureGentle Guardian - Indian Woman With Pottery By Connie Regan 824/1000Sale PictureSale PictureLeather Oval With Feather and Arrow by Sabide JohnsonRiver Camp By Robert Carver Three Mural Indian Camp Grouping of Three,  each 28" X 13" 275/950.Sale PictureSale PictureAuthentic Navajo Sand Painting By Jasper BegaySale Picture"Four Elements of Women" By Natalie Rostad Dejarlais. Slate - Lake Of The Woods Original 1998.Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureRam Sculpture "Old Warrior Ram" By Uintah Creek Productions 13" X 14" X 5"Sale PictureElk and Grizzly Confrontation Sculpture By Dusty Phelps 10" X 10" x 20" x 7"Sale Picture"Makin Tracks" By Forever Wild #3/2500. 12" X 16" X 7"Sale Picture"Snowy Pursuit" By James A Meger Snowy Owls 627/950. 39" X 29"Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Snowy Courtship" By James A Meger Snowy Owls 622/750. 39" X 29"Sale PictureSale Picture"Crescendo" By James Meger 1174/1500. 39" X 29" Snowy OwlsSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Polar Kiss" Photograph By Thomas D Mangelsen. 1167/2000. Images of Nature. 39" X 29"Sale PictureSale Picture"Playful Polar Bear" By Thomas D Mangelsen 603/1500 39" X 29" Sale PictureSale Picture"Shallow Waters" Moose In Water By Manuel Mansanarez. 702/1500 30" X 38"Sale PictureSale Picture"Couple At The Beach" By Romero Britto. 2015 Three Dimensional Seriography Construction in Color With Cut Outs Hand Signed In Pencil. 476/750. 16" X 36"Sale PictureSale Picture"Hanauma Bay" By Wyland Hawaii Seriolithograph.  286/950. 1993 27" X 39"Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Born In Paradise" By Wyland Seriolythograph 139/35000. 26" X 32"Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Turtle Waters"/Moonlite Dolphins" 1999. Three Artist Compilation Wyland Under Water, Tabura Above Water, Coleman Above Water. 175/950. 33" X 43"Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Ocean Trilogy" By Wyland Seriolithograph 36" X 18"Sale Picture"Breath Of Winter" By Milton Lewis 538/950. Artist Signed Print. 31" X 39"Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Cozy Creek Crossing" By Milton Lewis 634/950. 24" X 30"Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Mountain Refuge" By Milton Lewis 878/950. 32" X 39"Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"heart Of The Hunting Ground" By Milton Lewis. 576/950. 26" X 38"Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Running The Sacred Cliffs" By Bob Quick Print 29" X 35"Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Lavender Harbor" By Randall Leigh 468/950. 30" X 35"Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"D'or et de Reve" by Emile Bellet 35" X 41" Signed In The Plate. Sale PictureSale Picture"Soir des Voiles" By Duaiv 2012 24" X 30" Giclee In Color Hand EmbellisedSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Quiet Morning" By David Najar 2012 17 7/8" X 18" Giclee On Paper Hand Signed 63/350Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Rose Tree" By David Najar 17 7/8" X 17 7/8" Giclee On Paper Hand Signed 56/75 Artist ProofSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Street Of Old Prague" By Anatole Krasnyansky 2007 29" X 24" Seriolithograph In Color On Wove PaperSale PictureSale Picture"Musical Sphere" By Anatole Krasnyansky 25 1/4" X 24" Seriolithograph Signed In PlateSale PictureSale Picture"One Of A Kind" By David Najar 2012 29 1/4" X 10 3/4" 48/350 Giclee On Paper Hand Signed In PencilSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Season Illusion" By David Najar 2016 32" X 18 1/2" 203/450 Digital Multiple On Aluminum Through Dye Sublimation Hand Signed By ArtistSale Picture"High Finish" 285/600 By Filloneau.  Seriograph 26" X 34"Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Sand Shot" By Filloneau Seriograph 26" X 34". 303/600Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"The Drive" By Filloneau. Seriograph 26" X 34. 330/600Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Tee-Ing Off" By Filloneau Serigraph. 26" 34" 93/600Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"The Open Road" By Richard Doyle Embossed Lithograph Twig Painting Hand Colored. 33" X 37" 357/495Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"When We Were Young" By Deborah Robinson. Serigraph. 31" X 39". 386/500Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"L'Escalier a Theoule" By Jean-Claude Picot. 2007 24" X 29 1/4". Seriolithograph Hand Signed on Wove PaperSale PictureSale Picture"It's Poppin Baby Can You Feel It" By Marcus Glenn. 2007 16 1/2" X 22 1/2" Seriolithograph in Color On Wove Paper. Sale PictureSale Picture"Down From The North Mallard Ducks" By Cynthie Fisher. 16" X 22" 573/4850Sale PictureSale PictureSale Picture"Pheasants" By Mark Anderson 16" X 20" AP 143/160Sale PictureSale Picture"Dramatic Lily" By Henderson. 28" X 33" 390/500Sale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale PictureSale Picture

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