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Sep 13
10am to 3pm
Sep 14
10am to 3pm
Sep 15
12pm to 4pm


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ALL SALES ARE FINAL – It is the customer’s responsibility to test any and all items they are buying. SALES TAX & CARD FEES: We charge the standard sales tax of whatever the county the sale is held — as well as a 3% credit-card fee . In short, we accept CASH and CARDS — no checks. MOVING FURNITURE: Bring your own muscle. We are unable to assist in the moving/loading of furniture. For smaller loads, consider the apps TOTE or ROADIE. We urge you to be VERY CAREFUL in moving your items — if you damage the home while doing this for whatever reason, you’re responsible for repairs BEE'S KNEES OR OWNERS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES/ACCIDENTS WHILE ON THE PREMISES. Please be mindful of quirky stairs and uneven pavements. WHEN BUYING LARGE ITEMS — make sure you alert a sales representative to place a SOLD sign on the item you wish to purchase, with your name and cell number, along with the time you’ll pick the item up. You are welcome to continue to shop while your large item is on hold. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL of sale area — remember this was someone’s home or childhood home or place of business that is being liquidated. Please put things back if you decide against them, tidy the area if you messed it up in your rummaging (and we welcome rummaging) — but please don’t make it harder on us or the property owner/executor by being disrespectful of the property. We thank you for this. KIDS – Unattended children will be given drum sets and free puppies. RESPECT ANY TAPED -OFF AREAS/OBJECTS: Certain areas will be designated by tape as OFF LIMITS. Do not violate the OFF LIMIT areas. Sold items are indicated by strips of blue or orange tape. Those caught removing tape, or going into a taped off area, will be banned from this and future sales. THEFT: We will prosecute thieves. PARKING — Please obey parking regulations of the neighborhood where the sale is being held. Do not block driveways or mailboxes. Understand that you will be ticketed if your vehicle obstructs the passage of emergency vehicles along the street. So please even if you have to walk — don’t get a ticket. LOADING –The driveway will be for LOADING ONLY. Do not BLOCK driveway where the estate sale is taking place. HAVE A GOOD TIME! Our sales provide a gathering place for retro collectors, vintage mavens, hipster pickers, antique seekers and the all-around appreciators of all things thrift and amazing! Have a wonderful time!


Wow! Lots of MCM and  Mee Maw furniture! It's like if Henry Mancini and Barney Fife moved in together and Barney brought the whole household he inherited from his aunt. We have sleek midcentury sofa, coffee tables, end tables and china cabinets cohabitating with 50s traditional and 70s chunko-style furniture all under the same roof! Living together! The scandal! You must come check this out. We've also got lots of marble carvings, crystal glassware, vintage CLUB cookware, a TRUCKLOAD of Corningware, artwork, a Fold & Go scooter, lots of CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, cassette tapes and MUCH MORE!

Come and BEE-dazzled!


Contact Realtor Mercedes Ruehle (770) 842-1371


Sale Picturenice houseLookit the teakwood frame on that sofa! Perfect condition MCM sofa, buy it and be the envy of your friend(s)!MCM coffee table you will have to fight me for thisMCM end table gimme!octagonMother Superior chair wants to give you a waferblue--but not as in "depressed"-- glassTV stand from back when TVs were a big deal and needed their own stand. Super cool stand tooTV stand has acquired some lootWide angle atmosphere shot. Portal to other dimension opened up on the right there.Detail of super awesome sofa frame you need thislong shot of said sofaevil twin of earlier sofaTwo of the coolest ashtrays ever made. Makes almost wish I was a derelict 13-yr-old and still smoking again.haggard sea captain wants to tell you about how he fought the krakenI'm sure whatever that says is importantelephant and empty elephant jacuzzisoft white underbelly of earlier elephantBarbara Eden"Ermer Gerd!" said a millenialNICE dining table.comes with six proper chairs that want to teach you which is the salad fork.MCM china cabinet Picture of kitchen counter or large mirror reflecting same. See that manly Jesus up thereBrass and silver wares for bargaining with piratesDoubloonstorture deviceThe eye of a common house flyshelves of amazement. haunted shipsphoto-realistic painting of an aneurysmwood nymphs in the forestelephant is on the movedisplay of carnival odditiesCrypt for squirrels or cool MCM china cabinet, you decide -- Okay, I decided for you: COOL MCM CHINA CABINET!!crow on the right there. Large glass commercial display casespotted dick tea setGlasses of absintheAmiciinside out sea urchin on the left there. Candle sticks. Milky glassdumpy sister stands awkwardly in family photoLots of blue glass and blue-and-white ceramics Chinoiserie, Portofino, are those Dutch wooden shoes made of ceramic? Don't walk on asphalt with those onglassware by Walter White Heisenberg. Impaled pony and giraffeShelves of awesomenessGiant eel vertebraejellyfish roadkillAlternate angle of dining room -- Cheryl is experimenting with artsy shotsparrot has some serious issueslots of knicky knackies. Christmas is coming up, get some of this stuff for your loved ones!metal TV tray stands harvested from abandoned asylumtalk to the handscool deco looking bookshelf!one half of marital bed set from 60s sitcomSanta's a 49ers fan!binocularssmall shrineChunky chuckwagon bed 70s!Dresser and mirror from the set of Deadwood!Stanley furniture nice!fold-down secretary desk (why's it called that? Wouldn't a secretary need at desk that was always a desk and not foldable into something else half the time?) Anyway you need this!Secretary desk talking with its mouth fullcool slender panty cabinetbaby birds want to fly but can't because they're made of blue glass (these captions would be better if Cher would buy my wine and deduct it as a business expense)school of fish--not! It's PYREX dinnerware. Very rare specimensGoose that has regretssomething has been hand-painted and made exclusively. Cher: Holly its the GOOSE in prior picture that is hand painted. Holly: Cher stop horning in on my photo captions!this is not how you cook a goose, obviously.cockCute mee-maw kitchen full of mee-maw stuff you need thisTHIS is how you cook a gooseoooh, vintage Club waredo not boil a bunny in this -- no one will be impressedvintage kitchen canisters made of wood depicting a rooster in various yoga posescatsup and mustard dispensers! Keep it cool looking on the picnic table.squadron of geese dispatched to rescue comrade. Crocksangry circus elephantpuppy in a purseroll of Glad wrapCorningware!!more Corningware!So much Corningware!We're SWIMMING in Corningware!It's a FLOOD!Tidal wave!small city decimated by a hurricane of CorningwareGotta go for now. I'll be back after two glasses of wine!I'm back! Blue Bayou, I mean Danubeglasses made from recycled Cinderella slippersRorschach pattern serving dishChina for entire family reunionIt's vintage Delta Air Line First Class china!! I love this!See?Do you see a man in a top hat standing in the corner or is it just me?Nice headless reflection of Cheryl That on the right is a reindeer with CANDLE ANTLERS!Don't eat this fruit unless you're super hungrymy advice is to keep all loose appendages clearballsgiant squidtwo swanschairs on wheelsgnome huffing somethingballswest-coast tailgater kitsteinfrightening dollspider monkeyeverybody has turned their backs on Betty because they can't EVEN!a thousand church bellsproper teacupsshelf of amazementstoolimplements of self defense -- or golf clubs. Hoveround -- I'll be joyriding this on Fridaysee?More  joyriding during saleFold & Go ScooterTurbo charged. can't waitLucille Ball's hair dryerGold 'n' Hot -- do not google thattapes of the VCR and cassette varietyPOTUSsmall house abandoned by gnomesmore Christmas stuff!Christmas stuff!MORE Christmas stuff! Be the house on the block that puts all the other houses to shame!balls3 small cement casketsAdditional parking on Rockbridge Heights Be BEEDazzledBUNDLE BEESBeesKnees

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