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Mar 27

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Apr 10


Paypal and Major Credit Cards Only. No Checks are accepted. *****PLEASE BE AWARE OF NEW PICK UP LOCATION ****** We do offer to deliver items to the Dubuque Marketplace at Marketplace at 999 Century Dr. Ste 6 if that is desired. Furniture items will incur a delivery charge of up to $15 for delivery to Dubuque Marketplace. All items need to be paid for and picked up prior to the end of the sale listed in the ad. We ship items via USPS.

All bids starting at $1. Lots of treasures in this jewelry sale! Retro, antique, and costume galore! Everything from pocket watches and retro necklaces to pocket knives and Hawaiian shell necklaces. Come check out the great selections.

 7 pairs of blue and gold pierced earrings!/description/share/1251659 post earrings!/description/share/1251055 retro costume jewelry necklaces!/description/share/1251665 retro costume jewelry necklaces!/description/share/125106 4 pearl style necklaces ranging in size!/description/share/125167two pairs of earrings,one breast cancer survivor awareness bracelet, one pearls and gold necklace!/description/share/125107four pieces of jewelry, two bracelets, two necklaces!/description/share/1251686 antique clip-on earrings!/description/share/1282881 jeweled Relic wrist watch, three pairs of post earrings, one gold style retro necklace!/description/share/125108 7 vintage clip-on earrings and pin. including set of Hogan Bolas vintage earrings!/description/share/128290four shell necklaces!/description/share/1251096 vintage clip on earrings including rare Esther Lewittes Sterling earrings!/description/share/1282912 wooden bead necklaces, four wooden bracelets, one pair of clip on wooden earrings!/description/share/125110 6 vintage clip on earrings. Including vintage Trifari earrings!/description/share/1282922 extra long silver style necklaces and two bangle bracelets!/description/share/125111lot of 5 retro white beaded necklaces!/description/share/125124seven vintage pins and brooches!/description/share/128293lot of 4 Gold style necklaces , one pisces and one flower!/description/share/125112 4 Gold style necklaces, one multi-strand, one blue stone, one gold bead, one gold Cube!/description/share/125113 3, antique Hamilton wrist watch, Bulova wristwatch, costume watch!/description/share/125114 three watches, antique Elgin pocket watch, two wrist watches!/description/share/125115Lorus wrist watch, gold stretch bracelet, gold multi-strand necklace, gold linked belt!/description/share/1251165 retro costume jewelry necklaces!/description/share/125117 5 assorted necklaces black and gold!/description/share/125118size gold style necklaces with Monograms, shell, heart, antique cut out necklace!/description/share/125119three silver style necklaces, two silver style bracelets, one pair of clip-on earrings!/description/share/125120lot of 9 pairs of post/ pierced earrings!/description/share/125121lot of 5 silver style necklaces , one with turquoise style pendant!/description/share/125122lot of 5 retro beaded necklaces!/description/share/125123lot of 5 retro white beaded necklaces!/description/share/125124lot of 5 silver and gold style necklaces!/description/share/125125eweled and stone bracelet, Pearl style post earrings, black and gold tiger pattern necklace, Bakelite style!/description/share/125126lot of 5 retro blue beaded necklaces!/description/share/125127lot of 5 vintage gold style and pearl beaded necklaces, pendants!/description/share/125128lot of 3 wrist watches , Timex , watch it, Medana!/description/share/125129vintage Elgin pocket watch!/description/share/125130 2 vintage gold style necklace watches , one Vogue, 1 baroness with chain!/description/share/125131two pairs of vintage cufflinks , three tie clips , four mismatched vintage cufflinks!/description/share/1251323 pocket knives, 2 keychains!/description/share/125133lot of 5 vintage retro necklaces!/description/share/125134lot of 5 Retro pink beaded necklace!/description/share/125135lot of 5 retro necklaces!/description/share/125136antique Elgin pocket watch!/description/share/125137lot of 5 retro chunky necklaces, Pearl Style , beaded!/description/share/125138lot of a 5 retro beaded necklaces!/description/share/125139lot of 5 vintage, retro necklaces!/description/share/125140lot of 5 various necklaces; 1 paracord, one made in Hawaii amulet, 3 gold style pendant necklaces!/description/share/125141lot of 6 vintage, retro brooches!/description/share/125142lot of 6 vintage, retro brooches!/description/share/125143lot of 15 various pins, including Girl Scout, USA, John!/description/share/125144 lot of 5 antique, vintage jewelry includes two bracelets, and three antique rings . face ring made in Mexico       !/description/share/125145 lot of 5 pendant necklaces including cameo necklace!/description/share/125146lot of 5 pendant Style retro necklaces!/description/share/125147Antique Standard pocket watch with acorn fob!/description/share/125148lot of 8 various chain necklaces, including at Parklane chunky style necklace!/description/share/125149lot of 5 pendant and chain style necklaces, one 14 karat and Freshwater Pearl Necklace!/description/share/125150lot of 5 various bracelets including one antique Goldetta bracelet!/description/share/125151two pearl style necklaces, one pearl style bracelet, one engraved metal cuff , two pairs of pearl style ear!/description/share/125153lot of 5 pearl style retro necklaces!/description/share/125154lot of 5 retro chunky beaded necklaces!/description/share/125155lot of 5 retro chunky Pearl and beaded necklaces!/description/share/125156lot of 5 retro beaded and pearl necklaces!/description/share/125157lot of 5 chunky retro necklaces!/description/share/125158lot of 6 pierced earrings!/description/share/125159Elgin retro watch with a hand finished Scandia calf leather band!/description/share/125160lot of 11 post earrings. all new with packaging!/description/share/125161lot of 8 clip-on earrings!/description/share/125162lot of 6 various pieces of jewelry, four pairs of post earrings, one jeweled brooch, one Pearl and gold style !/description/share/125163lot of 11 post earrings , including jeweled and heart-shaped!/description/share/125164

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