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Another Great Online Auction.

The sale will run from Jan 12th to Jan 17th

This online auction features Antique and Collectible Books,1st Editions, Signed Books, Super Hero Books,Magazines

Little Golden Books, Military Field Manual and So Much More.

There is definitely something for everyone at this sale.

The time scheduled load out will be on Tuesday Jan 18th.

Please make your appointment early to get the best time for you!

If you have any questions please call the auction manager.

Susan @ 316-518-0172

All jewelry & coins are stored off site for safe keeping.

We are unable to remove heavy items and furniture from the house. Other items will be pulled and ready for pick-up on the tables provided in the driveway so very minimal contact.

Please review and pay the invoice prior to 8:00 am on the day of load out. L & L will "process/pay" the invoice the credit card on file with Equip-bid for all unpaid invoices after 8:00 am. We will not be accepting any cash payments.

L & L Family Estate Sales will do our best to describe the item to the best of our ability. However we are not experts on the items listed. We will also identify any damage, chips or cracks if we observe it. It is the BUYERS responsibility to do their research on the items prior to bidding. We encourage you to come to the preview to look at the items prior to the auction close.



1898 Tony Drum by Edwin Pugh, Condition Good, staining on cover1941 & 1942 Books by R. Sidney Bowen, Condition fair, cover and spine wear1967 1st Edition The Eighth Day by Thornton Wilder, condition VG1970 2nd Edition Interpreting Personality Theories by Ledford J. Bischof, Condition fair, cover wear and pencil underlines1972 The Northeast Coast and Wild Alaska Time Life Books, condition VG1992 Ross Perot Book and 1996 Ross Perot Funny $2 bill, condition goodOld Paper Booklets, 2 cent stamp, large postcard and more, condition fair to good1974 Walt Disney 101 Dalmatians, 1982 Little Golden Book Rudolph and 1991 Little Golden Book 101 Dalmatians, condition good1975 Son Of Origins Of Marvel Comics by Stan Lee, Condition fair, cover damage, dogeared pages, see all pics1954 Voltaire, Studies by Oliver Goldsmith and Victor Hugo, condition good1984 1st Edition The Nightmare Years 1930-1940 by William L. Shirer, condition VG1970s, 80s books, condition good, one has dustcover damage1924 Polly In South America by Lillian Elizabeth Roy, Condition Poor, cover stained and worn1973 The Priest by Ralph McInerny, condition good, dustcover wear1973 1st American Edition 2nd Printing Sails of Hope by Simon Wiesenthal, condition good1946 Life & Death of The Wicked Lady Skelton by Magdalen King-Hall, condition fair, cover damage1944 Take Heart by Ernest G. Hoff, condition fair, cover wear inside and out1948 Language For Daily Use Grade 4, condition good, some pencil marks1951 4th printing The Fat Boys Book by Elmer Wheeler, condition good, some dustcover wear1952 The Wild West by Adolph Regli, condition VG1907 Ikey's Letters To His Father by George V. Hobart, condition good1910 Murder Point by Coningsby W. Dawson, condition good1990 2nd Edition Human Anatomy & Physiology, condition VG1933 Footprints Under The Window by Franklin W. Dixon, Condition Good for age1990s Books, condition good to VG1955 Talks With Great Composers by Arthur M. Abell, condition good, dustcover damageAnti-Aging Prescriptions and Count Out Cholesterol, condition fair to good1967 Introduction To Probability And Statistical Decision Theory by G. Hadley, condition good1996 The Last Valentine by James Michael Pratt, condition VG1970 Mission Impossible The Money Explosion by Talmage Powell, condition VG1953 Gold Mountain by Charlotte Paul, condition VG1940 The Arts And Man by Raymond S. Stites, condition good1969 Illustrated Story Of World War II, condition good to VGMiscellaneous Books, condition poor to fair1870 Rufus And Rose by Horatio Alger Jr., Condition fair for age, cover wear2013 1st Edition Marvel Super Heroes Storybook Collection, Condition VG1949, 1951, 1952 Holiday Magazines, condition good1962 USSR Magazines, condition goodVintage Magazines, condition fair to good1983 World Atlas Of Railways, condition good, dustcover torn, large book1998 The Thunder Of America 1948-1998 50 years of NASCAR, condition fair, loose spine and torn page, large book1953 California Rancho Days by Helen Bauer, condition good1979 Helsinki by Matti A. Pitkanen, condition fair, loose spine and cover wear1956 Vol. 7 No. 6 American Heritage, condition poor1989 Extravaganza A Joke Book by Gordon Lish, condition goodEarly 1900s Books, Condition fair1930s, 40s Books, condition fair to good1980 4th Edition 22nd printing The American Language by H. L. Mencken, condition good1890 Patriarchs and Prophets by E. G. White, condition good for age1982 Mark Twain Greenwich Unabridged Library Classics Illustrated, Condition good, dent in cover1952 British Literature Blake To The Present Day, condition good1973 Earthquake History Of The United States Through 1970, condition goodNotre Dame Basketball 1990-91, condition goodVintage Dean's Favourite Annual for Girls, condition good, see pics1972 Perchance to Dream edited by Damon Knight, condition fair, ex library book1951 My Country by Ames, Ames and Ousley, condition good, see pics1914 The Border Boys along the St. Lawrence by Fremont B. Deering, Condition fair, cover wear and writing on cover pageRARE FIND! 1925 State of Kansas High School English Book by Alfred M. Hitchcock, condition fair for age, writing, creased and loose page1939 Marie Antoinette A Drama by Upton Sinclair, condition good, dustcover damage1856 Parker's Rhetorical Reader, condition good for age1949 Friends Far and Near by David H. Russell and Gretchen Wulfing, condition good1954 1st Edition Lights Across The Delaware by David Taylor, condition fair, cover damage, ex library book1949 Finding New Neighbors by David H. Russell, Gretchen Wulfing and Odille Ousley, condition good1967 Time Capsule/1944, condition good1905 Nedra a by George Barr McCutcheon, condition poorRARE FIND! 1939 How To Clean Up On Horses Topeka, Ks Souvenir Joke Book1930 Cimarron by Edna Ferber, condition good for age1910 The Rules of the Game by Stewart Edward White, Condition fair, cover discolored and spine loose1953 1st Edition dumbbells and carrot strips by Mary McFadden and Emile Gauvreau, Condition Good1917 The Mission of Janice Day by Helen Beecher Long, Condition fair, binding loose1910 Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond, Condition Good1970 1st Edition Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff by William Inge, Condition good, Dustcover a bit dirty1968 1st Edition Ox Bells And Fireflies by Ernest Buckler, Condition good to VG, ex library bookMiscellaneous Books, Condition good1992 Signed 1st Edition Clabbered Dirt, Sweet Corn by Gary Paulsen, Condition near new1976 Kindergarten Cookbook from Roosevelt School, Condition Fair1965 32nd edition Songs of Beta Theta PI, condition good, wear to cover1931 The Journal of The American Medical Association and 1997 Holistic Physics by William Day, Condition good1947 Arsenal by Frank J. Taylor and Lawton Wright, donated to Boeing by the Wichita Library, 1947 Boeing Plane Talk Article included, Book cover in poor condition1957 The Craft of Old Master Drawings and 2003 Forging, Condition Fair to Good1926 A Syllabus of Physical Education for Wichita Public Schools, Condition Fair, cover loose and taped1912 Tom Swift And His Great Search Light by Victor Appleton, Condition Good, Some stains on cover1891 The Life And The Doctrine of Philippus Theophrastus, Bombast of Hohenheim, known by the name Paracelsus, Condition fair for age, cover loose1945 Glory For Me by MacKinlay Kantor, Condition good, some dustcover wearVintage Books About Football, Condition good, Some dustcover damage2002 Explorations from the Royal Geographical Society, Condition good, ex library book, paperback, large book1964 The Temples of India, condition good, cover and dustcover damage1975 The Art of Welded Sculpture by Suzanne Benton, ex library book, condition good to VG1993 U.S. Edition Images Of Christmas edited by Elaine Wilson, Condition VG1882 Ben's Nugget by Horatio Alger Jr., Condition Fair for age1984 1st American Edition Jack Bush, Condition good, ex library book, large book1983 1st American Edition A.J.P. Taylor A Personal History, Condition fair, dustcover damage1888 Sara Crewe or What Happened at Miss Minchin's by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Condition poor, cover damage and loose pages1962 Football Principles and Play by David M. Nelson, Condition good, cover damage1958 Diamond Six by William Fielding Smith, condition good1995 1st U.S. Edition Love Stories by Rosamunde Pilcher, Condition VG1977 In The Beginning was the Song by Gen'ichi Kawakami, Condition good, dustcover discolored2000 The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson, condition near new1962 4th printing Japanese Gardens For Today by David H. Engel, condition good, dustcover damage1950 The Practical Book Of American Guns by Capt. John Houston Craige, condition good, dustcover damageShifting For Himself by Horatio Alger Jr., Condition Fair for age, damage to spine and page corners1953 Curtain For A Jester by Frances and Richard Lockridge, condition Good, dustcover damage1996 Unlimited Access An FBI Agent Inside The Clinton White House by Gary Aldrich, Condition good, some water stains1950 My Greatest Baseball Game by Don Schiffer, condition VG for age1931 Daheim Kalender in German, Condition Good, cover wear1953 1st American Edition Period Piece by Gwen Raverat, condition good, dustcover wear1949 Happy Mother Goose Rhymes, condition good for age1913 Vol. 1 The Life Of Edward Bulwer First Lord Lytton by His Grandson The Earl Of Lytton, condition poor, see pics1968 Greatness To Spare by T. R. Fehrenbach, condition fair, dustcover damage1940 1st Edition Sapphira and the slave girl by Willa Cather, condition fair, loose spine, see picsMark Mason's Victory by Horatio Alger Jr. Condition Good, some cover wear, no date2002 Signed Breaking the Mold by Judy Bell, condition VG1985 1st/1st Edition Life Lines Quotations of Victor Paul Wierwille, condition VG1905, 1907 & 1913 Altlantic Monthly Books, ex library books, condition good for age1943 1st Edition Kansas Irish by Charles B. Driscoll, condition fair, cover damage1927 Vol. 5 History Of The United States by E. Benjamin Andrews, Condition good for age1989 The Slopes Of Lebanon by Amos Oz, condition VG1949 Signed 1st Edition The Dream Gate by Marcus Bach, missing dustcover, condition VG1972 The Horizon Consice History Of Japan by Noel F. Busch, Condition VG1968 1st American Edition Gipsy Moth Circles The World by Sir Francis Chichester, Condition GoodVintage Paperbacks, condition goodThe Young Miner by Horatio Alger Jr., Condition Good, some cover wear, no dateWorld and Road Atlases, Condition good to VG1952 Signed 1st Edition Presumed Moments Of Mood by Annette Wildman, Condition good to VG1938 The Story Workshop by Wilbur L. Schramm, Condition good1950 1st Edition Noble Essences by Sir Osbert Sitwell, Condition good, dustcover wear and discoloration inside cover1998 World Of Combat 2000 User Manual, paperback, Condition Good1924 Regional Architecture Of The West Of England by A. E. Richardson and C. Lovett Gill, Condition good, large book1994 Signed Borne On The South Wind A Century Of Kansas Aviation by Frank Joseph Rowe and Craig Miner, Condition good, Some dustcover damage, large book1950 Chinese Houses & Gardens by Henry Inn and S. C. Lee, condition good, Some dustcover wear, large book1949 2nd Printing In Our Image Character Studies From The Old Testament, condition fair, loose page and torn page, large bookHerbert Carters Legacy by Horatio Alger Jr., cover and page wear, no date1958 1st Edition The Concise Encyclopedia Of Music and Musicians, edited by Martin Cooper, Condition good, dustcover damageRARE FIND!! Military Operations On Urbanized Terrain 1979 Edition Field Manual, Condition VG1947 Hatcher's Kansas Digest, Kansas Reports Vol. 126-160, Condition good, back cover a bit dirty1951 Annals of Surgery, Vol. 134 July-December 1951, condition good, ex library book1982 Beechcraft Fifty Years of Excellence Presentation Book, Signed by President when presented to employee in 1987, paperback, condition good, cover a bit dirty1985 Catering For Special Occasions by Fannie Merritt Farmer, condition near new1955 Talking with Patients by Brian Bird M.D., condition good, some pencil underlines1923 Problems of the New Testament To-Day by R. H. Malden M. A., condition good, cover stain, ex library book1949 6th Printing Shop Mathematics by C. A. Felker, condition good1951 British Literature edited by Hazelton Spencer, condition good, pen writing throughout book, see picsLuke Walton by Horatio Alger Jr., Condition fair, cover stains, no datePediatric Books, paperbacks, condition fairMiscellaneous Books, condition fair to good1963 1st Printing Four Portraits and One Subject by Bernard DeVoto, condition good, dustcover wear1964 1st Printing Trial By Notebook by Verne Lawyer, condition good, cover a bit dirty1955 3rd Printing The National Parks What They Mean To You And Me by Freeman Tilden, condition good2001 1st Edition Rise To Rebellion by Jeff Shaara, condition fair, cover dirty1936 Human Use Geography, State of Kansas, Book Two, condition poor, water damage1960 4th impression Ludmila A Story Of Liechtenstein by Paul Gallico, condition poor1960 Vitality in a Business Enterprise by Frederick R. Kappal, condition good1984 1st American Edition The Living Planet by David Attenborough, condition fair, cover warped

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