West Wichita Jewelry Auction - Jewelry Beads, Necklaces, Magnets, Bracelets - Wholesale Lots

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  • Location Wichita, KS 67212

Sale Starts

Nov 9

Sale Ends

Nov 15


Online Bidding at www.equip-bid.com/auction/6138
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West Wichita Jewelry Auction - Jewelry Beads, Necklaces, Magnets, Bracelets - Wholesale LotsExact Address will be posted morning of Preview
approximately 65 assorted ringsapproximately 50 ringsapproximately 47 rings - semi-precious Stoneapproximately 60 beaded strands - assorted colors - 10 mmover 50 bags of assorted jewelry beadsapproximately 35 car tagslarge lot of assorted magnetic jewelry beads with tubapproximately 80 Moonstone chokersapproximately 80 chokers - rose quartzapproximately 50 strands of 8 mm black glass beadslarge assortment of beaded strandsover 40 strands of turquoise chipsapproximately 75 assorted earrings48 small bottles of gold flakesapproximately 48 mm black glass beaded strandslarge lot of assorted braceletsfive bags of assorted figurines on glass half Moonsapproximately 100 strands of beadsover 160 beaded strands - blueapproximately 250 beaded strands7 pairs of XXL weight lifting biker glovesapproximately 35 car tagslarge assortment of jewelry beads and beaded strandsapproximately 40 bags of assorted jewelry beadsapproximately 45 assorted polished geode slabsover 90 small drawstring bagsapproximately 24 fashion jewelry necklaces30 count 40 mm clear crystal ballsapproximately 100 glass pendants - assorted colorslarge lot of green and yellow assorted beaded strandslarge assortment of beaded strandsapproximately 24 bone chokersapproximately 80 assorted beaded strandslarge lot of assorted jewelry beads and big jar50 polished geode slabsbox full of 4 mm jewelry beadsapproximately 120 necklacesover 30 figurines - most are on polish slabsapproximately 50 bags of assorted jewelry beadsapproximately 140 necklacesapproximately 50 sets of assorted earringsapproximately 90 necklacesover 150 assorted prism pendantsa box of 8 mm round faceted jewelry beadslarge assortment of jewelry beadsapproximately 115 necklaces18 shoebox size plastic totes with lidsapproximately 50 sets of assorted earringsfour bags of 18in Chip Stone necklaces- stab turquoiseapproximately 200 pair of earringslarge lot of beaded strandsassorted arrowheads and necklace pendantslarge lot of assorted blue beaded strands5 large bows and four boxes of assorted ribbonapproximately 40 assorted braceletslarge safety pins- key holdersassorted belt bucklesapproximately 75 pairs of assorted earringsapproximately 72 ringsapproximately 50 braceletsapproximately 55 bags of assorted jewelry beadsapproximately 200 assorted pinsapproximately 100 ringslot of 3 oversized belt bucklesapproximately 95 assorted braceletsapproximately 24 assorted knivesapproximately 63 assorted rings6 hunting knivesapproximately 23 ringsapproximately 50 bags of assorted jewelry beads16 bracelets some are marked 925approximately 65 ringstackle box with assorted USA themed pins7 assorted belt bucklesapproximately 60 ringsapproximately 23 pair of earringsapproximately 132 braceletsapproximately 112 assorted ringsassorted braceletsapproximately 80 pairs of assorted earringsapproximately 72 assorted ringsapproximately 70 toe ringsapproximately 48 assorted rings16 necklaces - varying sizesapproximately 200 polished geode pendants10 money clipsapproximately 120 assorted ringsapproximately 100 assorted ringsapproximately 47 assorted ringslarge lot of assorted glass half Moons7 knivesapproximately 66 assorted ringsapproximately 56 assorted rings12 count 30 inch necklaces2 sets of knives with sheathsapproximately 59 assorted ringsapproximately 100 assorted rings4 belt bucklesapproximately 57 assorted ringslot of 9 knives

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