B.E.S.T. Estate sale. Immaculate home in Bellaire park

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  • Address The address for this sale in Fort Worth, TX 76132 will no longer be shown since it has already ended.
Jan 17
10am to 6pm
Jan 18
10am to 6pm
Jan 19
12pm to 5pm


Former Interior Designer/Home Stager with a Beautiful, Immaculate Estate. No Junk at this sale, but all priced well below value. PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP WITH MOVING LARGE ITEMS. YOU MUST BRING HELP INCLUDING DOLLIES, HELPERS ETC. IF YOU CANNOT ABIDE IT IS BEST NOT TO BUY, However you can always arrange to come back and pick up your items if paid up front. If there is a particular item that you are interested in and you are wondering if it is still available, my number IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN accessible on this site. So if you are driving a long distance for a particular item, please feel free to call and leave a message. You can text as well! We accept Visa/MC with a10 dollar minimum. Cash also accepted. Please bring help to load large items. We are not responsible for accidents. Hand held pets always welcome. Please do not leave your pet or any visible valuables in your vehicle. Please bring your pet in with you because we love to visit them. I will try to remember dog Treats. Sunday half price! PLEASE NOTE : ALL FIESTA WARE HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS SALE. I CAN GIVE NO FURTHER EXPLANATION, BUT I DO OFFER MY APOLOGIES.

  • Leather Couches
  • Leather Chairs
  • End Tables
  • 3 Bedroom Sets
  • Armoires
  • Jewelry Chest
  • Blanket Racks
  • Lots of Designer Bedding
  • Vases
  • Crystal 
  • Glass
  • Tons of Kitchen
  • Barstools
  • Hummingbirds
  • 2 Dining Tables
  • Curio Cabinet
  • China Cabinet
  • Night Stands
  • Quality Rugs
  • Books
  • Tons of Wall Art/Paintings
  • Tools
  • Yard Equipment
  • Candles
  • Patio Furniture
  • Planters
  • Floral Decor
  • Designer Towels
  • Designer Perfumes
  • Coffee Table
  • Lamps
  • Christmas
  • Luggage
  • Jewelry (men's and Women's)
  • Tea Sets
  • Decorative Bowls
  • China
  • Visio 48 inch Television
  • Washer/Dryer
  • 2 Refrigerators
  • Pub Table
  • Rachel Ray
  • New Candles
  • Candle Sticks
  • Large Urns
  • And the List goes on and on....


Beautiful Home, Immaculate, and it is for sale.  Buy it now, and I will throw in the contents of the estate sale for 10,235.00 drachmas.View from Upstairs.  Home also for saleBeuty-muss living roomCall if interested.  The family may take this.  I do not want you to drive all the way there for this item if its not there....I do not like being cussed out.Quality bedding for your entertainment center!Food Storage box. New, great condition.  Just a larger version than the pyrex that we sell.These are true Gems.You Light up my life....you give me hope...to carry on.  Lawd does anyone remember that woman that sang that song?  Anne Furry?  More sap ran out of that woman than a dead tree in the Red Wood Forrest.  I sell Pot.  Get over it.Let's drink beer.  At my Estate Sale.  And then pee on my seats in my car. Well it says "Stihl", but that does not mean that I know what it is.  Maybe a haircutter for an ape?Clockometer? That's my best guess.  I don't think that is a word.  Just like "Irregardless".  It's not a word.  Please do not use this non-word at my sale.  I will have you arrested. Bench, please!What in the hell is this drunkard doing on this martini shaker?  Oh, that reminds me, I need a refill on my wine.  Be right Back.  Butler is off tonight.  Funeral.  Why can the help not have Funerals on their days off?  I am a wreck right now.  I don't even know the code to the elevator to get to the wine cellar.  Or should I say "Whine Cellar?"More PotMom and son...so cute.Probably the least expensive thing that these people own.  Who even uses these anymore?  Don't they put off Carcinogens or whatever that word is?  You are better off cooking your meat over a Marlboro Light from what I understand.Yeah...that's a cool hobby...for men that want to get away from their families and drink all day.  But I don't judge.  I do it to, just to get away from my nosey neighbors.  "Sorry neighbor, I am going golfing".  I feel bad that his house was burning down, but I did give him a Motel 6 Key that I found in my garage before the firetrucks arrived and I bid him "adieu".  Wine Holder....that reminds me...back shortly..I found the key.  When the Butler gets back he is going to get a piece of my mind....Your title is "Butler.".  Now Buttle, or whatever it is you do when I am not here.  I have an idea, me thinks he likes his drinkey, but the cameras have not proven that....yet.I am proud of this man for getting unwanted visitors off his lawn.  Bye Felicia!  You gots ta go!Urn for father, much smaller urn for mother that is only 4 foot ten on a good day.  Hey I am only speaking from experience.Oh, yeah, this baby is mine if you don't buy it.  No idea what it is, but I think it's cool and you should too.For people that do not have air conditioning in their garage.  I, however did not miss that detail and neither did Nancy.  FAFAFAFAFor those that did not get heating in their garage...FAFAFAFA. Ask me to say that last word.I have no reply.  Imagine that...me...speechless.  BAHHHMosaic Tile.  Who came up with this?  I bet they have more money than the founder's of Sac and Save.  Oh wait...Actual tools used by Freddie Krueger...Signed, autographed and numbered.  Some red Staining visible.Scary Ghostly picture of me taking a picture of a toaster.  Well, in all honesty I was probably toasted when I took the picture.I don't know what they are or what they do, but my maid pees every time she sees them.The pictures you are about to see are all about Fine Crystal.  Ask Nancy about the joke.And again...Non Electric Flashlights.Great for holding nail clippings....wait...I feel a story coming on...oh yeah, I have it....ask me the story.I think these came from Main Street Arts Festival.  They could have come from the far depths of outer Mongolia if you ask me, I would still buy them..  I think they were made by a poor American Family just arriving to Ellis Island and they immediately set up shop in the lower banks and had them hand blown....her son ran out of breath and is now buried in the national glass museum.  Poor Little guy!Send her Flowers, you ignorant fool.  Save money on the vase and go to Albertson's, get some flowers and have your neighbor make an arrangement, it's what I do!I would like to say it's Lalique. But that would make me a liar.  But if you ask me if it is Lalique I will tell you that it is because I will be so busy it won't make a difference.  Man I am starting to get Carpal Tunnel from all of this typingHer name is Crystal...not sure of her last name.  Pretty sure she used to be a dancer.Coin Jar? Vase? Candy Dish?  Fork Holder?  I don't care what you do with it, it's yours now.  Its not like you're going to invite me over for dinner and I'll see it.  Which BTW, why do none of our customers invite Nancy and I to dinner?  We are FUN!.  Well, as long as there is wine we are.  Other than that we are kinda duds.Me LikeeFather and Son vases.  Why do these things keep reproducing???Oh yeah, baby.  Love it!Merry Christmas to your Ant FriendsPicture me on your dining room table at Christmas time.  I promise your Grandchildren will not even think about using them as weapons.  If so, money back guarantee, plus hospital bills paid.Another Vase.  They gots lots, so don't fight over them.Get here EARLY!!!Wish I had this the day Nancy decided to pee in the car.  You do realize she is going to kill me right?  Company name will change from B.E.S.T. to REST, as in Rest in PIECES you sorry....Marie Antoinette said "let them eat cake" and we all know how that turned out.  Well, the smart ones of us do anyway....Coffee anyone?Let's talk about this setTea for Two?Beautiful Candleholders.  Nothing funny to say.  Oh wait.."The Butler did it, in the pantry, with a candlestick."  I just hope it's not my Butler, unless he's doing to the neighbor's mother in law that thinks she's a cat...you think I'm joking....doncha?Very Practical for all of you non working well kept mothers.Fruit of the RoomNot really sure.  Let's come back to this one.A Rose is a Rose is a Rose.  UNLESS IT'S MADE OF CRYSTAL, PORCELAIN, AND GOLD, you big dummy!So Freakin cool, weird and funky that I have to have it.....or you do.This reminds me that I drink wine.  Back shortly.Lenox Vase.  MY funny is goneCool little urn for storing saw dust.Platter-puss.  Ha!More of the same setI am a bowl.  You are not.Crystal GayleCrystal WatersWe used the fourth one as a weapon.  Don't ask.Crystal MiltonCrystal GeoffreAgain, the Butler did it, with a Candlestick.  In the conservatory.  I know because the Monopoly man told me.  Wait, am I getting my games mixed up?Cool Glasses.  You will need to turn them right side up to use themOur tribute to the singer formerly known as Prince.Crystal KwonFiesta Pitcher.  Great for BourbonI am not there right now, but this may be Fiesta.  And it may not be Fiesta.  Yes I am sure.  It either is or isn't.  My teachers hated me in school because this is how I would answer True or False QuestionsCelery Tray.  You can actually burn calories by eating celery.Fiesta Platter.  Sterling Silver.Not Sterling SilverBar Stools.  I can see myself on the floor beside one of these.Casserole DishesAnother non-electric light thingymabobDoohickeysCrystal HoangServing Tray.Plate. Why does it look like the bear is bleeding out of his feet?  Poor guy.  Bears gone Wild.Hair Cut formYou butter my biscuit!Club.  Everyone should have one on the dinner table in case the kiddos act up.You don't have to store your kitchen utensils in here, but you can if you want to.Cutting Board.  I will CUT you!Another food storage machineChina Cabinet.  Not made in China.  China not included.Dining Room Table.  Chairs were custom madeA basket of towels for those that get wet.  I have no use for them because I don't like to see myself unclothed.  I shower in my clothing and then curl up in the dryer on low until I am dry and toasty warm...and a little bit disoriented.  Cheap buzz for me!Orchid.  Fake.  I have had luck with my orchids this year,; they are blooming.  But I need someone to tell me how to replant them so that I can force my maid to do it.  I pay her very well...I needed a place to store some stuff, so I bought this glass urn.  You can store all kinds of stuff in here.  Dog hair?  Peanuts? Overdue Bills?Lingerie Chest.  Isn't funny that it is called a lingerie "Chest"?  Kill two birds with one stone with that.  Dirty Boy!It's a lamp.  Please do not call me about another freakin lamp.  Yes, they work, yes they are upright, yes they are for sale.I do not know why the hell I put a candle in here.  No you may not have the candle.Mother and daughterGold Plate.  Not real gold.  Don't want to get sued.Cool Floral Vase.Brass Monkey, that funky MonkeyI have two of these, cause who wants just one?Candle holdersLuggage Rack for the end of the bed...in case you need to make a quick getaway in the middle of the night.  I know from experience this happens and  I love being prepared.  Oh, the sins of my past!IrisI see London, I see France, I can see your Finance.  So don't dicker with me on the price.A rose is a roseCool VaseAnother Cool Vase.Cool PlatterCool Vase. YES we have lots of cool VasesAgain.A thing that you put on your thingFor the summer months, I guess.  My fireplace has never been this clean...Hello!  I am a vase!Coffee Table.  Coffee not included.New Leather CouchLighting device.  Invented by EdisonDecorative Plate.  Not for food Consumption, but this is the size I use for breakfast.End Table.  It's not really the endThis is a beauty!More CrystalBiscuit Jar, in which one stores their biscuits.  You gotta Risk it to get the bicuitBeautiful Rose VaseI was sad that these were emptyMore Crystal GayleCrystal MethCrystal Bowl.  Or a chamber pot for rich people.Wine glasses.  I wouldn't know anything about wine glasses since I don't drink wine.  That was a lie.No clueLeather Recliner.  I took several naps in this thing, but tell the owners.Sale PictureSale PicturePot on a stand.  Confucius say "Man who stands on toilet is high on pot".  I know this to be a fact, because I met him in person.Sale PictureYeah, this.  Trick your cat.Orchids.  We be fake.Nightstand or day stand or middle of the night stand.  Don't care.  I'm done.Lampetie LampsCool SetRound Rug.  Red Rum.Blanket holder?  Towel Rack? Ancient Printing Press?  You decide.More Floral.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Never buy your wife flowers again.Armoire.  Excellent ConditionLingerie ChestSale PictureGolf clubs.  Great for beating off intruders.  Or golfing.Bench please.Versace UmbrellaAnother umbrellaCoffee Bean bags.  Wrap your tropical trees with these. They're burlapDesigner evening bags.  Each hold a key, a credit card, and a small flask...I know you people....SOLD.  SorryFire King.  Some people are peeing themselves right now over this.Hammered Copper PanWell, isn't she tittilating?More PicturesGreatest Gold courses in America?  I dunno..Lots of fashion Jewelry, mens and women's.  Good PricesI think I am going to vomit.Bedding for the Boudoir...Bed sold seperatelyGobble GobbleCool GlassesPyrexGold Plated Stainless steel silver.Vizio 42 inch Boob TubeYes.  It's that.CuisinartRARE..Griswold Number 8 cast Iron Pan.  Like NewBack of the panA thing that use for the thing that you use it for.This picture is very Large. I'm talkin Mega Large.Pub TableTurkey Fryer.  Wait...did I really just type that?  It's obvious that this is a turkey fryer.  I am a moron wrapped in an idiot.National Lampoon Magazines.  Kinda Raunchy if you ask me, but I secretly look at them when no one is looking, never even knew they existed.Keebler and Brookshire's.  Now there's a match made in heaven.  Mama say what?I cross my heart and hope to die, if you don't buy this cross I'll cry.  I used to be a writer for those of you that are exploring my talent.Freaky.  Looks like me when I first wake up.Sale PictureBad Picture, but a beautiful hand painted scroll with weights on both endsHang in on your wall.  Because I said so.Sale PictureTons of Desert Rose.  Priced to sell.  Individually pricedCool old Fan that still works.Jars...One for Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear.  Goldilocks got left out cause she snuck in the house and that is considered trespassing.  Little hoodlum.  Please tell me you are not letting your kids look at my websiteRare Find-37 mm M16 Anti Tank Round Circa 1942Cool Old ProjectorBell and Howell Director's CameraSale PictureCool Christmas trees.  Yeah you'll use them next year.Cool Hall table

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