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Jan 4

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Jan 18



The credit card that you use at registration will have a credit check performed for $49 which will show up as a pending charge from Damewood Auctioneers, and will drop off after several days. Damewood Auctioneers does not hold or keep this money.

R. Craig Damewood, Auctioneer LLC (Auctioneer) offers all lots, items and merchandise sold "As-Is, Where-Is" with no warranties or guarantees either expressed, or implied. Descriptions are believed to be accurate, and when Auctioneer has knowledge of a defect, it will be disclosed. Auctioneer cannot be responsible for hidden, unknown defects, including wood scratches, cuts, broken furniture, stains on unseen parts of upholstery and carpets. You, the bidder/buyer must make your own decision to the fitness and condition of any item or lot and bid accordingly. Bidders are advised to attend the auction preview, or call Auctioneer for a condition report prior to bidding if they can not attend the preview. All Sales are Final. No Returns or exchanges. No Refunds. Auctioneer reserves the right to accept and reject any and all bids. Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on any lot, or lots. Bidder should be advised that he/she may experience technical issues with bidding software, or internet glitch which may prevent a bid from being communicated to the Auctioneer. Auctioneer has sole discretion and authority to declare a lot sold, or not sold. In the event of a dispute between any one or more bidders, the decision of the Auctioneer shall be final and absolute.


Preview Equipment on on Friday before the auction. Hours will be posted on, or call 703.303.4760 for times.

Buyer’s Premium & Fees

All Buyers will be assessed an 13% Buyer's Premium, not to exceed $2,500 per one lot, with a 3% discount for all cash and check purchases. All purchases will be assessed a 6% Virginia State Sales Tax unless Buyer presents Auctioneer with a valid sales tax exemption at the time of payment (titled units are tax exempt). All sales are final with no returns, exchanges, or refunds of any kind. By paying Auctioneer with a credit card, Buyers waive their right to issue a charge-back against Auctioneer.

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Removal & Payment

Payment due in full on the day of the auction, unless prior arrangement for a bank wire have been made with R. Craig Damewood, Auctioneer LLC. Payment can be made through your emailed invoice, or Pay and Pick-up your items from 13006 Harpers Ferry Road, Neersville, VA 20132. All items must be removed by Monday after the auction at 5PM unless prior consent is given to Buyer from Auctioneer. Buyers must bring their own help, straps, chains or pallets to remove their purchases. A skid loader operator will be on-site to assist with heavy items. AUCTIONEER AND SELLER ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO ASSIST BUYERS IN MOVING THEIR PURCHASES BY HAND. Buyers assume all responsibility to any damage made to the property during removal. No merchandise may leave the auction site unless it has been paid in full.

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Snap-on Tool Chest, Automotive Tools, Electrician Tools

Loudoun County Fairgrounds
17558 Dry Mill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175


Preview: Monday, January 17th from 3-5:30PM
Virtual Auction: Tuesday, January 18th at 4:00PM -- No In-Person Bidding
Pick-up: Wednesday, January 19th from 2PM-6PM

This will be a live-cry auction, but all the bidding will take place entirely on the Damewood Auctioneers bidding app as a webcast auction. You can bid live simultaneously with the auctioneer, or leave a Max Bid and the system will bid for you against other bidders up to that amount. Call us at 540.454.2326 by 6:00PM the day before the auction if you need help participating in this virtual auction.



Snap-On Tool Box w/ Snap-On Side Cabinet Power Box w/ Hanging Utility Cabinet
Utility Cabinet is US General End Cabinet - 18" x 55", Tool Box Model No. KRL1203BPC - Bottom KRL7023CPC, Power Cabinet Model KRL1099PC, In like new condition, have keys
5 (4) Box of Misc Nuts Bolts, Starter Buttons, Blue Point Magnetic Socket Holder
All for one money
6 Snap On Metric Allen Wrenches
2.5mm - 10mm
7 Snap On Allen Wrench Set
3/32 - 1/4
8 Snap On Torx Star Set
T-10 - T-45
9 (2) Boxes of Air Couplers, Nylo Flex Coupling Set
All for one money
10 Eklind Metric and Standard Allen Wrenches, Fuel Line Remover Tools
All for one money
11 Flexxzilla Pro Air Impact Gun
Model AT1475FZ , 1/2 Drive
12 Snap On Air Impact Gun
Model XT7100 , 1/2 Drive
13 Cornwell Tools Super Duty Composite Impact Wrench
Serial 141350220 , 3/4 Drive
14 Cornwell Tools 10 Ton Hydraulic Hand Pump
Body Repair Kit
15 (2)Snap On Pry Bars - (2 Times the Money)
3ft and 2ft
16 Straight Pry Bar, Curved Pry Bar (2 Times the Money)
17 Snap On Curved End Pry Bar
18 Dominator Curved End Pry Bar
19 (2) Small Pry Bars, Bearing Seal Puller
8 and 11, All for one money
20 (3) Snap On Pry Bars (3 Times the Money)
18.5" 12.5" 8.25"
21 Cornwall Ratchet Wrench Set Metric
22 Snap on Combination Wrenches
Metric 10-19mm
23 Misc Metric Wrenches
Snap on, Cornwell, Craftsman,
24 Stubby MIT Wrenches
Metric 10-19 missing 13mm wrench
25 Snap On Stubby Wrenches Metric
26 Porto-Power 5 Ton Flat Body Cylinder
In box
27 Cornwell 13" Nut and Thread Setting Hand Rivetier Kit Set
Metric and Standard 3 pc Metric and 3 pc Standard Mandrill/Nosepiece Set and rivet nut assortment
28 Break Light Tester
29 Power Probe 3 Circuit Tester
w/ charger
30 Power Probe 3 Circuit Tester
in box
31 Blue Point Model PRC87 Internal External Rotating Ring Tool
in box
32 Snap On Wireless Video Scope
Model BK5500W
33 Snap On Air Hammer w/ Bits
Model PH3050B
34 (2) Ingersall Rand 3/8 Air Impact Guns, Snap On Air Drill w/ Chuck
Snap On - PDR3
35 GP 1/4 Standard and Metric Deep Well Swivel and Short Sockets
In box All for one money
36 Blue Point Needle Nose Plier Set
All for one money
37 Air Guns, Fittings, Tire Gauge, Valve Stim Removers, Air Chuck
All for one money, blue point
38 Test Light Diamond Tip Electrical Terminal Cleaner, Diamond Micro Files, Test Wires
All for one money
39 (2) Cornwell Air Tools w/ Wrenches and Bits
All for one money
40 Voltage Meters, Pro Test Lead Kit
2 Blue Point 1 Power Probe
41 (3) FOLDING Extendable Mirror, Ear Muffs
All for one money
42 30ft Retractable Test Leads Nline Spark Checker Kits for Recess Plugs
All for one money
43 Cornwell CAT-820R Air Cut Off Wheel
Model CAT-820R
44 Cornwell AC/DC Clamp Meter
45 Snap On 1/4 Ratchet and Short and Deep Well Sockets
Misc Craftsman and Snap On
46 Metric and Standard Socket Various Sizes Deep Short and Swivel
3/8 Drive, Magnetic Tray
47 Snap On Various Size Swivel Sockets
Metric and Standard 3/8 Drive and 1/2 Drive 
48 Misc Deepwell Sockets
Misc Brands Snap On Cornwell, 1/2 Drive
49 Snap On Hex Bits, Misc Torque Sockets
All for one money
50 Star Sockets
Misc Brands All for one money
51 Snap On Metric Deep Well Sockets, Tap Sockets
3/8 Drive , Tap Sockets 3/8 and 1/4 Drive
52 Snap On and Craftsman Extensions, Speed Ratchets
3/8 Drive
53 (3) Snap On Ratchets, Stubby, Hand 1/4 Ratchet
1/4 Drive Snap on
54 Craftsman Matco Esco Extensions
Various size
55 (2) Sets Snap On Crows Foot Wrenches, Sunex Set Crows Foot, Unmarked Set Crows Foot
Snap On Standard 
56 Impact Sockets 1" Drive
Cornwell, Various size Inch to 3/4 Snap On Adapter
57 Snap On Metric Air Impact Sockets
10 - 24mm
58 Sunex Screwdriver Set, Lisle Torx Bit Sockets
All for one money
59 Sunex Specialty Sockets
in box
60 Sunex Specialty Sockets
in box
61 Snap On 1/4 extensions and 3/8 Extensions (2 Times the Money)
complete sets
62 (2) Snap ON Long Extensions
3/8 and 1/2 
63 Snap On Swivel Ratchet, Deep Well and Short Sockets
Some are Snap On some are Cornwell
64 Snap On Offset Open End Wrenches
65 Gear Wrench Ratchet Wrenches
3/8 - 11/16
66 Misc Wrenches and Various Sizes
Some are Snap On
67 Misc Socket and Impact Sockets
1/2 Drive Some are Snap On some Craftsman 
68 Snap On 2ft Breaker Bar 1/2 Drive, Partsmaster Swivel Head Ratchet 12" 1/4 Drive
All for one money
69 Snap On 3/8 Drive Flat Head Ratchet 8", Craftsman 1/2 Drive Ratchet 10.5"
All for one money
70 Snap On 1/2 Drive Swivel Head Ratchet, 18", Craftsman 3/4 Drive Ratchet
All for one money
71 Snap On 1/4 Drive Swivel Head Ratchet, Cornwell 3/8 Drive Swivel Head Ratchet 12"
2 Times the Money
72 Snap On 1/2 Drive Swivel Head Ratchet 26" , Snap On 3/8 Drive Ratchet
2 Times the Money
73 E.Z Red 3/4 Drive Ratchet
74 (5) 3/4 - 1" Extensions
cornwell, wright, Craftsman 
75 Misc Extension Adapters
All for one money
76 (5) MIT Stubby Wrenches (1) Cornwell 15/16 Stubby Wrench
77 Cornwell Impact Driver
See photos
78 Large Combination Wrenches
1 7/8 - 2 3/8 Inch
79 Misc Snap On Wrenches
Various sizes, Standard
80 Snap On Combination Wrenches
Various sizes, Standard
81 (4) Pairs of Misc Vise Grips
All for one money
82 Gear Wrench Screwdriver Set (Missing One)
83 (2) Vise Grips, (2) Clamp Vise Grips
All for one money
84 Blue Point Ratchet Crimper Set, (2) Break Point Tools, Needle Nose Pliers
All for one money
85 (2) Blue Point Wire Cutters, Rivet Cutter
All for one money
86 Cornwell Line Wrenches, Misc. Snap On and Craftsman Line Wrenches
Cornwell - 1/4 - 11/16
87 Channel Lock Pliers and Misc. Pliers
All for one money
88 Snap On Wire Cutter and (3) Pairs of Tin Snips
All for one money
89 Snap On Needle Nose Pliers
All for one money
90 Misc. Vise Grips and Terminal Tool
All for one money
91 18" Crescent Wrench, 18" Diamond Tools Wrench, (2) Snap On Crescent Wrenches Saki Crescent Wrench
All for one money
92 Snap On 3/8 Drive Ratchet 18", Gear Wrench 3/8 Drive Swivel Head Ratchet 13"
All for one money
93 Snap On 3/8 Drive Ratchet 7.5", Swivel Head Grip Ratchet 1/2 Drive 18"
All for one money
94 NES Thread Restore Kit
In Box
95 Vermont American 40pc Tap & Die Set
96 NES External/Internal Adjustable Thread Restore Kit
In box
97 48pc Master Extractor Set
By Cornwell
98 Vermont American 40pc Tap & Die Set
In box
99 Snap On 48pc Rethread Kit
Fractional and Metric
100 Misc Size Screwdrivers
All for one money
101 Magnetic Tools
All for one money
102 Misc Screwdrivers, Blue Point Screwdriver Bit Set
All for one money
103 Picks, Walton Tools Tap Extractors Set
All for one money
104 Blue Point 11pc Gasket Hole Punch Set
All for one money
105 Torque Meter
For torquing nuts by degrees
106 SK Torque Wrench 3/8 Drive
In box
107 Cornwell 1/2 Drive Torque Wrench
In box
108 TCI Torque Wrench
See photos
109 MIsc Drill Bits
All for one money
110 Drill Bits and Easy Outs
All for one money
111 Misc Easy Outs, Threaders
All for one money
112 Snap On Pry Bars
Bearing pullers
113 Ball Joint Tools
All for one money
114 Cornwell Putty Knives/Scrapers
All for one money
115 Cornwell Load Tester 6/12v, Air Hose
All for one money
116 Misc 3/4 - 1" Drive Sockets
Large sockets
117 4-1 Break Pad Spreader
See photos
118 Misc Specialty Sockets (Star Sockets)
All for one money
119 Snap On 3/4 Drive Torque Wrench w/ Extension
See photos
120 Snap Ring Pliers
Blue Point and Snap On
121 (4) Pairs of Quick Release Pliers
All for one money
122 Punch and Chisel Set
All for one money
123 Snap On Punches and Chisel
Most are Snap On
124 Cornwell Ball Peen Hammers (4 Times the Money)
Good condition
125 Short Handled Sledge Hammer, Cornwell Dead Blow Hammer
All for one money
126 Snap On 16 Gallon Wet and Dry Vac
Working condition
127 Snap On Sand Blaster
on wheels
128 Snap On Stool
29"T x 16"
129 Cornwell Mobile Creeper
29"T x 16" x 24"
130 (6) Metric CRV Stubby Wrenches
10 - 15mm
130A Power Probe Multi Purposed Butane Soldering Tool, Power Probe Micro Torch, Tube Cutter
All for one money
130B (3) Snap On Pullers
All for one money
130C Cornwell Fluorescent Bar Light w/ Magnetic Holders
Does work
130D MityVac Vacuum Press Pump Kit
In box
131 Ladder Racks
American Van Equipment, 64"L
132 Cable Cutters, Conduit Bender
Conduit Bender - 46"L
133 Milwaukee Electric 2" Right Angle Drill
With chuck, works
134 Milwaukee Sawzall
Used but runs
135 Milwaukee Super Sawzall
In box
136 Remington Power Actuated Tool
137 Square D Circuit Breaker Load Center w/ Cover
Brand new in box
138 Milwaukee Heat Gun, Milwaukee Heavy Duty 1/2" Hammer Drill
All for one money
139 Milwaukee Heavy Duty 1/2" Drill
Cord is frayed but works
140 Milwaukee Heavy Duty Hole Hog
141 Milwaukee 1/2" Hammer Drill
142 Milwaukee Heat Gun, Drill Master 7 1/4" Circular Saw, Sharp Calculator
All for one money
143 Milwaukee 1/2" DPU Drill
144 (2) National Ratchet Straps, Yellow Jacket Pressure Test Kit
Pressure Test Kit appears to be new in box
145 Milwaukee Sawzall
In box
146 Milwaukee Heavy Duty 1/2" Hammer Drill
In box
147 Milwaukee 1 1/8" Rotary Hammer
In box
148 Milwaukee Sawzall
In box
149 Milwaukee Heavy Duty Sawzall
Comes with a couple blades in box
150 Milwaukee Sawzall
In box
151 Milwaukee Sawzall
In box
152 (2) Conduit Benders (2 Times the Money)
153 (2) Short Round Point Shovels (2 Times the Money)
40" Have been used
154 (2) Digging Irons (2 Times the Money)
Longest 69"L
155 Spool of Pull Rope, Gin Blocks Pulley For 1" Rope
Unknown Length
156 Mattock, Garden Hoe, Round Point Shovel
Handle has been cut off shovel
157 Werner 4ft Step Ladder
158 Werner 6ft Step Ladder
159 Werner 6ft Step Ladder
160 Werner 4ft Step Ladder
161 Werner 6ft Step Ladder
162 (4) 5ft Bil-Jax Scaffold Bucks, (4) Swivel Wheels, (2) Bil-Jax Walking Boards, (3) Braces
In good condition, not bent 
163 GreenLee Li'l Tugger Set
 In bag
164 (2) Conduit Benders (2 Times the Money)
165 (2) Conduit Benders
One handle is bent, 41"
166 (2) Bil-Jax 6ft Scaffold Bucks, (2) Bil-Jax 5ft Scaffold Bucks, (2) Bil-Jax Walk Boards, (3) Braces
In good condition
167 Bil-Jax Stabilizer Bar, (5) Scaffold Pins and Pin Locks
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