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Oct 30

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Nov 10


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This is an amazing blended auction from three families.

Some fantastic pieces that we don't happen across every day.

Auction pick-ups will be on 11/15 from 11-3 and 11/16 from 10-Noon in SODO zip code 98134.

Address will be provided on winning bidders invoice. 

0371g-Gilded Framed Wall Mirror.jpg
388g-Trio of Italian Coin Purses.jpg
001SH- San Sebastián Mexican Pottery.jpg
002SH- San Sebastián Mexican Pottery.jpg
003SH- Silver Plated Italian Footed Glass Bowl.jpg
004SH- Satsuma Samurai Warrior Vase with Handles.jpg
005SH- Satsuma Geisha Vase with Handles.jpg
006SH- Set of Anolon Copper Enhanced Cookware.jpg
007SH- Satsuma Lidded Jar Made in China.jpg
008SH- Pattison Painting on Wood Block.jpg
009SH- India Hand Painted Cabinet.jpg
010SH- Safavieh Wool Rug.jpg
011SH- American Drew Dresser.jpg
012SH- Indonesian Metalwork Statue Prithvi.jpg
013SH- Pair of Noble House Mid Century Recliners.jpg
014SH- Metal Sculpture of Asian Water Carrier.jpg
015SH- Metal/Glass Table with Pair of Chairs.jpg
016SH- Wood Computer Desk and Armoire.jpg
018SH- Jiao Ying ''Apogee of Tulips'' watercolor.jpg
019SH- Jiang Tiefeng 'Imperial Zebra' Serigraph 190/300.jpg
020SH- Jiang Tiefeng 'Elephant Family' Serigraph 118/300.png
021SH- Byron Galvez 'Rosa' Acryligraph 221/250.jpg
022SH- Chinese Warrior Painting.jpg
023SH- Lu Hong 'Expectations of a Mermaid' Serigraph XXII/C.jpg
025SH- Asian reverse painting on glass panel.jpg
075h- Kazak Wool Rug Pakistan.jpg
76- Shiraz Wool Rug Iran.jpg
077h- Hamadan Wool Rug Iran.jpg
078h- Baktiari Wool Rug Pakistan.jpg
079h- Kurdish Wool Rug Pakistan.jpg
080h- Kazak Wool Rug Pakistan.jpg
113o- Vintage Bokhara Wool Rug.jpg
167o- Bokhara Rug.jpg
300g-Mackintosh's Store Display.jpg
301g- 1930's G Washington RJ Reynolds Tin.jpg
302g-Antique Scale.jpeg
303g-Sanfords Library Paste Crock.jpg
304g- Antique Kitchen Items & More.jpg
305g- Pair Royal Gallery Art Glass Vases.jpg
306g-Trio of Signed Blown Glass Vessels.jpg
307g- Metal Molds & Teapot.jpg
308g-Crandall Pettee Thermometer & Bowl.jpg
309g- Signature Paul Revere Copper/Stainless Pots.jpg
310g- 7- Piece Copper Pots.jpg
311g- Japanese Ceramic Sushi Set.jpg
312g- Prince Albert Bone China Teacups.jpg
313g-Wedgwood, Lenox Bone China.jpg
314g- Stereograph and Opera Glasses.jpg
315g-Antique Glasses & Clothing Brushes.jpg
316G-Federal Amber Depression Glass -1.jpg
317g-Federal Amber Depression Glass-2.jpg
318g- Ribbed Mixing Bowls & Small Tray.jpg
319g-Jeannette Glass Cherry Blossom & more.jpg
320g-Silverplate Coffee Serving Set-1.jpg
321g- Silverplate Coffee &More Set-2.jpg
322g-Weighted Sterling & Silverplate Lot.jpg
323g-Sterling and Silverplate.jpg
324g- Set of Five Revere Bowls.jpg
325g-Waterford Writing Pen.jpg
326g- Elite Works & Haviland French China.jpg
327g-Silverplate Entertaining Set.jpg
328g-Eighteen Silverplate Stemware.jpg
329g-Bavarian Schumann Tureen & More.jpg
330g-Ten Hand-painted Wine Glasses.jpg
331g-Luminarc Glass Wine Glasses.jpg
332g-Silverplate Centerpiece Candlelabra.jpg
333g-National Silver Co Flatware.jpg
334g-Fish Poacher & Ladel..jpg
335g-Buenillum, Dansk,Nabe& More.jpg
336g-B&H, Haviland & More.jpg
337g-Small Decorative Planters.jpg
338g-Chinese Decorative Blue & White.jpg
339g-Antique Doll Head.jpg
340g-Bible with Brass Stand.jpg
341g-Antique Marbles, Soda Caps & More.jpg
342g-Japanese Bowls & 38''Table Cloth.jpg
343g-Antique Japanese Tea Caddy.jpg
344g-Buddha Head.jpg
345g- Japanese & Southeast Asia Collectibles.jpg
346g- Signed B. Streisand /Bette Midler Photos.jpg
347g-Big Screen Stars in Deco Frames.jpg
348g-Milkasa Belle Époque Glass Bowls.jpg
349g-Pair Glass Footed Centerpiece Bowls.jpg
350g-CoFrac Art Verrier Crystal BBC Bowl.jpg
351g-Waterford Marguis Champagne Bucket.jpg
352g- Misc.Wallace Sterling and Silverplate.jpg
353g-Vera Wang Wedgwood & More.jpg
354g-Sheffield, A&D Serving Pieces.jpg
355g-Antique Chinese Wedding Basket.jpg
356g-Old Chinese Lacquer Tiered Urn.jpg
357g-Bamboo, Birch, Wood & More.jpg
358g-Decorative Carved Wooden Items.jpg
359g-Asian Rice & Tea Containers.jpg
360g-Japanese Umbrellas and Fans.jpg
361g- Japanese Kimonos & Bamboo Pillows.jpg
362g- Silk Kimono and Embroidered Obi.jpg
363g-La Siberia Saga Mink.jpg
364g-Reversible Full Length Mink.jpg
365g-Japanese Glass Floats Lot 1.jpg
366g-Japanese Glass Floats Lot 2.jpg
367g-Lacquerware Centerpieces.jpg
369g- P&A Mfg. Co. Glass Oil Lamp.jpg
370g-Hajine Suzuki Original Katagami.jpg
372g-Framed Wil C.Kerner Cutout Print.jpg
374g-Signed Ronriguez Giclee & More.jpg
375g-Framed Plant Fiber Disection.jpg
376g-Japanese 4 Panel Screen & Hangers.jpg
377g-Three Panel Decorative Screen.jpg
378g- Variety of Framed Decorative Prints.jpg
379g- Silk Bed Linens & Bolt Silk Fabric.jpg
380g-Antique Sewing Table.jpg
381g- 4 Fiddle Back Upholstered Chairs.jpg
382g-Windsor Side Chair.jpg
383gA- RCA Flat Top Victrola.jpg
384c-PJ Barbie, Ken, Case & Clothes.jpg
385g-Maya Opaque Lucite Purse.jpg
386g- Gaspari Cap & Mordo Crazioni Purse.jpg
387g-Tortise Lucite Clamshell Purse.jpg
389g-BOMA Native Indian Box.jpg
390g-14k Gold Jade Tie Tac.jpg
391g-Lobster Pin.jpg
392g-Sterling Onyx & Malachite Ring.jpg
393g-Silver Tourqouise Ring.jpg
394g-Carnelian & Brass Set Ring.jpg
395g-Amazonite Wire Pin.jpg
396g-French Celluloid Jewelry.jpg
397g-Veterns Challenge Coin.jpg

Byron Galvez 'Rosa' Acryligraph 221/250.jpg009SH India Hand Painted Cabinet001SH San Sebastian Mexican Pottery004SH Satsuma Samurai Warrior Vase with Handles005SH Satsuma Geisha Vase with Handles012SH Indonesian Metalwork Statue Prithvi008SH Pattison Painting on Wood Block018SH Jiao Ying Apogee of Tulips watercolor019SH- Jiang Tiefeng 'Imperial Zebra' Serigraph 190/300.jpg020SH- Jiang Tiefeng 'Elephant Family' Serigraph 118/300.png025SH Asian reverse painting on glass panel077h Hamadan Wool Rug Iran76 Shiraz Wool Rug Iran078h Baktiari Wool Rug Pakistan022SH Chinese Warrior PaintingC075h Kazak Wool Rug Pakistan079h Kurdish Wool Rug Pakistan394gCarnelian  Brass Set Ring007SH Satsuma Lidded Jar Made in China003SH Silver Plated Italian Footed Glass Bowl006SH Set of Anolon Copper Enhanced Cookware010SH Safavieh Wool Rug011SH American Drew Dresser013SH Pair of Noble House Mid Century Recliners002SH San Sebastian Mexican Pottery014SH Metal Sculpture of Asian Water CarrierGlass Table with Pair of Chairs 388gTrio of Italian Coin Purses080h Kazak Wool Rug Pakistan113o Vintage Bokhara Wool Rug167o Bokhara Rug300gMackintoshs Store Display301g 1930s G Washington RJ Reynolds Tin302gAntique Scale303gSanfords Library Paste Crock304g Antique Kitchen Items  More305g Pair Royal Gallery Art Glass Vases306gTrio of Signed Blown Glass Vessels307g Metal Molds  Teapot308gCrandall Pettee Thermometer  BowlStainless Pots310g 7 Piece Copper Pots311g Japanese Ceramic Sushi Set312g Prince Albert Bone China Teacups313gWedgwood, Lenox Bone China 0371gGilded Framed Wall Mirror314g Stereograph and Opera Glasses315gAntique Glasses  Clothing BrushesAmber glass vintageAmber glass vintage etched318g Ribbed Mixing Bowls  Small Tray319gJeannette Glass Cherry Blossom  more393gSilver Tourqouise Ring016SH Wood Computer Desk and ArmoireSilverplate coffee serviceSilver plate coffee service 2322gWeighted Sterling  Silverplate Lot323gSterling and Silverplate324g Set of Five Revere Bowls325gWaterford Writing Pen326g Elite Works  Haviland French China327gSilverplate Entertaining Set328gEighteen Silverplate Stemware329gBavarian Schumann Tureen  More330gTen Handpainted Wine Glasses331gLuminarc Glass Wine Glasses332gSilverplate Centerpiece Candlelabra333gNational Silver Co Flatware334gFish Poacher  Ladel.335gBuenillum, Dansk,Nabe More336gBH, Haviland  More337gSmall Decorative Planters338gChinese Decorative Blue  White392gSterling Onyx  Malachite Ring339gAntique Doll Head340gBible with Brass Stand341gAntique Marbles, Soda Caps  More342gJapanese Bowls  38Table Cloth343gAntique Japanese Tea Caddy344gBuddha Head345g Japanese  Southeast Asia CollectiblesBette Midler & Barbara Streisand Signed Photos347gBig Screen Stars in Deco Frames348gMilkasa Belle Epoque Glass Bowls349gPair Glass Footed Centerpiece Bowls350gCoFrac Art Verrier Crystal BBC Bowl351gWaterford Marguis Champagne Bucket352g Misc.Wallace Sterling and Silverplate353gVera Wang Wedgwood  More354gSheffield, AD Serving Pieces355gAntique Chinese Wedding Basket356gOld Chinese Lacquer Tiered Urn357gBamboo, Birch, Wood  More358gDecorative Carved Wooden Items359gAsian Rice  Tea Containers360gJapanese Umbrellas and Fans361g Japanese Kimonos  Bamboo Pillows362g Silk Kimono and Embroidered Obi363gLa Siberia Saga Mink364gReversible Full Length MinkFloatsMore Floats367gLacquerware Centerpieces369g PA Mfg. Co. Glass Oil Lamp370gHajine Suzuki Original Katagami372gFramed Wil C.Kerner Cutout Print374gSigned Ronriguez Giclee  More375gFramed Plant Fiber Disection376gJapanese 4 Panel Screen  Hangers377gThree Panel Decorative Screen378g Variety of Framed Decorative Prints379g Silk Bed Linens  Bolt Silk Fabric380gAntique Sewing Table381g 4 Fiddle Back Upholstered Chairs382gWindsor Side Chair383gA RCA Flat Top Victrola384cPJ Barbie, Ken, Case  Clothes385gMaya Opaque Lucite Purse386g Gaspari Cap  Mordo Crazioni Purse387gTortise Lucite Clamshell Purse389gBOMA Native Indian Box390g14k Gold Jade Tie Tac391gLobster Pin395gAmazonite Wire Pin396gFrench Celluloid Jewelry397gVeterns Challenge Coin

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