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50% Off Everything!!
-This is an all online sale, prices, descriptions, sizes are posted under photos.
-items will be curbside pick up after payment secured. Unless large item, buyer responsible for removing from Estate.
-Payment methods: PayPal, Venmo, and credit debit(credit/debit add 3% convenience charge)

50% Off Everything!!

Hello and thank you for taking a look at this continuation of One Room at a Time Estate Sale. This will be a gallery of sales of different areas of the house. This is the estate of Ralph Zablocki and his Brother Clement Zablocki,  whom was a U.S. House of Representative. The Zablocki family traveled all over and collected many items, most are from the 60’s. Some items have never been used and are still in their original boxes or with tags. Over the course of the gallery of sales for this estate you will see many many items that are really in that good of condition:) 

Please stay tuned for additional sales from this estate, you will not be disappointed. Please read below for directions on buying from our gallery of online estate sales. Also like and follow Attic Addict, Wales on Facebook for additional updates and goings on. Thank you, Attic Addict.

Sit back and enjoy shopping from home:

1.) look through photos,

2.) each photo has a Lot #, description and price. Please take note of Lot # not the photo number. You can screen capture the items too. There is also a button you can hit “buy” and it will direct an email to me with the item. You can include a message too at that point. You can text me, email me or call me with your items of interest. Please use one form of communication, if you text me please let me know your name too:) Please allow up to 12 hours for a confirmation of your selection. Items are sold on a first communication basis, regardless of how communicated. This is done to be fair to everyone:)

3.) after confirmation of your selected items. I will send a copy of an invoice and total. Payment can be made through PayPal or Venmo. We also accept credit/debit cards with an additional 3% convenience charge. Tax of .056 will be added to all totals unless you have a tax number on file. 

4.) a pick up date will be set up. Typically there are 2 options with a range of hours. We can also ship smaller items with a shipping and handling charge added. We ask that you wear a mask when picking up your items. We are taking every precaution we can to keep everyone safe. 

Thank you all for your support and we look forward seeing all of you soon. 



Screenshot of kitchen. Each photo includes price and description. Thank you:)Lot #4 collection of 5 depression glass trays, chips in following photos, $14/allChips in lot #4Chips in lot #4Lot #7 collection of 3 glass baking dishes, $9Lot #8 sweet set of yellow rose China, $12Lot #10 Collection of glass pie pans and finger bowls, $15Lot #13 baking assortment, $9/allLot #16 covered casserole with a little extra, $12Lot #19 set of four fiesta cups, red cup has defect to rim, $16Lot #20 Very nice butter dish with extras, see next photos for chips, $12Small chip on bottom of butter dish.Small chip on finger bowlLot #21 vintage fiesta S & P with sugar bowl, tiny chip on top of sugar bowl, $28 for the comboBottom of sugar bowlLot #22 yellow baking assortment, $12/allLot #27, Plastic cups, $6Lot #28, Unusual Tupperware lot, $8Lot #30, Vintage sale of plastic containers, $6Lot #31, Vintage Tupperware essentials, $8Lot #32, Large fiesta mixing bowl, chips, $26Another view of mixing bowlBack of large fiesta mixing bowlLot #36, Gravy boat, cream, $14Bottom of gravy boatBottom of divided setLot #41, Set of two fiesta bowls, $12Bottom of bowlsLot #42, Collection of two sizes of bowls and plates,   The small blue bowl has been repaired and a couple chips, these have been used, $36Repaired small blue bowl and other repair to the turquoise one.Lot #43, Very used cream fiesta, $12Lot #44, Two small oval fiesta platters, used, $18Back of small plattersLot #45, Large set of dishes, a few chips, chips are visible in photo, overall very nice. $28Lot #46, Nice glass pitcher, $10Lot #51, Miscellaneous glassware, $12Lot #52, Salt & pepper shakers, $12Lot #53, Three glass containers, $12Lot #54, Collection of glass essentials, $16/allLot #55, Two covered casseroles and many little bowls, happy little family, $22Lot #57, Collection of great small jars, don’t recommend using the spices anymore, $18/allLot #58, New kitchen must haves, $14/allLot #59, More new kitchen must haves, $12Lot #65, Kitchen basics including battery powered mixer, $6Lot #66, Large vintage spice collection, $24/allLot #70, Can-O-Matic, $40Lot #71, Misc pitcher collection, $6/allLot #73, Great stovetop essentials, $20/allLot #74, Stovetop II, $26/allLot #75, Get cooking in the kitchen, $18/allLot #77, Knives and one spoon, $24/allLot #79, Great spoon rest and some fun accompanying friends, $12/allLot #81, Two Blatz coasters and a box of cocktail napkins with funny sayings, $12/allLot #85, Misc. kitchen linens, $6Lot #87, Silver plate items, $24Lot #88, Misc. small trays, $9Lot #90, Three vintage memo, address, message, $10Lot #94, A little bit of this and that, $10Lot #95, Steam on, Can is unopened, $12Lot #97, Mushroom cafe curtains, $14Lot #98, Cook books, $20/allLot #99, Cook books, $32/allLot #100, Cook books, $22/allLot #101, Cook books, $28/allLot #105, Brand new cooker/steamer, $12Lot #107, Mickey book and tape, $8Lot #109, New Campbell soup set, $16Lot #112, Two small cases and candle holder, $12/allLot #117, New, power pop, $12Lot #119, Large Papyrus Egyptian painting, $ 24Lot #120, vintage Large bunny made from a book, $18Lot #121, Vintage Sewing, $10/allLot #123, First communion tie and misc Religious items, $8Lot #128, Two rolls of tickets, $8/allLot #130, Large very nice multi page copy of the constitution, $12Lot #131, Sunbeam shaver, $8Lot #133, New gourmet Susan, $8Lot #134, New slicer, $14Lot #136, Set of candle holders, $10Lot #138, Large lacquered with mother of pearl divided tray with lid, new, $34Lot #140, Large carved wood lady figure, $58Lot #141, Large carved wood lady figure, $58Lot #144, Travel outlet kit, $10Lot #145, Holy bible in box, $16Lot #146, Funeral registry and news articles related, $8Lot #147, Vintage Children’s hangers $14/allLot # 148, Flocked dog bank, $12Lot #150, Easter decor, $10/allLot #151, Mr. and Mrs. Clause, $12Lot #152,  Great plastic bunny bank, $14Lot #154, Cedar box with locks and such, $18/allLot #155, New napkins in baskets, $18/allLot #156, Easter lot, $16/allLot #158, Men’s glasses, $6Lot #159, Wood covered Bible from Jerusalem, $8Lot #9 collection of 3 small covered glass casserole dishes, $12Lot #49, Picks galore, $16/allLot #63,  A mold for every occasion, $12Lot #64, Wooden bowls, $14/ allLot #137, Large Lazy Susan, new in box, $18Lot #142, Brand new set of 8 glasses with carrier, $28Lot #17 Kitchen table (2 leaves stored under table) with 6 sturdy chairs, $200Kitchen table detailKitchen chair detailKitchen chair detailKitchen chair detailLot #38, Hall’s teapot, red, couple tiny spots where the red paint is missing, $10Bottom of teapotLot #61, Instant breakfast, $14Lot #102,  Brand new, $12Lot #103, Brand new 11” west bend skillet, $24Lot # 11 interesting lot of metal kitchen items, $24/allLot #12 many types of molds, $12/allLot #29, Stack of Tupperware containers with lids, $6Lot #62, Two new kitchen items, $12Lot #69, Two cracker tins, $10/setLot #72, Like new West Bend pot, $18Lot #78, Tableware new in box, $20Lot #80, Seal has been broken, wagon liquor bottle, $12Lot #83, Cutters and cob holders, $6Lot #111, New sunbeam cooker/fryer, $18Lot #114, New, La Machine II, $24Lot #115, New dough mixer, $12Lot #116, New, corn popper, $12Lot #86, Brand new serving tray, $10Lot #89, Three plates, chip on plate, $8Close up of chipLot #5 graduated measuring with a mixer, $14/allLot #6 kitchen fun and essentials, $18Lot #15 Mishmash of kitchen items, $12Lot #47, Set of 6 fabulous Tall green glasses, $28Lot #48, Set of 11 wacky glasses, $22Lot #82, Souper timer, $8Lot #91, Dish towel, $6Lot #106, New HB mixette, $12Lot #108, New containers, $8Lot #129, Scrapbook ready, and fan art, $6Lot #153, Danbury mint musical nativity, $14Lot #39, Fiesta set, almost new, $38Lot #1 brand new Pyrex Autumn Harvest refrigerator set of four, $120Lot #14 colanders and graters, $12Lot #33, Fiesta pitcher, $22Bottom of pitcherLot #34, Covered casserole fiesta, $28Bottom of casserole Lot #68, Toaster, etc..., $12/allLot #76, Old fashion popper, $12Lot #113, New rival model 2700 meat grinder etc, $18Lot #40, Nice large yellow fiesta bowl, $22Bottom of bowlLot #67, Green mixer, $12Lot #3 Super shiny Pyrex Amish Butterprint turquoise set of 3 mixing bowls $60Lot #18 set of four Glasbake cups, $12Small plastic bowls, $6Back of plastic bowlsLot #60, You didn’t even know you needed them selection, $14Lot #92, Vintage kitchen towels, $8/allLot #93, Kitchen junk drawer tools, $22/allLot #96, 7 boxes of favorite recipes, $24/allLot #104, Brand new 12” west bend skillet, $24Lot #122, Carpet bag for sewing,  $6Lot #132, New toaster, $24Lot #135, New, bowl caddy with box, $16Lot #139, New three tiered tray, $12Lot #143, Save for new baby bank, $14Lot # 149, Carved wood Salad bowl with utensils, $12Lot #157, Basket of hand painted and carved wood eggs, $32/allLot #23 Super shiny crazy daisy casserole, $16Lot #35, Fiesta gravy boat, green, $14Bottom of gravy boat.Lot #37, Fiesta divided set, chip on green section, $32Bottom of divided setLot #2 Super shiny Pyrex primary set of four mixing bowls, $40Lot #24 Super shiny Pyrex Amish Butterprint turquoise covered casserole, $16Lot #25 Super shiny, new, Pyrex friendship birds refrigerator set, $118/allLot #26 new, covered pink daisy Pyrex, $22Lot #50, Nice set of canisters, $16Lot #56, Straws with a container and many vintage cake decor, $14Lot #84, Mirro cookie press, $12Photo of mirro cookie pressLot #110, New 4qt cooler, $24Lot #118, Adorable handmade tree, $12Lot #124, Nice bird tin filled with buttons, $12Lot #125, Peanut crunch tin filled with buttons, $12Lot #126, Tin filled with buttons, $8Lot #127, Candy box filled with buttons, $8

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