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50% off Everything
-This is an all online sale, prices, descriptions, sizes are posted under photos.
-items will be curbside pick up after payment secured. Unless large item, buyer responsible for removing from Estate.
-Payment methods: PayPal, Venmo, and credit debit(credit/debit add 3% convenience charge)

50%  off Everything 

Hello and thank you for taking a look at this continuation of One Room at a Time Estate Sale. This will be a gallery of sales of different areas of the house. This is the estate of Ralph Zablocki and his Brother Clement Zablocki,  whom was a U.S. House of Representative. The Zablocki family traveled all over and collected many items, most are from the 60’s. Some items have never been used and are still in their original boxes or with tags. Over the course of the gallery of sales for this estate you will see many many items that are really in that good of condition:) 

Please stay tuned for additional sales from this estate, you will not be disappointed. Please read below for directions on buying from our gallery of online estate sales. Also like and follow Attic Addict, Wales on Facebook for additional updates and goings on. Thank you, Attic Addict.

Sit back and enjoy shopping from home:

1.) look through photos,

2.) each photo has a Lot #, description and price. Please take note of Lot # not the photo number. You can screen capture the items too. There is also a button you can hit “buy” and it will direct an email to me with the item. You can include a message too at that point. You can text me, email me or call me with your items of interest. Please use one form of communication, if you text me please let me know your name too:) Please allow up to 12 hours for a confirmation of your selection. Items are sold on a first communication basis, regardless of how communicated. This is done to be fair to everyone:)

3.) after confirmation of your selected items. I will send a copy of an invoice and total. Payment can be made through PayPal or Venmo. We also accept credit/debit cards with an additional 3% convenience charge. Tax of .056 will be added to all totals unless you have a tax number on file. 

4.) a pick up date will be set up. Typically there are 2 options with a range of hours. We can also ship smaller items with a shipping and handling charge added. We ask that you wear a mask when picking up your items. We are taking every precaution we can to keep everyone safe. 

Thank you all for your support and we look forward seeing all of you soon. 


Lot #2B Siam letter opener, $8Lot #3B Ronson lighter, $10Lot #4B Gillette razor with case, $18Lot #6B One Parker pen, Congressional Dinner 1968, $16Lot #7B Catholic order letter opener in box, $12Lot #8B Large brand new wind chime, $14Lot #9B Nice petite cedar chest, $38Lot #10B Smaller/Child size painted vintage wooden shoes, $8Lot #11B Painted wooden clogs, larger adult size, $12Lot 12B Medium size adult painted wooden clogs, $14Lot #13B Yellow painted larger adult size wooden painted clogs, $14Lot 14B Larger adult red wooden painted clogs, $14Lot 15B Vintage General Electric Console TV, This TV is located up a very steep set of stairs and needs to be moved out by purchaser. $200 Lot 15BLot 15BLot 15BLot #16B, Set of two closet organizing items, $12/pairLot 17B, Set of 4 metal folding chairs in great shape, $16 for all 4Lot 18B, Composition doll in box, $14Lot #19B, Composition face, cloth body doll in box, $10 Lot #20B, Forever Amber in well read condition, $6Lot 20BLot 22B Blue Book Wisconsin 1946, $12Lot 22BLot 23B, Water the Yearbook of Agriculture 1955, $6Lot 24B, Information Please Almanac 1943, $8Lot 25B, The History of England, $12Lot 26B, Political & Cultural History of Modern Europe, $10Lot 27B, Blue Book Wisconsin 1989-90, $10Lot 27BLot 28B, Pair of books, Public Speaking and Public Discussion, $12 for the pairLot 30B, Modern American Poetry Modern British Poetry, $8Lot 31B, Grass a Yearbook in Agriculture 1948, $8Lot 32B, Manual for Courts Martial 1951, $8Lot 33B, Blue Book Wisconsin 1987-88, $10Lot 33BLot 38B, Miss Frances All-Day-Long Book, well loved, $6Lot 38B, Miss FrancesLot 40B, Framed stitched John F Kennedy, $14Lot 42B, Large frame and wonderful photo, very nice condition, $12Lot 44B, Nice large frame, $12Lot 45B, Amazing Kodak photo, New York State Festival 1981, $8Lot 45BLot 46B, Collection of 4 Polish pieces of ephemera, $14Lot 47B, Set of two larger frames, wood and metal, $12/pairLot 48B, Bowling Ball in a basket, $12Lot 49B, Omega Binoculars, $14Lot 54B, Original Built-in, once removed, LOL:) with stained glass door fronts, this piece is in the basement and will need to be removed by buyer, $400Lot 54B, Built in door close upLot 55B, amazing oil painting, Zeeland Holand 1945, $180Lot 55BLot 56B, Baby scale closeupLot 57B, Philips radio, this radio is in the basement, buyer responsible to move out, $85Lot 57BLot 61B, Sunday afternoon and Rendezvous framed prints, $16 for the pair Lot 61B, Sunday afternoon and Rendezvous framed prints, $16 for the pair Lot 62B, My Husband framed print, $12Lot 64B, Polish Necklace, $16Lot 65B, Sheaffer pen in case, $12Lot 67B, Zippo pocket knife, Boys Clubs of America, $14Lot 69B, Parker Custom Jotter pen in box, $16Lot 70B, Jimmy Carter Inaugural key ring in box, $10Lot 72B, Jimmy Carter Inaugural Key Ring in box, $10Lot 73B, Jimmy Carter Inaugural Key Ring in box, $10Lot 77B, Vintage Prince lighter in box, $14Lot 83B, Vintage Parker Pen, Wisconsin Congressional Dinner 1969, $16Lot 87B, Park lighter, new in box, $10Lot 89B, Howard lighter, new in box, Kordy's Funeral Directors-Milwaukee Advertising, $24Lot 93B, cigar box full of outlets to screw into bulb socket, $12Lot 94B, nice variety of interesting items, $16/allLot 98B, Black & Decker jig saw with blades, $12Lot 101B, Box of large bits, $18Lot 103B, Nice size Shield wall hanging, $28Lot 104B,  Ice grabber, $14Lot 106B, Wooden Tool Box with drawers filled, Top has a thin layer of metal applied $160 Lot 106B, DrawerLot 106B, DrawerLot 106B, Drawerlot 107B, DrawersLot 107B, DrawersLot 110B, Berol-Premier pencil sharpener, $8Lot 111B, Chicago pencil sharpener, $10Lot 112B, American Legion ashtray and a variety of ephemera, $14Lot 113B, Great metal toolbox filled with big heavy tools, $32Lot 113BLot 114B, set of three small clamps, $9/allLot 115B, Blade Master,$8Lot 116B, Set of two locks, $16Lot 117B, variety of tools, $20/allLot 118B, Carving tools and others, $20/allLot 119B, All sorts of going ons here, LOL! $20/allLot 119B, From a mallet to a wrench, $18/allLot 120B, Collection of interesting items, $16/allLot 122B, Pens, Paper, and an ashtray, $14Lot 123B, Small set of drawers used for tool storage, $14Lot 124B, Two saws, $10/pairLot 125B, 2nd metal tool box filled with heavy tools, $36Lot 126B, Ruler, ashtray, knobs, and pulley, $16Lot 127B, vintage manuals and books, $12/allLot 128B, Two cigar boxes filled with electric stuff, $12Lot 129B, Box of fasteners, $6Lot 130B, Cigar box full of handles, $12Lot 131B, old level, $8Lot 131B, old levelLot 132B, two saws one price, $6Lot 133B, Red vise $38Lot 134B, Press of some sort, $16Lot 135B, Set of four new plastic serving trays, the two in the back very large (turkey size), $14Lot 137B, Set of two silk Asian embroidered pieces, brand new and quite large, $32 Lot 138B, Glass bowl and new salad tongs, $8/pairLot 140B, Spectacular hat, $16Lot 140B, Spectacular hatLot 141B, Exquisite hat, $16Lot 141B, Exquisite hatLot 142B, Great velvet hat with feathers, $12Lot 143B, Easter bonnet, $14 Lot 143B, Easter bonnetLot 144B, Veiled hat, $10Lot 146B, Velvet and netting, $10Lot 148B, Bras, panties and slippers, $16/allLot 149B, Socks and more, $12Lot 150B, Handyhot travel iron, $12Lot 151B, General Electric travel iron, $12Lot 152B, Sunbeam Ironmaster, $12Lot 153B, Cootie and a bear, $8Lot 59B, slightly used rodLot 60B, Brand new fishing rod in case with accessories, $100 Lot 60B, new rod with caseLot 60B, New rod with caseLot 76B, Vintage prince lighter with box, $14 Lot 108B, Apsco pencil sharpener, $10Lot 109B, Wizard pencil sharpener, $30Lot 147B, Nicro vacuum coffee maker, $26Lot 29B, Trees Yearbook of Agriculture 1949, $8Lot 35B, The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing, crisp like new,  $8Lot 58B, Brand New Grampus Fly Rod with case and accessories, $100 Lot 58B, Grampus rod tagLot 58B, Grampus rodLot 59B, Slightly used fishing rod in case, $75Lot 60B, Rod with caseLot 60B, rod with caseLot 66B, Ronson silver plated "Crown" table lighter with box, $18Lot 74B, Ronson Pioneer table lighter in box-new, $24Lot 75B, Vintage Prince lighter in box, $14Lot 78B, Vintage Prince lighter in box, $18Lot 79B, Vintage Prince lighter, Asian carved, $18Lot 81B, Vintage New in Box Spitfire lighter, $60Lot 82B, Salem lighter new in box, $14Lot 84B, Lip-Lock Volupte new in box, $24Lot 86B, Vintage Military Sealift Command United States Navy, Petro 600 brand, Lighter, new in box, $22Lot 90B, Salem lighter, Zenith brand, new in box, $14Lot 100B, Black & Decker grinder, $18Lot 136B, Big box of great hangers, $40/allLot #1B Ronson Mastercase with original box, $18Lot 105B, Two reels, $12Lot 34B, The Congressional Club Cook Book, $8Lot 36B, The Congressional Cook Book 1976, $8Lot 56B, Baby scale, $10Lot 88B, Antonio new lighter in box, $18Lot 99B, Nice large tin with vents in back, $12Lot 121B, Small well used set of drawers. this was kept under the work bench in basement and was used for tools, $24Lot 121B, inside 1st drawerLot 37B, The Best of Postal Recipes, $24Lot 39B, Best of Postal Recipes, $24Lot 71B, House of Representatives Zippo Key Holder in box, $20 Lot 91B, New Zippo brand lighter, House of Representatives, $22Lot 92B, National Bicentennial Medal presented to Clement Zablocki, $40Lot 95B, Braumeister Beer tray, $24Lot 96B, Blatz Beer tray, $24Back of Blatz trayLot 97B, Schlitz Beer tray, $24back of Braumeister trayBack of Schlitz trayLot 102B, Polar Comfort Heat Seat, $22Lot 41B, Gift to Clement Zablocki gift from Camille Bullock 1970, large thick wood piece, $40Lot 41B, back of gift from CamilleLot 43B, nice larger frame, Art Deco, $12Lot 50B, Eastman No 2 Kodak camera, $12Lot 51B, Velveeta shells and cheese dinner camera, new in box, $12Lot 52B, Fuji Slide Viewer, $8Lot 53B, Arrow-View, $8Lot 63B, Smaller suitcase, $12Lot 68B, Aurora flashlight lighter, $14Lot 139B, Stunning Deluxe Velour hat, $16stunning hat, Lot 139B, Lot 145B, Elegant black hat, $16Lot 145B, Elegant black hatLot #5B Congress keychain and two coins, $18Lot #21B, Collection of three hardcover cookbooks, $18/set of threeLot 80B, Vintage Elite lighter in box, $12Lot 85B, Perpetual 50 year calendar, new in box, $12

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