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Hunting Down Treasures With Treasure Tracker

A few weeks ago, I posted a status on Facebook asking what our customers were searching for at estate sales.  During a conversation with a customer, I discovered that she and many others had a need for our Treasure Tracker, but she wasn’t aware of its existence  You may be asking yourself, “What is the Treasure Tracker?”  

Let’s start from the beginning.  Does this sound familiar to you?  You are always looking for one specific item, let’s say it’s a record player, and you go to every estate sale trying to find one.  It’s become much easier now that EstateSales.NET shows pictures and descriptions of what will be at the sale, but you still spend time searching.  What if there was a tool where you could search for record players and find every sale that had one.  Better yet, you could save the search and EstateSales.NET would email you when record players are listed in a sale description in the future.

This is exactly what Treasure Tracker can do for you.  In this blog post, I want to show you exactly how to use it in a few simple steps.

1. Go to the Home page at www.EstateSales.NET and click on Subscribers.

2. Next, enter your email address and password to sign in to your subscriber account.  (If you don’t have a subscriber account, you’ll need to create one using the “New Subscribers” section on the left.)

3. Click the Treasure Tracker button.

4. Click “Add Treasure Tracker Item”

5. Next, enter the item you’d like to search for.  In this instance I entered “Record Player.”  You’ll also need to enter your zip code since the Treasure Tracker will be searching for sales near your area.  

You can customize your search by telling the Treasure Tracker how far you will travel for your item.  Click the drop-down box that says “Unlimited” and choose the range you would like.  You can choose anything from 10 miles to Unlimited.  You can also choose to only view sales that have pictures.  When you are finished customizing your search, click “Add Treasure Tracker Item.”

6. After you set your Treasure Tracker item, we will send you email notifications every time a sale includes the item you are searching for in the area you selected.  Pretty neat, huh?

One last thing!  If you’re searching for something TODAY, there is a way for you to quickly find the item you are looking for on our site.  Here’s how that works:

There are two places you can enter the item you’re searching for.  Either click on the Basic tab on the Treasure Tracker page or click on the “Search” tab at the top of the page.  Once again, I am searching for a record player.

After entering my search, I get a list of all the sales on the site that include a record player in the listing.  It also pulls up any photos that are tagged with the words “record player.”  

Hopefully this feature will help you all in your search for that one perfect item.  Happy hunting!

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Cindy (EstateSales.NET)
7 Years ago
Thanks for all of the positive comments, everyone! We're hoping this will make your treasure hunting even easier! -Cindy
7 Years ago
Fabulous! Good for both customers & sellers........
7 Years ago
Thanks for the info. The Treasure Tracker is really great. Your site just keeps getting better and better!
7 Years ago
This is great--thanks for the info! I get the email notifications for sales in my area, but I didn't know about the Treasure Tracker. Getting even more specific info should be really helpful. Thanks!
Helen Marshall
7 Years ago
Great.......this will help and save me time. Thanks!