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Going Out To Some Estate Sales with Lela



READY to go to some estate sales. SET with my directions, cell phone, water, snacks, cash, and ESS kit. All right already, so lets GO! Turning on the navigation APP on my cell. One last check to make sure I have room in my car for possible purchases and plenty of gas in the tank.

Today I picked 3 sales to go to. Our area had some bad weather these past few days, so some sales have been postponed or times have changed. Luckily, these 3 companies were really good about posting their new days and times right on EstateSales.NET.

SALE 1 – The gals conducting this sale were fun, pleasant, and willing to work with me on prices. It was the last day of the sale and also the last few hours which meant great prices – like 50% to 70% off. I wound up buying a frame to a vintage baby carriage and also a little crank vintage ice cube crusher. There were some other interesting things I wanted in the basement but I was good and contained myself. Speaking of basements …vintage baby carriage frame

TIP:  Always look up when searching in old basements and attics – you never know what people may have put up there in the rafters for safe keeping.

I also bought several Mason jars at this sale. I never pass up the vintage jars with the wire lid closures. I got them at a great price and will use them for many different things. 


 - I drop tea lights in them and use for candle ambiance everywhere. I have also put (dry) coffee beans in them (maybe half way up) in order to raise the tea light – or I've used Epsom salt to do the same thing in to create a wintery scene.  Mason jars window frame‚Äč

- Thanks to my future daughter-in-law, she showed me a pretty centerpiece by tying twine around 3 jars, filling them with water and adding fresh flowers. You can also add a thin strip of burlap around each jar for extra cuteness. 

  - Last spring I bought an inexpensive solar garden light. Took the solar top and glued it on the canning jar. It sheds beautiful light all around the jar at night. 

  - I've also put little candies in the jars, tied ribbon around them and given them away for gifts.

  - One more thing I did was to take small hooks and screwed them into old wooden window frames. Using the wired jars, I hung them from the hooks-one per pane with tea lights in each jar. This was a big hit for an engagement party we hosted.   

SALE 2 - A lot had already been sold at this home during the previous sale days, but it was still worth stopping into. While walking around and overhearing some conversation, I realized that a few family members were there along with the estate sale employees. I did find a nice vintage hat box, a wooden box, and a few other small items.

TIP: Usually when family is present at a sale, you should still speak to the estate sale company staff about pricing. On the other hand, if you're curious about the history of something, a family member may enjoy talking about items. Often they are happy to talk about family treasures.

SALE 3 – There was still a lot left at this sale. It was a much older home than the previous one and was not very clean, but that doesn't stop me. I did find a vintage record album cart that I liked and it was in great shape. It wasn't priced so I brought it downstairs to a staff member and she said $5.00. Sold. I'll either use it in the house for books and magazines or I'll let it get nice and rusty outside in the snow for a plant holder in the spring :)

My next blog/video, I plan to take friends with me to a sale or two. Some of these girls are college students who will be looking for things they might use in their dorms. 

Have a wonderful week!

~ Lela aka: TrashFindRedesigned


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7 Years ago
Lela! You are amazing! I love all of your creative ideas! I wish I still lived near you. We could go saling together! <3
7 Years ago
Thanks for the tips
7 Years ago
Really enjoyed your video. You reminded me of myself on Saturday mornings. I have my list, my kit and my GPS and I go!
Marie Gillespie
7 Years ago
My husband and I are always at estate sales when we can find them.
7 Years ago
I would like to know more about this.
7 Years ago
I am a kindred spirit going to estate/yard sales every Saturday with my hubby as the driver-navigator.
7 Years ago
local Saratoga springs
7 Years ago
Great video!