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Younger Adults Enjoying An Estate Sale

It’s New Year’s Day.  I'm visiting my best friend Ann and there is a house full of teenage girls.  Oh my, what to do?  EstateSales.NET to the rescue!  What luck to find a sale on New Year's Day – Yippie!  You may not think of estate sales as teen friendly, but as it turns out, estate sales are an excellent source for teenager and college student essentials.  So, I brought Ann, along with her two daughters and nieces, to the sale.

estate sale merchandise

As with many sales, there was a large jewelry case set up at the front door.  Most people who go to estate sales expect to find jewelry, but we were all surprised by the selection and great prices.  The girls enjoyed looking at the different things behind the case and trying on some rings, bracelets and necklaces.  Next we made our way to the garage.  Lots of books were set up on shelves and this kept the girls’ interest as well.  So far, two for two with the girls - jewelry and books!  I used this as an opportunity to give the girls a few tips.  It’s okay to open boxes or drawers and to move things around in order to see what might be underneath something.  As long as there isn't tape wrapped around items to block them from the sale, go for it and check it out.  

Also, an important piece of etiquette is, if you find something and continue to walk around the house with it, you should plan on buying it.  It wouldn't be fair to other customers if you hang onto something and then don't buy it before you leave.  Another good rule to follow is: The more items you gather for purchase, the better price you can negotiate when you go to check out.  Just keep piling your things up and then come up with a “bundle” price that everyone can agree on.  If you gather several things and can't hold on to them anymore, ask an employee if you can leave your pile with them near the checkout area.  If they have room, they may be able to free your hands for more shopping!

estate sale jewelry

After looking through several other rooms in the house, we all wound up in a bedroom that had a good assortment of things in it. Ann's daughter, Katelin, found a pretty picture frame and a few other little things.  Katelin was talking about maybe painting the frame in the center with chalkboard paint and using it to hang up in her college dorm room.  Katelin's cousin, Brianna, found a holiday sweater she wanted to buy for a party she was going to.  The other girls, Kelsey and Hilary, had fun searching through drawers and handbags. 

When it was time to leave, Katelin had bundled a few items and we left it to her to check out.  Negotiation is something teenagers are not familiar with, so after a brief negotiation, she agreed to a fair price.  She did well!

TIP:  The price on the tag is often negotiable. This is part of the experience. Be courteous and fair and you may be surprised at the final price.

As we walked back to our cars and used the wipes from my “ESS Kit” to wash our hands, the girls talked about how neat the sale was and how they wanted to go to some more this summer.  This happens a lot with friends who I bring to estate sales.  Once the ice is broken and the mystery is over, most people are ready for more!  Sadly, there were no other estate sales in our area that day.

I have two step-daughters, Anita and Katharine. Anita is in college and will be getting her own apartment next year near campus.  She has already asked me if I will take her to some estate sales to shop for apartment things.  Katharine on the other hand goes to sales with us quite often.  She usually finds something that she likes, especially books.  Katharine, like me, likes vintage things and unusual items.  We have fun searching through older homes that have rooms that go on and on.  She enjoys the mystery behind who may have lived there and what some of the items may have been used for.

Next week, I'll be going to my friend Ann's house.  She would like to make some changes in her master bedroom and I plan on using many things from estate sales to make the room feel different.  Darn, that means Ann and I will have to go do more estate sale shopping.  Oh well, someone has to do it. 

Have a wonderful week!

~ Lela (aka: TrashFindRedesigned)


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6 Years ago
I am THRILLED you all had a great time at the Estate Sale! I was the home owner at the time. My mother passed away and the chore of cleaning out the house fell onto my shoulders. Since I am an Estate Sale Junkie myself... what better way to liquidate the estate. Also... Diana and Rob from WE MAKE IT GO AWAY are the absolute BEST company to deal with. Not only did they handle this sale, but I had them hold a moving sale for both my home before I moved and my bookstore in Princeton before I closed it down. I loved the video!!! Fun!
carmel beyys
6 Years ago
it was lovely seeing ann and the girls
6 Years ago
I was delighted to read how you introduced your friends to estate saling---nothing really like garage saling. I love all my treasures !! I usually take a $20 bill and keep that as my "limit" for the day--ha Sometimes the sale "is a wash" but one time I had to call a local moving company to bring home my purchases---ha (I found a Drexel Heritage King bedroom suite w/ an armoire for my tall husband and a chest for me as well as nightstands--new custom mattress--all for $400 !!) We're still loving it !! At the same sale I found a brand new Thomasville oak dining room set (matches the crown moulding in my room!!) w/six white upholstered seats (not a spot!) w/ leaves and custom covers for the table and w/ a server buffet that unfolds for $600 !! Then in the same room I found 2 lighted etageres ( one tall and one to match the dining room set)--then I also brought home a beautiful mirror (the only thing I had really come for--ha) and some serving pieces---not too shabby a shopping trip --ha I'm glad I had been saving for such a day !! For me it's "feast or famine" when I shop. That day brought us 2 + beautiful rooms of furnishings for nearly nothing of their original value !! Amazing !! (The ladies who run this particular sale are still asking me how I am enjoying them !! )