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Where Are They Now And Who Is Amy?

mid century modern coffee table from estate saleI thought this would be a good time to show you some of my estate sale purchases that I, (we), use on a daily basis. Maybe the most used item would be our coffee table. We have a narrow family room so when I was searching for one last year, I was looking for a smaller table. I remember searching on EstateSales.NET and coming across a sale that had pictures with lots of furniture. I saw a photo of what looked like the perfect coffee table for our space. The funny thing about the table was that it was a mid-century piece. Being the eclectic gal that I am, and liking mid-century also, I decided to take a ride to see if it was still available. It was the last day of this sale and I didn't have much hope that it would still be there. My husband and I arrived, walked into the living room and yippie, it was still there! It needed refinishing but was in great shape and the size was perfect for our room. I have yet to refinish it, but it works perfectly in our family room.

I surprised myself when I got 3 vintage step stools from 3 different estate sales. At the time I got these, I had no idea how much I would actually use them! I found a red one that I purchased to use in our kitchen for an under-the-counter stool. It's also serves as “a step stool” - can you imagine that?  :)  repurposed vintage stools Another one I got for $1 which I will use to put potted plants on in the garden. My favorite yellow step stool is awesome! I've recovered the seat with some cotton batting and a thrift store shirt. This step stool has the seat that just lifts up. It has been so useful for me for many different reasons. I have carried this little thing all over the house at one point or another for several projects. Oh, did I mention that this stool was free? Yep, I had bundled many items at an estate sale and asked if they would throw in the stool – they did :)

old green glass bottles from estate saleOur front porch is pretty much one big estate sale find: An old trunk, stools, tables, cabinets, a washboard, an old door, crates, a small ladder, rusty things, etc. Soon I will just add flowers!

When I walk around our yard, I see a lot of estate sale finds. As the buds begin to open and flowers begin to bloom, I will move things around to fill up spaces in between plants and flowers. I may also paint a few pieces if I feel the need for color in certain areas. 

There are always deals to be made and bargains to be found at a sale. I will say, if you buy something that you feel is possibly worth more than what you paid for it, check it out. There are many sources and tools on the internet you can use these days. I myself had purchased a small item for $5 (I kind of knew it was worth much more). After a little research on EBAY, let's just say I sold it for over $80. I don't normally purchase items to sell but, I couldn't resist this one :)  

wooden antique table from estate saleAnother fun story came from a childhood friend of mine from Connecticut named Amy. She posted some pictures on Facebook of interesting tables she bought at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I had commented that they were awesome. This was Amy's response:

“Thanks for the inspiration Lela! I read your blogs and used your site for our first estate sale trip. With my new creative vision for items we had a great time getting all sorts of stuff.”

Soooo, here's the really cool part. Less than 21 hours later, Amy had something else to add:

“Oh my! I just searched the web and found this exact table. An antique dealer in New York sold it so we called to see what it sold for. The dealer offered us more than 20 times what we paid for it over the phone. I think we got a good deal!”

Congratulations to Amy and her purchases! Hmmm, maybe I will take a trip to Connecticut and start sale-ing with Amy :)

If you have a fun or interesting story about one of your finds? Go ahead, post it on here. The more, the merrier!

Have a wonderful week!

~ Lela (aka: TrashFindRedesigned)


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6 Years ago
Great blog post! Would love to see more posts like this one. Can't wait to see more!
Lori Kumskis
7 Years ago
Love this blog!! We love to see where it all goes and what you do with it after a sale!!
Dora Berge
7 Years ago
I want shopping en your next sales let me now please