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Sale Wizard Improvements

We think our next feature is the one you've been waiting for!  You will now be able to list your entire sale; pictures, dates, etc., all from a mobile device.  Without our newly redesigned site, this would not have been possible.  We understand that change is hard.  However, while our old site was still a good site, we feel the ability to add improvements like this was worth the change.  A responsive site gives us the technical ability to give you features that you need or want.  

As you can see above, the General Information (what used to be STEP 1) includes basically the same fields as before, but with a couple of added features.  You are now able to add a custom phone number, as opposed to using your business phone for the listing.  You also have the option of not including the phone number at all.  The other change we would like to point out, is the ability to change the Date To Show Sale Address.  Before, you had the option of selecting a specific date, three hours prior to the sale, or the date was automatically set to display the day before the sale.  Now, you can set a custom date and time depending on your specific needs.  

Another feature where the ease of use has been improved, is the Sale Date process.  We found that people had trouble with adding their dates and were unsure if they were doing it correctly.  We wanted to alleviate any confusion that our customers might have.  By clicking the dates on the calendar, you will see that they are automatically added below, with the option to remove if needed.  

The third improvement to the Sale Wizard, is the process of uploading and editing your pictures.  As we mentioned earlier, you'll be happy to know you can add and edit your pictures from most mobile devices.  For those companies who like to list their sales while on location, this will be a great asset for saving time.  All of the same functions are still available (adding description, marking sold, featuring, etc.), but we believe the ease of use has greatly improved.  

The last improvement to the Sale Wizard is not necessarily a feature, but we believe you will still enjoy it.  We mentioned in a previous post that companies will no longer have to pay for extra cities for each sale listing.  Now, your sale will automatically be added to all cities within a 100 mile radius - at no cost to you. 

So, what do you think?  Let us know here, Facebook, Twitter, email, or give us a call at 888-653-8468.  

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Katie Britt (EstateSales.NET Administrator)
6 Years ago
Hi Joella: This is something that we're going to fix! Thanks for sending us the feedback.
Joella Clarke
6 Years ago
Maybe it is me, but when browsing after you look at one sale and go back to listings, it no longer takes you to where you left off, so you have to start at the top and go down to where you left off. Don't like this.
Katie Britt (EstateSales.NET Administrator)
6 Years ago
Thanks for the feedback - we're happy to hear you're looking forward to the upcoming changes!
robert mckoin
6 Years ago
Great additions to the format especially the 100 mile radius addition!!
Rosemary Ring
6 Years ago
Sounds great