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New Features Added, December 11th

Here are the new features we just added to EstateSales.NET:

  • Route your watched sales (set up the sales you want to attend and then generate driving directions for those specific sales).

  • Stay Signed In (if you have an account on EstateSales.NET as a subscriber or a company, you can now stay signed in similar to Facebook and other sites like that).

  • Watch pictures (You can now watch specific pictures of a sale. This is really great when you want to remember why you wanted to attend the sale in the first place!)

  • Watched Sale Notifications (you can now get updated via email when a sale you are watching has a description update or adds new pictures, etc)

  • For companies: Editor Users (you can now add "editor" users to your account so they can manage sales, but not change account settings)

  • Pictures for Older Android Devices (some older Android devices were having trouble seeing pictures)

  • Lots of little improvements here and there

That's it for now. I've been testing the "Route Your Watched Sales" feature for the last month or so and have been dying to use it on our live site. Now I can use it for this coming weekend! 

If you think of a feature you'd like us to implement on the site, just shoot us an email to support@EstateSales.NET. Same thing if you are having any sort of problem. We want to know so we can help you solve it.

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Suzanne Kohutek
5 Years ago
I love receiving your emails. Keep them coming. Thx, Suzanne Kohutek
Judy Veres
6 Years ago
I like the routing option. But after I have selected the sales I might like to visit - I review and then remove ones that are too far away. When I do this the map at the top goes blank, and if I refresh or re-route the sales that I removed are once again back on the map. The only way (I have found) is to go back in a manually remove from watched list - this is not at all convenient or user friendly - especially if you have a lot of sales routed. Hope this makes sense.
Bruce Cohoon
6 Years ago
Our recent Brown Button estate sale surpassed our lofty expectations ! We followed the direction of Michael with Brown Button - they advertised, priced everything and sold it all. What a great experience with the BEST IN THE BUSINESS.
6 Years ago
Your Map is not working on " Find Estate Sale"
Katie Britt (EstateSales.NET Administrator)
6 Years ago
Hi there, Do you happen to remember the name of the sale, or the store that it was in?
6 Years ago
We went to an estate sale in walled lake only to find after driving across town that it is a store. This is in Walled lake and posted every weekend.