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Create Your Unique College Space!

Three reasons college students should be shopping at estate sales to furnish their dorm or apartment! 

We are quickly approaching the back to school season.  Soon millions of college students from around the country will be heading to their dorm rooms and apartments to set up shop for the beginning of the new semester.

Whether you are moving to an apartment or a dorm, estate sales are great places to find virtually everything you could imagine for your new pad.   Below are the top three reasons you should be shopping at estate sales to turn your space into your very own.

1.  The Savings

Estate sales are great places to find discounts on dorm room and apartment items such as hotplates, coffee pots, shelves, bathroom caddy's, dishes, end tables and maybe even a mini fridge if you're lucky! There is no need to pay full price for these items at your local department store when they are readily available for less at an estate sale in your area.  Save your money and go estate sale shopping.

2.  Accent Your Style

When you go estate sale shopping you will notice that each sale is different, offering a variety of unique items.  Find something that speaks to you and your style, and create your very own living space swag! 

3.  The Surprise

From a genuine Victorian couch to a hat worn by Michael Jackson, you never know what you might find at an estate sale. Use your unique finds to decorate your dorm or apartment with conversation pieces, and never run out of something to talk about when friends come to visit.
Last August we held a "Furnish Your Dorm" contest to test our theory that it was possible for a student to create a unique space with estate sale finds. We gave one college student $1000 to use estate sale shopping for their new dorm or apartment.  Layne was our winner.  We followed Layne with our cameras to document her estate sale finds. Check out the video below to see Layne's apartment before and after her estate sale shopping adventure:



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