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From Estate Sale Find to Halloween Prop

Halloween is just around the corner, and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to create a Halloween prop from an estate sale item! At EstateSales.NET, Rob is our resident special effects expert (he also does testing to keep the site up and running). We decided to give Rob the task; visit an estate sale, find a unique item, and transform it into a unique Halloween prop for the office. We hope this inspires you to create a unique prop of your own!



At a local estate sale, Rob came across this old rocking chair. For $30, he had a great base for the prop. Here he is applying a new coat of paint to the chair, to fill in nicks in the original black paint and lay down a nice clean coat to work with.


After the new paint had dried, Rob applied Elmer's glue and black spray paint to create a crackle finish on the chair. The spray paint was applied within seconds of the glue being applied. Spraying the paint on top of the glue before the glue dries is what creates a crackle effect in the paint. This crackle effect looks similar to a spider web or broken glass.


To make the chair look even more aged, Rob used a propane torch to lightly heat up the layer of glue and the new layer of paint to create a textured surface on the chair. This step made the chair look like the paint was bubbling off from age. Really, the glue and new layer of paint is what is bubbling. The chair itself is still in one piece and not scorched.


 You can't have a spooky rocking chair Halloween prop without making the chair actually rock by itself. Here, Rob wired a remote control radio and servo to the leg of the rocking chair. The rocking motion can be controlled by turning the wheel on the remote control. On the left, you can see the crackle finish taking shape as the glue dried.


Lastly, Rob added the finishing touches to the chair. He applied spooky spider web and a plastic skeleton he found chilling in an upstairs closet. Voila! An estate sale Halloween prop is born! We can't wait to share Rob’s creation with the local trick-or-treaters!

Get out and estate sale shop before Halloween, so you can create your own unique Halloween prop. If you create a prop out of an estate sale find, send it to us at Upcycling@EstateSales.NET. We would love to see it!

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