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Upcycling! Card Table


At EstateSales.NET we are all about recycling, reusing, and repurposing.  We know that estate sales are some of the best places to find projects.  For our first upcycling project, we decided to revitalize this old Samsonite card table we found at a local estate sale into a new, hip, trendy, little cafe style table for the office.

We started on the project by deconstructing the chairs and the table. These old card table sets were made extremely well, so it took a little time to totally disassemble all of the pieces.  The above two pictures show the deconstruction of the chairs.

The bottoms of the chairs were covered by cardboard.  Under the cardboard, we were able to access the staples that held the old brown vinyl in place.  Once the vinyl was removed, we were able to gain access to the chair springs and the padding.  The backs of the chairs were held in place by four screws.  The original vinyl had a string that held it in place in a bent groove in the back of the chair.  We had to remove this string and pull the vinyl out of the chair back pocket.  The top of the table was easily deconstructed with a few screwdrivers.  The table top vinyl was easy to remove once we removed the staples holding it in place.

Above, you can see the deconstructed chair seats, backs, and padding.  On the right you can see the chairs and table frame deconstructed and ready to be painted with our silver/chrome paint.

Next, we painted the chair frames, table frame, and chair backs with silver spray paint.  We wanted a chrome-like metallic finish for the fifties era spaceship look we were going for.  After several coats of paint and a few days of dry time, we were ready to start reassembling the table and the chairs.

While we were waiting for the paint to dry, we started cutting the vinyl and the burlap for the table top, chair bottoms, and chair seats. We decided to replace the cardboard bottoms with burlap to give the chairs a more updated look. The original cardboard was too stained and dirty to put back in place.  We settled on white vinyl for the chair backs and pink vinyl for the table top and chair bottoms.  

Next, it was time to start reupholstering the chair backs, bottoms, and table top with our vinyl.  We stretched the seat vinyl over the wooden frame.  It took two of us to hold it in place to make sure we didn't have ripples in the seats.  Stretching it tight was key for a nice, finished look.  We used a staple gun to attach the vinyl to the frame. Once the seat top vinyl was in place, we reattached the frame to the bottom of the seat.  This held it in place for putting the burlap bottoms on the chair. We cut new cardboard seat bottoms and covered the cardboard with burlap. This allowed the bottom to be more ridged than just covering it with the burlap. We then stapled the new bottoms to the wooden seat frame. After the seat bottoms were done, we started on the table top.  Due to the thinness of the particle board top, we had to use shorter staples, to make sure we didn't go all the way through.  We stretched the vinyl over the top and stapled the corners in place.  We noticed that it worked best to have more than one person working at the same time across from each other.  One held the vinyl in place while the other stretched the vinyl and stapled it.  We didn't have to use padding material for the top of the table because our vinyl already had a padded back.

After we finished the table top and the chair bottoms, it was time to reapply the vinyl to the seat backs. This was the most difficult part of the project. We were using thicker vinyl than the original and this made it a little tougher to work with.  We used spray adhesive to attach the vinyl to the metal back.  We also used hot glue to hold the vinyl in place while we used the spray to glue the vinyl to the metal backs.  After the backs had dried, it was time to reassemble the chairs and the table top.

We are super excited with the finished look of the table and the chairs.  It gives us the fifties space-age look we were going for when we started.  For being our first repurposing project, we were satisfied with the way it turned out!  If you have a project you would like to share, send it to us at Upcycling@EstateSales.NET



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