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We Could Use Your Help

You come to EstateSales.NET to find estate sales in your area quickly and easily. We want to ensure that it stays that way. As we've grown, we've made changes to the site. Some have worked well, while others not-so-well. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback since our last major update. Much of it was positive, but it was clear there was room for improvement. 

Before we get started on our latest round of improvements, we want to hear from you. Please take this brief survey, so we can determine how best to enhance your EstateSales.NET experience. 

Here are some of the more common issues that were brought to our attention following our last major update:

Too much to see

Depending on the area you’re searching, you might find your results a bit overwhelming. In some parts of the country, a 100-mile radius will give you results that are, perhaps, a bit too far out for your tastes, but not an unreasonable distance if you’ve got itches in your britches for a particular item. But if you live in a major metropolitan area, things get a little hectic.

For example, the results for New Jersey shoppers send them on 3-and-a-half hour treks across multiple state lines and across the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay! Chicagoland searches have similar issues.

Search issues

When searching by terms, the results are not always the clearest. Here, the first result is not relevant, and the second is at a sale two months away. It’s difficult to search beyond 100-miles away, without losing the organization by distance. And the photographs, we’re told, are distracting.

The results you receive should be the results you want, right off the bat.

Too Much Clutter

If a user isn’t familiar with the parameter function that allows you to limit the distance you search for estate sales, our site becomes cluttered. More sales than one could possibly attend, or if you’re in an area where sales aren’t frequent, you’re given black and white search results of sales farther away than you wish to travel.

We’re listening. We hear you. And we’re ready to make the improvements you’re requesting. Be sure to fill out the survey and let us know what changes you’d like to see. It’s our goal to make EstateSales.NET useable in the way you want to use it, so let us know what you need from us.

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