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Four Vintage Clockmakers to Keep an Eye Out For

A piece from one of these master clockmakers would be a great addition to any home decor. Here are just a few of our favorites:

George Nelson

Is known as one of the founding fathers of mid-century modern design. In 1947, the iconic “ball clock” came about just like many great ideas do...with your close friends and a few bottles of wine. If you’ve seen a kitchen from the 1950s, chances are you’ve seen one of these beauties. George Nelson is also credited with the creation of the Sling Sofa, Flying Duck Chair, and the Coconut Chair.



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Seth Thomas

The Seth Thomas Clock Company began clock production in 1813 and were pioneers in the mass production of timepieces. The Seth Thomas Clock Company is also responsible for the famous four-sided clock in New York City’s Grand Central Station. The Grand Central clock has an estimated value of between 10 and 20 million dollars!



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Not only did the Western Clock Manufacturing Company (later known as Westclox) introduce the timekeeping world to the first portable alarm clock, they also had their hand in aviation instruments, control components, and compasses for the U.S. Army. Westclox is also credited for the first patent on the “drowse” alarm, which would later be known as the modern-day snooze button.


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Also known as the Syracuse Ornamental Company, Syroco developed a way to take wood resin and press it into molds to create a product that had a “carved” appearance but was also easy to mass-produce. The Syroco clocks were made with Lux wind up timepieces while Syroco produced the wood resin clock housing. Syroco also manufactured wood resin corkscrews that are highly sought after by collectors.


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