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Brian Mays had over 40 years of experience in the antique business. He had purchased and sold antiques all over the Midwest. Over the years, he had built a solid reputation through his work at shows and in his own shops.


Brian’s staff has worked with him for many years. They’re reliable, knowledgeable and friendly.

Brian Mays Estate Sales is a  bonded business.

I have been with Brian in the estate sales business for the last 10 years. Before that 30 years doing the antique shows. Chicago, Iowa, Denver, Ohio, The Star Of The North in Minneapolis for 30 years.  Over the years the Antique collecting has changed a lot. Ups and downs what was is now not and what was not sometimes is . What we found was what most of our people wanted was to just get rid of a problem of what to do with all this stuff in the house. They want it to go away. We work with the shoppers we know the shoppers and dealers and they know us and like us. So many of the estate sale companies will slam the door in dealers' faces when they come to the door and ask a question. Dealers are the best and biggest buyers and yet they will treat them in this way. Too a lot of the estate sale companies will not give out prices in advance of the sale. We did and I will. For 30 years I was in the trenches with the dealers so I know how to treat people right. All people get the same respect at my sales. There are only a very few dealers left that are from the days that I was going to the sales. It is mostly a new bunch of dealers and costumers. The big antique shows are now going by the wayside. Things change and you have to change with the times. Brian died of brain cancer he wanted to know if I was going to keep on with the sales. Yes if the sale has antiques and collectibles. Brian wanted his name to stay on the company. CURTIS SNELL


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