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POSH named by as #1 Estate Sales Company in South Carolina!!!

With Over 40 Years Experience, Palmetto Estate Liquidators is the MOST Professional Estate Liquidation Service Firm In Charleston and the Lowcountry and Announces POSH Estate Sales, a Luxury Estate Sales Service Subsidiary.

Palmetto Estate Liquidators/POSH is the only estate sales and liquidation service firm in the Charleston and Low Country area having over 40 years of experience in design, marketing, evaluating and selling antiques, collectibles, furniture, fine art, porcelain, glassware, fine and costume jewelry, Oriental carpets and other fine personal property. No one and I repeat no one does it like us or gets the results we get.

I would recommend if you are going to need assistance with a living estate or estate sale, please check out our websites at and‚Äč and be sure to read the many unsolicited remarks and comments that our families and our buyers have made. This should solidify who in this industry and in this area does it best!!!  

The others' experience pales in comparison with Palmetto Estate Liquidators' expertise in overall design esthete, retail, antiques and interior design knowledge, marketing and advertising know how and social media and internet savvy. 

We are the number one expert in antiques and fine art liquidation. We also offer our higher end clients an alternative to the average estate sale with POSH Estate Sales which is highly integrated into internet savvy websites for superior presence online.

Family Comments include:

Candy, you and your ladies did one hell of a good job . Thank you, and please tell your lady workers I appreciate the super job they did. 
Mr. David Whitt

WOW,WOW,WOW and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am flabbergasted!  This is really great and I am very happy. You and your team are my guardian angels!  you have really gone to bat for us in such a short time and we are sooooooo very appreciative.  Thank you so much for everything.   I  have to tell you I am still speechless from just walking in the house this afternoon!!!  After ya'll left, we walked around for a few more minutes just looking (admiring) at what was no longer there.  We kept saying, "How did they do this?"   I know I have used the words like amazing, wonderful, beautiful, overwhelming, fabulous over and over.  I just can't think of many more words other that these to describe what you and your team did with all of our treasures and how we are feeling about the results of the sale! You certainly not only met, but tremendously exceeded our expectations!  No one could have convinced me that so much would have been sold, let alone the amount of money that was collected!  Genius, just geniuses, I must say!  Your team of ladies that I met today, were all so pleasant and still smiling after many hard days.  I so appreciate them saying they had such a good time.  That makes me feel so right about this whole process.  I just love having fun with fun ladies!!! Many Hugs,  Miss Linda Hoats

Hi Candace,
I know that the Murrells Inlet area is challenging as far as buyers.  I’m glad that you were running the estate sale because you certainly possess expertise and bringing buyers to the table which enabled me to accomplish my goal of moving onto my next chapter in life.  You and your associates did an outstanding job and I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts.  I’m very happy with the results of the sale.  We can’t help the demographics of Murrells Inlet, but despite that you deserve a HUGE applause! All the best, Miss Janet Baseggio

"Hi, Candace!
  Big hugs!! I would never have imagined the great outcome and look forward to thanking and hugging you in person. You all made our challenging decision of beginning life changes seamless. Please give everyone big hugs and "thank you's" to all who helped! Also, I hope you, too, are pleased. We will be forever grateful! Sincerely, Miss Morgen Steeley

"Thank you for helping us. You were very positive and handled everything well. I was quite tired and could not have done anything. We had cleaned the house to sell it and then messed it up again getting everything out to sell. It was a great relief to have you take over. Many villagers have complimented you and your crew, remarking how friendly, professional and organized the event was. 
Many thanks. Mr. Robert Graham

Thank you so much for everything. It's been a pleasure working with you. You made this process much easier on all of us. Miss Lynn Castro

Dearest Candy and Team,Thank you so much for all of your hard work, great enthusiasm, prayers and love over this sale. You are all amazing individuals and I am blessed to have had such loving, caring, kind people handle such a tough transition in my life. You all made it fun and easy! Gals, please do me the honor of each picking out a purse for yourselves and fellows find something that you may like as well!! I wish it were more, but it is my thank you to you all. Love, Miss Mary Norton 

Thank you so much Candy. I'm very impressed with your group of people. I'm so happy. Great great job.!!! ...Miss Lynn Waters

You and your team did an amazing job. We are very pleased with the sale and it goes without saying that you ladies are the best ever!!! Many thanks to your great team. Stephanie is a real find and I appreciate all the extra help she gave me the last day of the sale!- 
Miss Marilyn Bell

Buyer Comments Include:

I was at the estate sale in Summerville, 09/19/2013.  I want to say I had fun going through the inventory and really liked working with your crew while making purchases. Janet Hale

 Thanks for all the great deals today!! My husband, and the rest of the family, love all the art  It truly was worth the trip.Tyler Lowndes

I've been to multiple palmetto estate liquidators estate sales and love seeing the beautiful houses as well as finding some antique finds! Nicole Palma

Hi Candace,
What are the dates for your first three estate sales? You always have the most beautiful estate sales, that I have ever been to! I want to book my reservation through Expedia. I am bringing several friends from St. Augustine, Fl. Looking forward to seeing all of you!
Sincerely,  Stephanie Lorick

Dear Candy and Team,
Happy New year to you.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for a wonderful estate sale last year. Since I have known you I really enjoyed coming to the sales and getting wonderful deals and thank you Candy for great bargains as I told you you remind me of my mother who used to take me to the market and there she would make deals and I was so embarrassed as a kid. If you still remember us we came with 1 dog jack Russell and Benji dog and I was pregnant at the time we pick up the Ethan Allen king size bedroom set from Island of Palms, by the grace of God we have wonderful girl as of December 4th and she is a wonderful joy. Greetings to you all and thank you again for so many great memories you help us all make. p.s. I look forward to more sales

Liliana Johnson

Our comprehensive service is geared to meeting your time and profit expectations. Whether you are enduring the loss of a loved one, facing the turmoil of a divorce, the financial devastation of job loss and foreclosure or just wanting to downsize, we will assist you in getting back on your feet or just plain "moving on". 

How Palmetto Estate Liquidators /POSH Services Differs From The Others
First off, we are a Full Service Provider for the Resell Of used Personal Property. As a whole our team is better educated and all have had experience in customer service, retail sales principles, marketing strategies and advertising tactics. The Palmetto Estate Liquidators Service team is just "plain better" than our average competitor and our approach to estate liquidations and sales is more sophisticated and based on "tried and true" principles that "work".

Due to customer demand, Palmetto Estate Liquidators has created a luxury subsidiary, POSH Estate Sales, to meet the service demands of the high end and upscale market throughout the Charleston SC and Low Country area.
The first and one of the most important differences is that we do not focus our marketing efforts just on the local market but have developed a very sophisticated GLOBAL marketing approach which has resulted in very high sales to major metropolitan areas throughout the US and abroad. Not everything our Family's have for sale is appreciated by the local consumer and thus we seek out the appropriate marketplace for the unique items. We have successfully sold items to customers in Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Japan, London, England, Dallas, Dusseldorf, Germany, Chicago and etc. and these sales were never discounted but were often times sold for more than the Charleston Market would bear.

We do not commit to doing a sale and then at the last minute cancel leaving our valuable families in the lurch. Talk about being 
unprofessional and arrogant.

We do not take from a family's sale prior to their sale date to fill in another unrelated sale scheduled for the following weekend... yes this is true and one of the others did just this as the Family informed us. This is the height of being unethical, arrogant and ignorant. 

We do not gather articles from different parties and conduct a sale and call it an "estate sale"... this is a consignment shop or flea market... call it what you will.

We do not complain about what the family has left us with to sort through and organize... this is what we do and we are the BEST and we sure do not discuss  the family or the circumstances in a public forum such as Face Book. What we do is plan the number of folks needed to get it done in the time necessary as our families are our priority and their sale is as important to us as they are.

We do not get paid for antique appraisals and then sale the family's things in an estate sale, this is unethical and a conflict of interest.

We do not have a minimum of what our customers have to spend to be able to write us a personal is money. 

We do not sell real estate ...only personal property. The combination of the two may be seen as unethical and a "conflict of interest" in that having your hand in both "pots" will minimize your efforts in one or the other and from our experience that would be in the purveying of the personal property. 

We do not limit our buyers from bringing their purses or handbags into a sale, in that the finalization of the sale might be lost due to the buyer having to return to their car to retrieve their monies. We actually trust our buyers.
Plus we provide our buyers with large shopping bags to make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

We do not have one person only who can make minor pricing decisions, thus holding up the entire sale.

We do not hover over our buyers while they are shopping.

We do not have buyers make check payments to our families. We guarantee all checks and do not want our families in the tenuous position of getting a "bounced check".

We do not have "theft monitors" but have folks who actually know what they are selling and can provide helpful information and multiple sales opportunities to the buyer.

We do not do a sale every week (unless a situation arises where a family  needs help) as this does not give the opportune time to sufficiently market and advertise the family's sale. 

We do not sale things prior to the sale, such as Direct Sales, unless authorized by the client, so that we do not disappoint buyers and minimize the demand for the family's supply of items to be sold. However, we do accept offers on items shown on the website and if the offer is bested the buyer can resubmit a higher offer.

We do not sale everything out the first day of the sale as this is a sure indication "of giving things away" and not being sure of what is being sold or what it is worth.

We do not have a retail outlet, a warehouse, or an online presence so we do not cherry-pick our familys' items at a lower price so that we can sell them in an on-site location.

We do not tell buyers that an item has been withdrawn by the Family to have it show up the next week in a retail outlet at a price 3X what was marked on it at the estate sale. Again we do not own a store, a warehouse or have an online presence. owned by us, 

Based on buyer comments and reactions, Palmetto Estate Liquidators could never have imagined the amount of folks reading our "WE DO NOT" section of our website and we have decided that if you have a "WE DO NOT" you would like to share, we welcome your comments and statements.


It'll be sunny (we hope)! Temp 2227.

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