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What Leftovers Austin Will Do For You:

Leftovers Austin Estate Sales is the best and busiest estate sale company in Austin, Texas! We are a family-owned, commission-only, full-service estate sale company and have been serving the Austin and Central Texas Area for eight years conducting approximately two sales per month.  (Please ask any potential estate sale company for their DBA 'Doing Busines As' form to confirm their time in business). 

With 32 years combined experience, we have over 8,000+ regular customers who attend our sales and 5,600 Facebook followers! We also have several e-mail subscriptions which give us 15,000 additional estate sale customers.  We accept cash, credit cards and Paypal!

Our promise to our clients and customers is to provide professional, efficient and excellent service each and every day. Your satisfaction is our most important goal when conducting an estate sale!

We offer a free, one-hour consultation and many references from our satisfied clients. Before you make a choice, please visit an estate sale--we know you'll be satisfied with our services! We look forward to hearing from you!

What we'll do for you:

  Organize, stage, research and price your items.
  Provide hanging racks, tables, shelves, bins, locked jewelry cases and lighting to display items.
  Advertise the sale here on estatesales.net.
  Advertise the sale on Craig's List with photos.
  Advertise the sale in local newspapers.

  Send announcements to our 8,000+ members and 5600 Facebook followers.
  Strategically place up to 12+ directional signs.
  Professionally and securely run your 3-day sale.  Do NOT accept less than 3 days!!  
  Coordinate the disposal of your unsold items to charity who will provide the tax deduction form.
  Leave your home completely empty and broom swept.
  Thursday following your sale, you will receive an inventory list of sold items and a check for those items. 
  We earn a 40% commission for your sale. 
  Unlike other Estate sale services, we will NOT charge you any set up or take down fees which can be $500+! 
  Until you are completely satisfied, the job is NOT complete!

All estate sale companies are NOT created equal.  Before you choose which estate sale company you will use to liquidate your or your loved one's assets, please interview the owners, check references, ask to see their DBA and most importantly, visit a sale before you make your choice.  Anyone can create an impressive website and call themselves an estate sale company.  The difference becomes VERY obvious when visiting an actual estate sale.

Ask yourself these questions.  Has the estate sale company:

1)   Has the estate sale company given you references whom you may contact to verify that they've been in business for the length of time they claim they've been in Austin.  PLEASE do your homework and ask for references that go back as far as the company claims they've been in business in the Austin area or ask to see their DBA form from the state of Texas. This is the only way you can keep yourself safe.  If they are not able to supply references during the time they say they were in business, hire them at your own risk.
2)  washed the china, dishes and any surfaces that will be used for display?
3)  aired or washed the linens & bedding and hung them up or displayed items on shelves?  
4)  made the home clean, organized and presentable?
5)  hired someone to mow and edge the lawn when needed?
6)  attempted to sell every single item in the home? If you or a loved one purchased an item, it has monetary value and it should be sold.
7)  said they will run a THREE-day sale?  You must never accept a one or two-day sale!

Shop around, visit other sales first, then come see us in action, you won't be disappointed.


Contact:   Keivn:  512-294-4602
Email:       leftoversales@aol.com


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