Finding Treasures(FT) provides Estate Services that create a "1 Stop Shop" for someone making a transition in their life.  Whether moving across country, downsizing into a smaller home or helping someone liquidate their estate and belongings, these projects can feel overwhelming.  FT understands the importance of these transitions and that they represent a significant time in ones life.  To make this all happen our clients are typically selling a home, reducing a significant amount of what they own or they are liquidating a family members estate.  Whatever the circumstance there will be several moving parts, points of contact and deadlines to meet.  We will help to facilitate all of this so you can enjoy this exciting time in your life and focus on the goal without getting bogged down in the middle.

FT has set itself apart because we truly take the time to learn about whats most important to you, what your ultimate goal is and how you envision this all happening.  We then present a plan that may first involve a traditional in home estate sale or we can set up an online estate sale.  We outline the details of a project that provides the best solution during this transition.  While planning the sale we are coordinating with the real estate agent to be sure our deadlines and calendars don't conflict.  Once the sale is over we work with you to consign any remaining valuables to help you continue to recoup revenue from them.  We then complete this process by offering a final clean out service to insure that your home is empty, clean and ready for your real estate agent.  Because we are a single point of contact for the entire estate transition process we pride ourselves in offering you a "1 stop shop" service.

Most all estate sale companies provide their client with a contract.  We do the same but are very flexible when it comes to the terms of the contract.  We realize that each person's needs are different and we want to be able to accommodate for those exceptions.  If you are unsure if you fit the "profile" for an estate sale just call.  In many cases we can offer the flexibility needed to fit you into the scope of a traditional estate sale or facilitate an online sale that provides you with a solution to meet your goals!

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