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EstateMAX & Other People's Stuff

Other People's Stuff Online Auctions is accepting downsizing and estate consignments quantities from 50 to 100 pieces. We set up and photograph your items in a segregated area in your home, then run the auction for 7 days and afterward meet the buyers at your home for pick up on predesignated dates. You are not involved after you select the items for sale. You are paid within 10 days of completion of auction.

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Please call Laurie Zook at 301-332-5585 to discuss your estate or downsizing project. 

Please call me with your questions. I provide a NO COST CONSULTATION ON SITE, after conducting a telephone interview with all interested parties. Thank you for your interest.

Photos and descriptions of items you would like to sell on line can be sent by Google drive to: Please include your contact by cell phone and email info.