Making the Most of Our Leads System

EstateSales.NET not only helps people find the best tag sales and auctions in the nation, but we also facilitate connections between people who need liquidation services and the reputable companies that can help them. One of the myriad benefits of having an EstateSales.NET gold package is priority access to those leads as they come in.

When a potential client reaches out to our website seeking a company to assist then with a sale, we verify them by email and phone. We want to ensure they are a person legitimately interested in liquidating, and not a robot or somebody trying to sell you something. 

Once we’re certain they’re carbon-based and ready explore their options, we immediately pass along their contact information to gold package holders, then later to silver.

But the all-important question is: what are you doing with those leads? Calla, Paul, and Tim, three members of the EstateSales.NET customer success team, have some suggestions about how you can make the most of your access to leads through our website.

Consider your settings
Once a lead is verified, the details they provided us are passed along to the gold package companies in their area. Depending on location, there may be dozens of companies notified. You must make yourself stand out from the pack to make the most of this opportunity.

You can receive notifications for leads within your own ZIP code, or from your entire metro area. Though you may prefer to do your business close to home, there’s no harm in keeping your options open. “You might ultimately decide not to contact a lead, but by casting a wide net, you may get information on an exciting opportunity just beyond your usual boundaries,” Paul said.

Also, consider how you are receiving notifications from us. If leads are only coming to you through email, you may not be getting the information the moment it goes out. Emails, while helpful, aren’t always checked immediately. And your phone may only alert you to a waiting email every 5 or 10 minutes.

That’s 5 or 10 minutes too long!

Text messages are much more difficult to overlook, and receiving leads this way is another perk of the level. With a gold package, you have an edge over those without, but you’re still competing with other gold package holders. So make sure you’re getting those leads as soon as possible. Then, act on them. Fast.

“After a certain number of phone calls from liquidators, they may get worn out,” Tim said. “Moving quickly helps ensure your foot will get in the door.”

It may feel overwhelming. Large markets can have more than a hundred businesses with EstateSales.NET gold or silver packages, all with access to these leads. But don’t let that intimidate you. “All the gold companies are getting leads immediately, but you’d be surprised by how many of them are reaching out in a timely manner,” Paul said. “On average, only 30 percent are responding to leads.”

If you don’t toss your hat, it will never get in the ring. So throw it. Again and again.

Get Personal
This is your time to shine. When you reach out to the lead, by email or phone, it’s your opportunity make your existence known and your worth apparent. We know you’re a great company--make sure they do, too.

It may be tempting to reach out by email using a template letter. It’s certainly easier. But it’s far less effective than a phone call or a personal letter. “So many people send out emails that just say ‘Hi, we heard about you from EstateSales.NET. Call me.’” Paul said. “That’s not enough.”

“You should think of this as the first and only time the lead will hear what your company can offer,” Calla said. 

If a lead provides a phone number, they’ve offered up a path to a personal connection. It enables you, for example, to ask directly, “When would be a convenient time for you to meet, so we can discuss the sale process and your options?” that won’t be immediately ignored.

But remember, estate sales are frequently held under duress or following unfortunate circumstances. So no matter how you contact the lead, be tactful, and be empathetic. “A simple ‘I am sorry for your loss,’ or can go a long way in making a connection, and showing you’re sympathetic to their situation,” Tim said.

A good introduction will give the potential client confidence that the company they’re reaching out to is one that knows what they’re doing. How long have you been in business? Do you have referrals? Are you insured? How many appraisers to you have on hand? Be ready to pass this information along. Estate sales can be confusing to those not in the business. By volunteering information about your company’s qualifications, you not only make your worth known, you indicate to the potential client that these are traits a liquidation company should have.

If you have another estate sale going on in their region, be sure to invite them to visit. “Giving a potential client the chance to see your company in action can be just the push they need,” Tim said.

If you are sent to voicemail, leave a succinct but informative voicemail. “Include your company name, any certificates you hold, and an indication of the best way to respond,” Calla said. Perhaps something like “Hello, my name is Phoebe from Legitimate Business Liquidations. EstateSales.NET has informed me that you’re interested in holding an estate sale. I’ve been arranging sales in the region for a number of years, I am fully bonded and insured, and would be happy to talk with you more about the process. I look forward to hearing from you. Call me at this number…”

Check your profile
Is your EstateSales.NET profile up to date? Do you have a logo? If a lead goes to our website for more information about your company, will they get it? All the details we suggest including in your phone introduction should also be available on your profile--it is essentially another way of introducing yourself to potential clients.

The information should not only be available, but you should do your best to make it pleasing to the eye. “Use paragraphs,” Calla said. “Not just bullet points or large blocks of text.” It can appear daunting, she said, and could go unread.

If a client comparison shops on our website after the initial phone calls, you want to make sure you look your best.

Follow up
“There’s a fine line between hounding a customer and being enthusiastic,” Paul said. “It’s important not to fall on the wrong side.” Paul suggests three calls over the course of six days. If you don’t hear from them, it’s safe to assume they’re not interested. You may never know their reasoning. Just make sure they know your door is open should they need you.

Keep trying
It’s easy to get discouraged. Not every lead that comes in will result in a contract, or even a call-back from a potential client. There are any number of reasons why this could happen.
A change of heart, a change of plans, overwhelming response, or a quickly-signed contract with another company may have edged you out this time. But there are, as you know, others sales just around the corner. By creating a strong, professional image both on and off EstateSales.NET,  and working quickly to connect with those who need your services, you’ll increase your chances of success when the next text message comes in.