Maximizing Your Lead Settings

Our lead notification system puts you in contact with potential clients looking for estate liquidation companies to help with their estate sale. Adjusting your lead settings will help filter leads in areas your company doesn't serve. It will also help with replying to leads you're interested in and ones you're not. For advice on snagging leads, check out how to Make the Most of Our Leads System. Learn how to update your lead settings below.

To update your lead settings, visit the Leads area of your EstateSales.NET account, then select Lead Settings. Before making any changes, take a few minutes to look through the settings page.

Location of Leads

The first setting you'll see is the ability to choose where you want your leads to come from. You can either choose to receive leads within a mile radius from your company's zip code or within your advertising area. 

Distance Around My Zip Code vs. My Advertising Areas

Choosing to receive leads within a distance around your zip code means you'll get leads only within the mile radius you choose, up to 100 miles. 

Choosing to receive leads within your advertising area means you'll get leads from all the advertising areas you've selected. Advertising areas are metro areas where your company will appear in the Hire a Company area of our site. Your advertising areas can be found in your company settings under Edit Advertising Reach. Metro areas within 100 miles of your home zip code can be added to your advertising reach. Gold companies can add up to 10 additional areas for free, and Silver companies can add up to 5 additional areas for free, with each additional area being $5 per area, per month. 

Lead Notification Options

The next step is to choose how you'd like to be notified of new leads. Gold companies can choose from an Instant Email, SMS Text, and a Daily Summary. You can choose one, two, or all three options - whatever works best for your company.

Instant email alerts are just that. They'll instantly notify you of a new lead in your area. Keep in mind, only administrators, or admins, in your EstateSales.NET account will receive instant email alerts. If you're unsure which email addresses are admins in your account, visit your company settings then select Manage Users. Note: you must be an admin to make another user an admin. 

SMS Text is an additional instant alert option. One phone number can be added to receive SMS Text. To add a phone number, check the SMS Text box, and enter the area code and phone number. This is also where you can choose what time of day you do not want to receive text alerts (i.e. 9 pm to 7 am). Be sure to save any of your changes.

A Daily Summary will not instantly alert your company of new leads like Instant Email and SMS Text alerts. Instead, the summary will be sent out each day around 7 am, and list the leads that came available the day before. 

Silver and Bronze companies can choose to receive a Daily Summary and/or an Email alert as well. Silver and Bronze will be notified of leads within 2-7 days after Gold, depending on the number of Gold companies in that area.

If your company does not want to receive leads, simply select the No Notifications option to opt out.

Set Up Canned Responses

Canned responses are predetermined messages that can be sent to leads without taking the time to type out individual messages. To save your company time, we recommend setting up at least two different types of Canned Responses.

Interest in Hosting Response

The first canned response you may consider is to let potential clients know you're interested in hosting their sale. This will be one of your first impressions you'll be giving to a potential client, so consider taking a few moments to introduce yourself, letting the client know what makes your company the best fit for their sale. Are you bonded and insured? Do you offer cleanup services? Tell them. Try to let the client know what makes your company so special. 

In our experience, one-line responses asking the client to contact you is not the best tactic. In fact, most clients pass over these responses. A friendly response, rather than something generic, goes a long way in booking a new lead, and why not give the best impression of your company from the start?

Rejection Response

Another canned response you might consider is one that turns down a lead. A rejection response to a lead is considerate, but not required. This canned response might be a simple, "Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we are unable to host your sale. Best of luck to you and your family!"

Choose Excluded Areas

Many companies live in areas where traveling 20 miles could mean a two-hour drive or entering another state. When this is undesirable, there is an option to exclude those areas. Choose to exclude states and zip codes in the Excluded Areas section of your Lead Settings. Use both these features as much as you need to decrease the chance of receiving leads outside your company's service areas. 

Have questions about any of these features? Contact our awesome customer support team for assistance anytime between 7 am and 11 pm CT.