Add Users to Account

Please follow these instructions to add an additional user to your account:

1. Log into your account using your email address and password after clicking on My Account, located at the top, right of our homepage


2. Once you are logged in and on the Welcome page, look to the left at the menu options. Click on Company Settings.

3. Next choose Manage Users

4. The next page will show you the current List of Users, a place to add a user, and where to delete a user.

Notes: Only the Administrator on your account can add additional users. Any user with the box checked to be an Administrator, will have all rights to the account to make any changes (including billing information). Also, any user that is an Administrator on the account will receive the Lead Notification emails. If you choose not to make someone an Administrator, they will not have access to make changes to your account however, they will be able to post sales.