What Sale Type Will Get My Sale the Most Exposure?

There is no sale type that will gain your sale more exposure than the others. By default, all sale types are displayed on metro and city pages in a 100-mile radius from the sale's ZIP code. Site visitors are able to filter their settings and choose specifically which sale types they want to view and the distance they are willing to travel.

Your sale listing should be marked with the correct sale type. Our subscribers want to know what to expect when they arrive at a sale, and each type of sale holds expectations for how items might be sold. We also offer the ability for subscribers to choose what sale types they want to receive emails about, so marking it correctly is important to us and our subscribers.

When we find that a sale has been marked incorrectly, we will change the sale type and notify you by phone or email. Excessive misuse or dishonesty when labeling a sale’s type can result in removal of your sale, or even your account.