Company Billing

To view any Past Transactions follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Company Account using your email and password by clicking on "My Account", located to the top, right of the page.

2. On the Welcome page, look to the left of the screen an Click "Billing".

3.Click "Past Transactions" located in the blue Navigation bar.

4. You are able to view Past Transactions, Current Balance & the Next Scheduled Billing Date from this screen.

How to View/Print Receipt

1.Using the steps found above, go to Past Transactions. 

2. Once you have located your transaction, click on the blue hyperlinked numbers found under "Confirmation ID".

3. From this page, you can view your receipt or you can click on the the hyperlinked word "print" for a printable receipt.

How to Find a Company's Billing Date

When "Viewing Balance" under Past Transactions, look for the words "Next Scheduled Billing Date:". You will find the company's billing date listed here.