Contacting Leads Via Phone

Once you have received notification of a new lead in your area, you will need to log into your account to view the lead and respond. Please follow these steps after logging in:

1. Look to the top, right of the page and click on View Leads.



2.  Next choose which lead you would are interested in by clicking on View Details.

3. Once you have selected a lead, you will see something similar to this.

4. The phone number won't show by default. Simply click the "Call" button to get it. If the phone number is available, it will just display like this;



5. Once 5 companies have requested the phone number, it'll start adding a delay of 15 minutes from when the last company requested the phone number.This is what you will see when the client's phone number has been obtained by 5 companies..

6. The next company will get incremented by 15 minutes from when the last company receive the phone number.


***You can request to get a text notification with the phone number once the phone number becomes available.


***We also make a note when it is delayed and how long it was delayed, so you are aware.