Difference Between Local Regional and National Featured Slots

Locally Featured slots are limited to two slots per week, per metro area. Featured spots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. This is the only feature that highlights your sale on the sale's primary metro area page in yellow. The Locally Featured slots become available 30 days in advance of the date of the sale. The cost is $25.00 (for Gold ORGs $20.00).

Regionally Featured slots feature your sale in a 250-mile radius from its location. We display three regionally featured sales randomly on city pages within 250 miles of your sale and in emails sent to subscribers who are located within 250 miles of your sale. You can see a list of these cities on STEP 5 of your sale listing, under the link, "same region where your sale is taking place." The cost is $150.00 per week, Sunday evening to Sunday evening (for Gold ORGs $120.00 per week).

Nationally Featured slots feature your sale at the bottom of every city's sale page and in every subscribed user's notification email in the U.S. Three nationally featured sales will show at random on our home page, city listings pages, and e-mail notifications sent to subscribers. The cost is $250.00 per week, Sunday evening to Sunday evening (for Gold ORGs $200.00 per week).

If there are more than three sales featured for a Region or Nationally, three sales will be displayed in the Regionally/Nationally Featured Sales area at the bottom of city sale pages. These three sales are randomly switched out among any sales that are featured for the week.

All featured slots are non-refundable, so you'll want to make sure of the date of your sale before you purchase a feature. Changing the week of the sale removes any featured week you originally selected, which would require you to purchase a new week for a featured slot, if you still wanted your sale to be featured.