How to Upload a Video to Your Estate Sale Ad



Uploading a video to your estate sale ad shouldn't be a chore. Here's a few helpful hints that will get you through. 

Uploading Your Video to YouTube and EstateSales.NET Using a Smartphone

After you've recorded your video, you'll need to upload it to a video hosting service like YouTube, Vimeo, Flikr, and so on, before adding the video to your sale. For this article, I'll walk you through the steps in uploading to YouTube. 

1. Open the YouTube App 

If necessary, login to your YouTube account

2. Tap the Camera Icon

You'll find the icon in the top right corner near your YouTube profile pic. If you haven't uploaded to YouTube before, you'll need to make sure to allow the app access to your camera, microphone, and camera roll. Every device is different in the working, just be sure to read through all the notifications and tap Allow, or whatever your device reads. 

3. Tap to Select Your Video

4. Make Any Necessary Edits 

You can skip this step if you've already used an editing app. For security purposes and respect for the estate sale owner, it is never recommended to add the address to the video. Leave this to your EstateSales.NET ad where we only show the address when you've specified, and remove it as soon as the sale is over. 

5. Name the Video

This can be the same name you're using for your sale ad on EstateSale.NET, or something new. Try to avoid using generic names like "Estate Sale." Add a little pizzazz to it and make it intriguing so users will want to click and view your video.

6. Add a Description 

A description isn't required but is always helpful to users who want to learn more about your video and sale. This is a great opportunity to tell more about the items or add a link to EstateSales.NET sale ad. 

7. Upload the Video 

Tap the upload button in the top right corner

8. Retrieve the URL 

Click the three black dots in the top right corner of your video after the upload has completed. Then, tap Share, and finally, Copy Link. 

9. Paste in Your Sale 

Login to your EstateSales.NET account and click the Edit button beside your sale. The URL can be added by tapping the pencil icon (also known as the Details tab). Paste the URL in the Sale Video URL box, then tap Save & Continue to save your work. 

Be sure to preview your sale to ensure the URL copied and pasted correctly. If you aren't ready to add the URL to your sale, you can always paste it in a document, text, email, Facebook message, note, etc. and add it later when you're ready. 

Questions on how to upload your video? Call, email, or chat with our awesome customer support team anytime between 7 am and 11 pm CST.