Upload Pictures on EstateSales.NET

Here are the STEPS to upload his pictures to EstateSales.NET.

STEP 1:  Connecting a camera or SD card to your computer.

Plug your camera into your computer with a USB cable, or plug the SD card from your camera to your computer using a SD card reader or SD card .  If you are using the SD card from your camera you can directly plug it to your SD card port on the computer if it is available, or use a USB SD card reader adaptor.

STEP 2:   Selecting your Camera or device.

Once your camera or SD card is plugged into your computer, Windows should recognize this and popup a dialog box asking what you would like to do from here.  If the dialog box does not appear, you can arrive at the same place by clicking the “Start” menu. You will then click the button labeled “Computer”.  Once you have clicked the “Computer” button a window will appear showing your devices.  Next select your camera from the list of devices.

STEP 3: Opening your camera or device to view files.

When the dialog box appears you are given several options to choose from. Different versions of Window will word the text differently. We recommend you select the option that states, “Browse Files” , “Open device to view files” , or “Open this folder to view files”.  

STEP 4: Finding photographs on your device.

After Opening the device to view files, you will be taken to a window that shows your devices folder.  Once you have opened the device you may have to click around the different folders to find your photographs.  A common folder name is “DCIM”.  Most likely your photographs will be located under this file folder.

STEP 5:  Selecting your photographs.

When viewing your photographs you have several ways to select them.  To select all photographs in the folder you can do so by clicking one photograph and then press Ctrl+ A on your keyboard.  After selecting the photographs press Ctrl+C to copy the photographs to your clipboard.  If you would like to select individual photographs, you do so by clicking a photograph of your choice and then hold Ctrl while clicking the individual photographs you would like to have uploaded to your sale listing.  Once you have selected your photographs press Ctrl+C  to copy the selected photographs to your clipboard.

STEP 6:  Creating a folder for your sale photographs.

Next click on the folder labeled “Pictures” on the left hand side of the window. Once in the pictures folder, right click on empty space in the window and select “New Folder”  This will create a new folder for your sales pictures.  You will also want to make sure to name the new folder so it is easier to find your photographs when uploading.  Click to open the folder you just created.  Once you have opened the folder press Ctrl+V to paste your photographs into the folder.  

STEP 7:  Uploading your sale photographs to EstateSales.NET.

Log into your EstateSales.NET account and navigate to the sale you would like to upload photographs to.  Click the “Blue” edit button next to the sale you would like to edit.  This will take you into the sale editor.  Next click the “Pictures” tab at the top of the editor to open the pictures section of the editor.  Click the blue “Upload” button to start the process of uploading your photographs to the site.  After clicking the “Upload” button a dialog box will pop up.  If you do not see your photographs when this box pops up you will need to navigate to them.  Navigate to your photographs by selecting the “Pictures” folder on the left hand side of the dialog box.  You should then see the folder you created with your pictures.  Click the folder to view your photographs.  Now select the pictures you would like to upload by holding Ctrl+A or by holding Ctrl and clicking individual photographs you would like to upload.  Next, click the “Open” button to upload your selected photographs directly to the site.  This process may take a few minutes depending on the size and amount of photographs you have uploaded. 

STEP 8:  Editing your photographs.

Once your photographs have been uploaded to your sale listing, you can edit them by using our editor tools on the left hand side of the page.  We recommend adding descriptions to all of your photographs as this description leads shoppers to your sales when they use the search feature of our site.  You can also feature select photographs, or mark items sold using the “Sold” option.  If you have a photograph that is flipped on its side, use the directional arrows to rotate the photograph until it is oriented correctly.  You can edit multiple photographs at the same time by clicking each photograph you would like to edit. When a photograph is selected it will show with a slight gray hue over the photo.  You can now edit multiple photographs at one time such as moving a group of photographs to a specific order, or deleting a group of photographs.

STEP 9:  Saving your changes.

Once you have edited your photographs click the blue “Next” button at the bottom of the page to save your edits into the system.  

That is it! You have now upload your photographs to EstateSales.NET and have successfuly edited them.  If you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our support staff at 1-888-653-8468.  We are happy to help!