Why Am I Not Able to Call My Lead?

You may receive leads that do not have a Call button for you to contact them. Here are a few reasons why the Call button may not be made available for the lead:

  1. The lead has chosen to not provide a phone number to be called. Not all leads want to be inundated with phone calls by potential companies. Some leads choose to only communicate by email. Be sure to have a canned response prepared for such situations.

  2. The lead’s phone number has already been requested by too many companies. Once five companies have requested the phone number, a delay of 15 minutes will occur from the time you requested the number. Other companies may have requested before you, which will increase the delay time. You can request to get a text notification once the number is made available again.

  3. The lead has chosen to pause or remove their request, or they have indicated they have signed a contract with another company.