Manage Leads on My Account

Depending upon what package you have chosen for your company, you will receive notifications of leads via SMS text or Email. Once you have been notified that a lead has been submitted for your designated area, log into your account to view the lead and then contact. Here are some instructions with screen shots to assist you. 

When you have logged into your account, and see Welcome!, look below there to the right for the button labeled "View Leads":

Once you have clicked on "View Leads", you will see a list of active leads. If you would like to review the lead request, click on "View Details":

Now, your screen will have information regarding the lead; such as name, location, details regarding their request etc.

If you would like to contact them via phone, click where it says "Call". If you prefer to send them a written message, click on "Email". Under the Email option you can even set up "canned responses" that can easily be selected for a quicker response:


Any lead on your account is still consider a viable lead. We hear from many potential clients that they are looking for a personal touch when it comes to contact as well as followup. They state that they receive many calls or emails within the first 48 hours, and then everyone just disappears. 


If you need to reference a lead from the past, they can be found by clicking on Leads and then choosing Past Leads via your account.


The reasonings you might find on a past lead could be the following:

1. Requester chose another company on...

2. Lead expired on...

3. Lead Deleted by you on...(with an option to restore the lead)

4. Lead paused by requester on...

5. Lead deleted by subscriber on...