Manage Newsletter Subscribers

The following information applies to the newsletter subscribers that have already been uploaded by the Company. To manage subscribers use the following steps:

  1. Login -
  2. From the Welcome! page, look to the left in the blue Navigation bar & click on "Newsletters"
  3. Click "Manage Subscribers"
  4. Select the Search Filter drop down box & choose the appropriate filter to display the subscribers

Definitions of Terms Used 

Confirmed refers to the email address that have been confirmed. This confirmation can apply to those email addresses that an ORG added that were already subscribed to EstateSales.NET or it can refer to the email addresses that ORG's have uploaded & those subscribers have already confirmed their email address.

Bounced emails refer to the emails that were uploaded but they were not able to be delivered to the email address entered. This bounce back can be due to the email's inbox is full or it could be that the sent email wasn't able to be delivered because of the incorrect email address provided, entered, etc.

When looking at the "Bounced" column True/False would mean the following:

  • "Confirmed = True", the email address has been confirmed.
  • "Confirmed = False", the email address has not been confirmed.

When looking at the "Bounced" column True/False would mean the following: 

  • "Bounced = True", the email bounced back to us & did not make it to the intended email's inbox.
  • "Bounced = False", the email address didn't bounce back; it made it to the intended email's inbox.

It is possible for an email address to be confirmed & bounced. One way that it could happen is if the person confirmed their email address & then you send a newsletter at a later date. If the email wasn't able to reach the intended email address's inbox it will be marked as bounced.