Sale Views

Sale view count is for every single hit the sale gets, even if it's a returning view. They are not unique visitors. The numbers for sale views is compiled overnight so the numbers will not change each time someone views the sale. Here are instructions on how to locate the views associate with your sale(s):

1. Log into your account using your email address and password from our website homepage, 

2. On the Welcome page, look to the middle of your account page for the banner, My Company Sales. Here you will see any current and upcoming sales listed on your account along with any sale view numbers.

To locate view counts on any past sales, please follow these steps after your are logged into your account:

1. Look to the left of your account home page (Welcome), and click on Sales.


2. Next choose Past Sales

3. You will see a listing of any and all sales you have posted to our site (that were not deleted). Look all the way to the left of the sale information to see the view count numbers.