What Info Should I Provide In My Listing?

It is best to provide as much information and details as possible about your sale to your sale listing. Not only will the information give potential buyers an idea of what to expect at your sale, you can drive potential buyers to your sale by using terms that might be searched for when individuals utilize our Treasure Tracker tool.

You can provide information regarding your sale in the Terms and Conditions and Sale Descriptions sections. Also, you can add pictures of the items for sale to your listing. We have no limit for text, so the more information the better!

Terms and Conditions

Let buyers know what forms of payment you accept, rules or expectations for your sale, or whether or not they need to bring along a friend to help them load heavy items. This section can be located on the Details tab when editing a sale listing.

Sale Description

Make sure to leave no stone unturned when providing a description for your sale! This is a great place to include terms that might be searched by buyers such as collections, brand names, larger items such as furniture, etc. There are all kinds of kinds out there and you never know what they may be searching for. One thing is for certain, if you don’t list it, they won’t find it. Pro-tip: putting your items in list form in your description makes it easier for buyers to quickly read and search through. This section can be located on the Details tab when editing a sale listing.


Take the time to collect snapshots of your sale. A sale with no photos will likely be overlooked. Who wants to drive to a sale without certainty of what will be there? Make sure your photos are clear with good lighting. You may consider using a nice backdrop to show off nicer sale items, such as furniture or jewelry. You can also add descriptions to your photos. This is a great place to put dimensions or other significant details about the item pictured.