Why Isn't My Sale Showing Up

There could be more than one reason that your sale isn't on a City page. Depending on the sale type, the sale could be listed under the "Auctions" or "Other Liquidations" tab. These tabs are for those sales that are not being held inside the private home. For example, any auction type of sale, sales that have been moved offsite, is a business closing, not considered a traditional estate sale, charity sales, etc.

Double-check that it's been published by looking at the sale on your account Welcome page. If you see a highlight, your sale might not be published (either because you have made a change to the sale dates, or because it is pending a payment). Click "Edit Sale" and go to the sale's PUBLISH step to find out.

You might also be looking on the wrong City page. Try entering your sale's zip code in the search box at the top of the site to see if it shows up in that list.

In rare circumstances, your sale might have had to have been unpublished or removed from our site. Check your account Welcome page to see if your sale is on you account. If it isn't (and it hasn't just ended), check your emails to see if we've sent you a message in regard to the sale. If we have to remove or unpublished a sale, we will send you notification as to why via the email address you've listed as your company's contact email address on our site.