Estate Sales and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Estate sales are run by many, many small business owners. We at EstateSales.NET are also a small business. We have 39 team members and are also working through what is best for our community, our customers, and our team.

As of right now, the CDC is recommending that people cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people 10 people or more throughout the United States. We understand that this may mean you need to cancel your service with us for a period of time. In order to both help your community reduce the spread of this virus and also help people that need to liquidate their belongings in a timely manner, we hope you will consider one of the below options.

  • List sales online:
    Our Marketplace service is for having an estate sale online. We usually charge a percentage starting at 6.9% for that service. We are removing our Marketplace fees for companies on our Bronze, Silver, or Gold package completely until June 30th, 2020 in an effort to give companies an option to hold an estate sale without having to gather people together. There are many other services that offer online sales. Even if our marketplace platform is not for you, please consider using one to list your sales online. If you use someone else, you can still advertise that sale on our site.

  • List sales as by appointment only:
    One option that you might consider is to do "by appointment only" sales during this time. This will help you to do things such as "porch pickup." This avoids contact altogether. The effectiveness of this depends on how diligent you are in cleaning items.

  • Postpone sales:
    The CDC is currently recommending not having gatherings over 50 people 10 people (and in some instances they are recommending to not have gatherings at all). If you need to reschedule a sale, we will help you reschedule it on our site if you need that. You can change to different dates without having to pay more. If you featured the sale and that is no longer available because of the date change, we will refund those fees in full.

  • Pause service:
    If you need to pause your service because you aren’t having sales and do not need to advertise your company, we understand and can certainly do that for you.

We know the above will be hard for many businesses. It’s going to be hard for us as well. Our staff is working from home and coming up with ways we can help the estate sale community. We’re shifting our entire development focus to the Marketplace right now so that we can release features needed. We want to be here for you. Please let us know what we can do to help.

Micky McQuade
Co-Founder EstateSales.NET