We want to thank all the companies who have listed items on the EstateSales.NET Marketplace over the last month.

As we continue phase one of our release, we will bring you a number of updates and new features. For example, we've recently introduced the Treasure Tracker to the Marketplace.

Shoppers can have notifications sent directly and immediately to their inboxes when an item they're looking for is available for purchase online, making it easier for them to be the first to know, bid, and buy.

This means increased traffic for sales listed on the Marketplace—if you're selling the item shoppers want, we'll tell them. But to make the most of this new feature, it's important to provide detailed descriptions of your items. Use appropriate titles, tags, and keywords so shoppers will be notified when what you listed is just what they're looking for.

Treasure Tracker is just one of the many new Marketplace features we'll be rolling out in the coming weeks. We can't wait for you to see what's next!

Once again, thanks so much for making the EstateSales.NET Marketplace launch the success it has been. We realize there have been some hiccups along the way, but we're continually working to improve the site, and welcome your suggestions. Your feedback is important to us.